Friday 29 May 2020

d100 Horror Street Crime in Hell City

So after a recent binge of historic dramas and Napoleonic war stuff I went into my pulp and trash movie collection including modern attempts to recreate 70s exploitation cinema. Hobo with a shotgun is pretty awesome and I had forgotten how horrible the featured city is with poor Rutger witnessing awful crimes as he wanders the streets before his shotgun rampage. Judge Dredd and cyberpunk and often superheroes often feature horrible street crime. Your heroes are only as good as the villains they bust and the villains are only as good as the atrocities they perform.  I would use in my roadwar and cyberpunk settings. 

So anyway this table is for walking around god awful shit cities going to hell in modern era games but possibly useful elsewhere. Its to paint a picture of the god awful studs that happens around here. If your a reader who thinks my usual stuff is misery crawl and dehumanises my readers (as one reviewer said) well this post is like that dialled up a bit more. If your crime towns not always this bad you could use in a riot or just to grab news headlines.

It's as if civic authorities wanted the city to be this bad.

d10 Types
01 Homeless
02 Urchins
03 Prostitution
04 Drugs
05 Fight
06 Traffic
07 Police
08 Gangs
09 Public
10 Strange

 d100 Horror Street Crime in Hell City
01 Hungry hungry homeless using a shopping cart on fire to grill an unwanted slum landlord
02 Rich kids filming homeless fighting, stabbing and eating glass for dollars
03 Gang chasing homeless hired by real estate investors and crooked businesses
04 Police round up homeless looking for a scapegoat for some crime
05 Gang of evil punks torturing a homeless person
06 Driveby firebomb thrown at a homeless person
07 Gang hunting homeless with dogs, dirtbike and red pick up trucks for thrills
08 Rich kids in car chasing homeless and driving through settlements
09 Police arresting charity workers for feeding and helping local poor
10 Fed up hobo with a firearm murdering d4 1=cop 2=teen 3=gang 4=gangster0
11 Kids living in drain desperate for cash and drugs
12 Abandoned baby in a box
13 Scrawny children living in a car
14 Off duty cops shooting kids and collecting corpses before a city event
15 Battered old icecream truck with creepy clown snatches child
16 Man selling babies from car boot
17 Gang of children throwing bricks from overpass at cars for fun
18 Children with knives holding up old people
19 Youth chapter of big gang out to prove they can randomly execute people too
20 Armed gunmen capture a school bus for hostages when on run from law
21 High pimp punching prostitutes demanding money 
22 Police stopping and harassing everyone on streets as potential prostitutes
23 Gimp in PVC running is hit by car, passengers put body in car boot and drive away
24 Police raiding brothel with a news crew to film a politician or civic official
25 Crazed serial killer chasing prostitutes into alleyways
26 Mad priest with a flamethrower come to burn all the sinners
27 Police collecting protection from prostitutes as cash or favours
28 Police throw a prostitutes body off a bridge or in dumpster
29 Naked man holding bleeding groins running down the street screaming
30 Gangsters moving into area grabbing rivals gang sex workers
31 Fortified drug lab raided by cops, gunshots in streets 
32 Drug lab explodes and starts a dangerous fire
33 Drug dealer selling to kids
34 Nightclub bouncer trying to stuff dead drug abusers in dumpster
35 Car dealing drugs to people in rehab clinic line
36 Cop executing drug abusers
37 Dealer offering drugs for organs, great deals!
38 VIP in limo offering drugs to runaway teens to get in
39 Foaming at the mouth meth and pcp abuser going psycho at passers-by
40 Black 4WD makes hit and run firebomb attack on a drug clinic
41 Drunks fighting in street with broken bottles
42 Two men in suits beat up a third then put in car and drive away
43 Two men fight while two gangs watch for outcomes
44 Two youths attacking a businessman for money
45 Two gangs fighting with clubs, knives, hatchets and chains
46 Huge psychotic ex-military bikers brawling in street while high
47 Martial arts streetfight for money in an alleyway
48 Martial arts gangs with exotic alleyway
49 Thugs following smaller person, taunting and abusing them
50 Thugs chasing someone screaming for help
51 Hit and run driver backs up to finish job then flees
52 Head on highspeed collision blood and junk and bodies everywhere
