Thursday 13 September 2012

Tako octopus faerie folk

Sir Octavius, modestly using only sword and shield - he likes to throw shuriken or the odd spell

Tako make my world a little weirder. I wish i could get the octopus cardboard figs from steve jackson games with armored octo warriors. Id also like to know why they existed while most others were typical DnD creatures...

I revised this post here New version Tako character class

Mysterious octopus race from the Eastern sea claiming dry land

Tako moved en mass to the land after aiding sea elves in a horrible under sea war in the Elder age. In return Land elves offered them some uninhabited land. Tako were only a trickle at first but now are moving on land en mass. Some humans and other races spread lascivious lies about these mostly gentle creatures. Others mock them and resent their growing kingdoms. While a few turn to chaos and evil, most are lawful, practicing their own chivalrous code.

Tako have 8 limbs, 4 are used for walking, for hands four feet, on males one is his reproductive organ which at lv5 can detach find a mate.. These limbs regenerate if cut off and are very tasty. All tako can use all 4 hands for fighting and may use proficiencies to reduce penalties. Could use hands to hold a missile weapon, or two shields (cant use large) or just make 2 2-h weapon attacks or 2 bow attacks. Only live to about 40, some last 60.

-Colour changing skin good for +4 hide or camouflage if not armored, also for Taco sign language
-1d6 less falling damage due to being squishy
-They move 9 or 12 in water – all can swim and breath water
-No prone position, can’t be tripped or knocked over, but can be pushed
-At 10th lv a tako can cast with 2 hands and fight with other two
-Can use 2 sheild and cover different faces
-If scared squirt ink once per day base range 1F/Lv, -4 to hit unarmored head will blind 1d4 rounds
works better in water

Tako Arms                Attack 1     Attack 2    Attack 3      Attack 4
Normal                      -2             -4               -6                -8
& 2-weapons attack   0              -2               -4                -6
& Ambidextrous         0                0               -2               -4

regional breeds
-tree tako have a lichen like skin texture favoring vegetal chamo
-snow tako have fur like texture favoring seasonal colour schemes
-cave tako have stony looking skin favoring earth hues
-sea tako are the standard and can vary in color
-jungle tako are colourful savages who are very passionate
+1 per 1gp spent on conspicuous status symbols like castles, statues, fancy armour and weapons, libraries, public spectacles and festivals glorifying Tako-kind
+100 for aquatic relics, pearls, sunken treasure, finding exotic aquatic places
Double for defeating aquatic enemy species

HD: 1d6
Prime Stat: Dex 
Weapon Proficiences:
3+1/2nd lv  
Non Weapon
: 3+1/2nd lv 
W penalty
: -3  
: 1d6+1/3rd lv
Spell List: Any one
Spell Progression: As Elf, Bard & Tako table
(1 cantrip lv 1, 4 cantrips lv 2, 1st lv1 spell at 3rd etc
+Int bonus Spells)


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