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Marvel Session; Lunar Blitzcrieg on Dire Wraiths

So after last game had 3 players i did a new player callout. So we had 2 noobs and everyone make it (bar one) so six players. Changed initiative system to speed and simplify combat which worked mad a couple of docs for group which i will expand and grabbing my own articles and publishing into booklets for use in game. Will share two below:

Character gen
Character Record booklet 

Will add city map to character book so they can add workplaces and homes
and remake table so greyscale works better and i messed up the fumble range to not be as ones we use in play as laminated sheets at table.

I met noobs at library to make new characters and both were fast
So got everyone to go round the room and describe characters

Jack Frost, hero of late70s and 80s who returned from retirement and turns into ice or frozen gas, shoots blunt icebolts and clouds of frozen gas. Is a super scientist to who keeps healing horrible genetic abominations of bad guys. Jack works at the space centre and teaches and runs a super hero retirement home which was supposed to be temporary but he likes it.

Amp a sonic super strong wrestling rock and roll roadie

Bolt Thrower the android archer with his high tech bow and robot hawk

Evac the official hero of the world wide rescue service currently working on astronaut training. Flies, strong, armoured, shoots force bolts and has a force sheath defence

Mr Lint a bouncer who can turn into incredible electricity and really liked watching the Tic on tv. Has a pet terrier who keeps turning up.

Terra a four armed super strong wrestling hooligan who has 4 arms and can burrow at 200 mph. He has own gang and a street where he is considered the local law. The city are paying him in beer and curry to help superheroes.

Then as a sample of abilities i gave everyone a quick solo event using personal encounter tables.

Jack Frost found a cleaner was sabotaging the space centre with alien spy tech and he stopped the industrial espionage merc who was hired to do it.

Amp was hanging out with his band in his base after a trip on tour. Decided the night club affiliated with is same as MrLint's.

Bolt Thrower was on his date a journalist who had been writing about heroes planning to build a ship to flee the apocalypse. Was trying to convince her it was just a mission and saw truck back onto ATM. He webbed them and stopped the truck and confiscated a cool concealable hacker terminal that fits on arm with a hud monacle.

Evac was safety checking the WWRS heavy cargo lifter that seemed perpetually in his care and was being modified for a one use moon mission and didn't notice a saboteur escaping. He managed to land safely and found alien bug which being on same base as Jack frost got them together to realises same aliens tech at work.

Mr Lint was grabbing a coffee at his contact's shop and a maniac in a mask with a chain tried to hold up place. Being a awesome martial artist he tussled with guy, took a hit as a human which hurt and chased the guy out. As he is faster he ducked into alley to stash coat and transformed disintegrating his clothes. Tried to stop guy but as he has probability control he gets miraculous fumbles and blew every streetlight in the area but crook cowed in terror. Lint told him to go to the police then went back to put on coat and finish his coffee.

Terra was in his flat drinking beer and eating curry watching soccer when a gang member told him mob had a car on street hassling the garage for money. As his gang only permited crime in area he spring into action with a mob of yobs approaching the armoured mob limo yelling. Frightened mobster fired smg scaring gang off and Terra headbutted him into unconsciousness. He let car drive off and his gang beat the other crook and both prisoners were stripped and thrown in river with warnings to never come back.

So last time party was investigating the old folks home for heroes for signs that the former chief Dr Sinclair was really Mandragora a mastermind genius and could turn into a space dragon. They realised that he had been sending data about old heroes to the moon possibly to sell to aliens? So they started working on modifying the WWRS heavy lifter into a one use return moon vehicle.

Town Mayor and Ape Detective Wally Surface got the team together and introduced new heroes to support their mission. They all went to base to check on the space launchand look for saboteurs. Bolt Thrower jacked into the alien devices and found a network that tried to take him over. He saw there were other devices on the base, resisted control and jacked out. Lint could see EM so he led group after a signal and found a clean lab with airlock all in glass where heroes could see 4 lab techs working. The tech seeing 6 superheroes glare at them were a bit edgy. Then they pulled huge self assembling chrome rayguns out. Bolth Thrower destroyed glass and webbed a tech. Evac flew through a window to do his charge and as usual missed but did not crash horribly which for him was a good outcome. Jack Frost fired a icebolt at one. Lint in electric form teleported across the room and punched one as aliens fired. A few heroes injured and webbed tech turned into a snake and crawled out so Terra grabbed her only to have her coil around him and bite him with no effect. Amp grabbed another one.