53 High-speed vehicle collides with lamp post sending mangled corpse flying away
54 Motorcyclist hit by car, bike and driver fly through air 1in6 chance drivers gang turn up and lay waste to street and kill car driver
55 Truck runs over old limping person
56 Police chasing gangsters shooting, pedestrians scream and flee
57 Maniac in armoured crash proof car on spree ramming other cars off-road and running down pedestrians
58 Out of control truck as the driver had a heart attack or choked on a burger
59 Car spins out of control hitting several pedestrians and driver tries to flee on foot
60 Drug crazed rich kids in sports car racing dangerously, running over poor and harassing women
61 Cops betting over a prostitute knife fight
62 Cops eating donuts off duty while gang beat up someone outside donut shop
63 Cop runs down a suspect and then hits them opening door then gets out truncheon to finish them off
64 Cops talking to famous alleged mob leader and swapping packages
65 Police break up youth gang fight then let one gang go easy and haul away the other
66 Cop swallowing handful of pills then washing it down with whiskey 
67 Cops taking joints of kids then smoking them and sexually harassing the kids
68 Riot police storming a protest about recent police brutality
69 Police protecting racist thugs pride march from media and hippies
70 Cop pulls over drivers demanding sex and money
71 Gang watch while forcing kids to knife fight
72 Gang drag screaming victim in chains behind motorbikes in the street
73 Gang perform ritual torture and murder in street to warn squealers
74 Gangs having gun battle at meeting gone wrong, eventually, police join in
75 Gang harassing shopkeepers for money
76 Gang in a fancy car harassing pedestrians with violence for fun
77 Gang holding up a store and tormenting shoppers
78 Gang members on streets everywhere in colours all hunting someone
79 Gang brawl with lots of minor gang members in an unarmed brawl in street or empty lot
80 Gang attacking club of a rival gang and terrorising patrons
81 Angry mob pelting house or business with rocks then petrol bombs
82 An angry mob of locals have caught satisfactory scapegoat and debate what next
83 Strikers camping in front of workplace fighting violently with private security
84 Bomb goes off in mobsters car and crowd of pleased locals turn up to warm hands
85 Aggressive political faction forcing how to vote cards for the upcoming election, some of them getting aggressive and threatening especially to elderly
86 Street market of trinkets, second-hand goods and buskers blocking a street forms spontaneously
87 Rioters in streets battling riot squad and choking streets for hours
88 An angry mob with hatchets and machetes dismember some gang members leaving a horrific mess
89 Mob of angry sports fans overturn cars and start fires and fight riot police
90 Mob executing someone d6 1=bullet in head 2=decapitation 3=hanging 4=set fire to 5=drowning 6=torn apart by vehicles for the heinous crime of d4 1=wrong sport team 2=gang hoodlum killed local 3=pervert 4=being a pleasing sacrifice for the dark lord
91 War veteran vigilante brutally attacks relaxing mobsters d4 1=bar 2=barbershop 3=church 4=resteraunt
92 Biohazzard team seal off a building with armed soldiers in ABC suits
93 Bomb goes off d6 1=car 2=shop 3=office 4=school 5=church 6=supermarket
94 Armed men hijack a vehicle and flee but drop something by accident
95 Madman escapes maximum security at the hospital for incurable psychotic killers and now on a murder spree
96 The heavily armed old man opens fire from rooftop at the public for making noise and being sinners
97 Rich 3rd gen gangsters hunting manacled man for sport with own film crew
98 Local crime lord executes a prisoner surrounded by heavily armed goons as a warning
99 Cultists in robes with a prisoner for a sacrifice, moving from building to vehicles to a secret location 
100 Gangs racing, each car has innocent hostage or member of public tied to the front of their car for extra thrills

Possibly need to dial this up more
I mean Batman has dealt with worse I'm sure
I could probably do whole table of horrible vehicle crime for cops on road
Is weird crime a genre?


  1. Really, you get critics who complain that your posts lead to "dehumanization?" That's ridiculous.

    1. yes my tables reviewed as a harmful to the readers with eyeball melting misery that causes brain damage and possibly smoking and drug abuse


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