Thursday 6 September 2012

Quick Session

Quick catch up session with a few players

I lost the Wizards character sheet and party treasure list which I haven’t done in a very long time
as carolina is a newish player I let her remake her character and was fairly generous

Let players roll on dungenesque & grotesque catch up tables and carousing table to Leval up

So the Druid and the Wizard had a Solo apiece in the Village

The druid had an affair with the blacksmiths wife. He said the blacksmith should be grateful but the blacksmith wants to kill him. She was hoping druid would run away with her. While hiding in his bear cave he met a famous mad wizard who mysteriously liked him and flesh sculpted his face to be more attractive and less recognizable.

The wizard was hired to cast a few spells by a passing noble and was paid with some art and given an address in the city to visit which impressed everyone. The city pretty much has a sign: you must be at least 4th level to enter. While carousing she offended the local sheriff when attempting to entertain the rednecks with tales of her decadent court life in the tower of birds back home. She managed to avoid trouble but the sheriff pretty much has it in for the party.

So having pissed off lots of townsfolk they went to look for their thief. With his old poor clothes for a scent the druids mangy wolf tracked back to the tavern. While the druid went in the front, blasted the tavern with a gust of wind and had a few beers. The second beer was poison but he didnt notice. Meanwhile the wizard and the wolf went out back. She opened the beer cellar padlock with a knock and went in. The wolf got very excited about one barrel but she couldn't find the secret latch. Meanwhile the Druid waved a bag of gold and asked to see the cellar. The barkeep took him down and the while reaching for the snake wine, the Druid tried to ambush the barkeep. At this moment the previously dim barkeep stopped acting and skillfully fast drew a knife. As they battled (the Druid using his new sword and sickle combo), the wolf and wizard came out of hiding and surprised the barkeep. The wolf tore a foot long shred of flesh from the barkeeps belly and a chromatic orb stunned him. They pummeled him into unconsciousness and the Druid grabbed the snake wine while the wizard found the barrel secret door. The theif was bound gagged at 0 HP and black and blue all over. Their missing jewels, some torture tools and a badge of the City Barron secret police were also found. The heroes fled, the wizard taking the nice padlock too. While the wizard and the wolf dragged out the thief, the druid collected the barkeeps blood in his bowl to thank the forest with.

So will play again on Sat. Now they've alienated the whole village and possibly the Barron. The party are committed to dark elf hunting in the black forest rather than go to the kobold mine. A posse will be hunting them now. The black woods could either provide a fast route to the nice village or to worse trouble.

Its pretty clear to all now the druid is mad and his advice is actually only for his blood crazed interests. He is pretty keen to start driving back civilization. He has heard rumors of his original cult in the north which he is keen to visit. His own sect were a much watered down and hidden one in the empire (currently outlawed). Finding the old school blood druids is his dream. The druid has befriended some birds too, to follow his wolf and act as a messenger. A pet wolf is a pretty good ranger - this one is extra scary looking. The local Druid will probably be pissed off at the heroes and come looking for a duel.

The wizard has explored her former life as a bird loving air school wizard from the court of the empire. The masters of the tower of birds all have birds heads (at least in teaching hours). I’ve allowed her summon monster and swarm spells to summon birds, so she is hoping to fly about on a giant owl soon and menace enemies with a cloud of Galapagos vampire finches.

My language lists and proficiencies have worked well giving everybody lots to do and making interesting teamwork. Now the party is going on 3rd lv and has some feet in the world, I can probably start making some of their NPCs leave. So they can have the fun of recruiting and maintaining a shield wall of followers. The original NPCs will be good contacts in the future when they meet again later.


I’ve considered that as monster and gang graffiti is such a useful source of information, perhaps it needs a skill (Graffiti Lore) or a language slot (Gang Signs). Allows the interpretation of unauthorized marks on walls to assess local gang activity, political activity and a communities unwholesome interest in sex, drugs and scandal. It could be used to "cap" monster or gang graffiti to assert your dominion of a territory or could be used to fake other styles and trigger inter gang violence. Understand how to make crude home made art implements and paint.

I can see teen Kobolds now, rolling the local store for jars of paint to draw dicks on the church murals.

Some monsters probably do this with scent all the time but humans never have a clue. Standard language for any scent mark making species. Druid shape shifters would probably get this. Druids could learn Scent Marks as a non spoken language. Knowing what top animals turf is, what species in area, males, females, state of arousal, health and age of animal. Its kind of common for many animals. Druid could brew up animal scents for hunting, false trails or to make animals attack someone (deer attack hunters misusing their scent). Pee of course is the golden ingredient here. The druid will probably grow territorial himself, considering every toilet stop a chance to mark turf. He snorts at people taking a dump just anywhere in the Forrest.

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