Thursday 20 September 2012

Upcomming Mayhem

The party enemies have organized! A local posse of angry village folk and some dark elves want revenge. They could be bribed, dealt with or payed off so ill find out what the heroes do tonight.

The Posse
Sherrif Biggs F4
2 Beadles F2
4 Balifs F1
A variable amount of militia men
Clambert the Druid D5 - with his pet possum
Clamberts two wolves
Clamberts Brown Bear
Village Blacksmith F2

Pretty much ready to arrive on players doorstep
A large amount of gold would pay off the sheperd
The Druid wants to duel the Party Druid no matter what
The Blacksmith is outraged if the posse back down and will provoke violence

Dark ElvesAll are sorceror type casters but one is an evil priestess
Elf Magician Lord E5
- Sleep, Charm, Web, Ice Knife
Priestess E7
- Animate dead, Locate Object, Hold Person, Bless, Dark, Hold Portal
Elf Captain E4 - Sleep, Charm Person
Elf Luiteneant E3 - Charm Person
Elf Sergeant E2
12 Elf scouts
10 skeletons
4 giant wasps with goblin riders with short bows who will kidnap any downed foes

The elves want their magic items back and money - they would prefer to bargain than fight. If a deal cant be made the elves will leave - then attack one night with sleep spells, web, arrows and fire.

While the party could fight them both (possibly within same day) consequences will haunt them. There is a forest of dark elves and the local Barron will intervene if a village has all its adventurer class persons killed.

Also - My elves can cast as a wizard, sorcerer, druid or priest depending on their elf type - only choose once. It hasn't caused any problems.They get only cantrips first few levels

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