One of the techs and his gun turned to ash when shot which was a bit scary. Terra squished the snake and another turned to ash but others turned into their true form as science wraiths, an alien enemy not seen in 20 years.  Called Men in Black of APIO to collect aliens and saw their tech was setting off alarms and their network stopped. Bolt Thrower flew over base to check and saw lots of scientists running into a hanger and called gang.

As they approached doors opened and two robot things and 8 science wraiths with big ray guns ran out. Heroes charged. Lint teleported in by ground wires and got into fight with robot that couldn't hurt him and only damage itself as it punched him. Evac got stunned badly and was out. Other nearly stunned and frost injured multiple wraiths with ice blast. Bolt Thrower shot lots and his hawk pulled agun from a wraith that tuned into a pteradactyl thing to chase him but Bolty shot it some more. Another wriath turned into rat and tried to flee but Bolt Thrower got it. Amp was grabbing them while vibrating which was pretty dangerous. Terra tried burrowing under them and getting them to fall in the hole but grabbing them from underground worked better. Wraiths all down and most ash. Robot things had pods with pods of fleshy matter that Frost determined used to be human.

They called extra collection team to put wraiths in freezer. APIO jet arived and rather than wait for other team to arrived offered to just stuff all the wriaths in the two freezer pods as damned dirty aliens dont deserve space. Party loaded in and watched fly off. Then the two ships they actually ordered arrived. Doh. Tracked the wraith controlled prison plane to a closed APIO base and sent law after them. The aliens were mostly working on slowing the party so they just worked on take off.

On launch pad with the World Wide Rescue heavy lifter with extra boosters and engines the heroes loaded up. Amp was worried about his powers without air. During final check for sabotage. Lint used his powers to scan and fumbled with bad luck. He sent his dog to be cared for and fumbled that too. Loaded a couple of supervillain prison robots on board too, MK 3 models the smart ones. As dire wraiths were involved the team were briefed about a few alien types and the wraiths. Notably the so called male science wraiths and the stronger witch wraiths. As they have no genitalia gender seemed a convention they adopted for infiltrating earth and "male" science wraiths pretended to be women often enough.

After lift off Lint found Joan the terrier in his luggage. "Oh you naughty girl!"

Docked at space station for fuel and headed to moon. Amp kept on broadcasting to earth his insights and tried to bring his rock and roll vibe to space travel and failed badly. The world was horrified this maniac was allowed in space and soon the world knew what an Australian bogan was like and it was like Amp. Amp got Evac to speak on air about looking after him and after and relieved everybody.

Orbited the moon and scans revealed there were pilon like spires in location the signals from Earth went to. Bolt thrower was jacked into ship piloting it as his own body which was cool. He landed on the alien runway and scans revealed a large door big enough for a alien saucer but not teams ship. So they suited up and went out. Door opened and glaring light came out. Spindly naked greys walked out offering hugs broadcasting peace and cosmic love. Some saw through this and attacked and the party had to fight the lower psyche team members too, Science wraiths dropped the ruse especially after Amp grabbed six in his arms and ran off to "save them". Aliens defeated went in base and saw a big vehichle bay door and a human airlock. Amp teleported through metal door and explored the base tech wing to find tools left and no crew. The rest went into a 70s space lounge and attractive lady astronauts in skin tight silver suits and metallic pastel hair came to greet them as saviours. Only Jack resisted this time and he blasted them all with cold breath cloud and broke the alien ruse.

Seemed they had all the alien crew taken care of and base looked human made but they united and came to bio science wing that was sealed. Bolt Thrower opened the door and all saw alien biolab and came to another strange larger door that opened on own. A strange non wraith alien green temple with alien writing was here and out came Dr Mandragora as an older man in a suit with a pencil thin moustache. He told the heroes were here just in time and the wraiths were just a test and he needed them to go through a gate to fight a evil ultraterrestrial overlord. A woman in red robes came out and opened a gate of darkness offering them to enter. Bolt Thrower and Jack Frost called bullshit. Mandragora said Bolty and Jack were already under control and the only way to help them was to go throught the gate. Jack tried to block the gate with ice while Bolt Thrower shot Mandragora. The villain ignored this grew into a 20 foot tall space dragon and chased Bolt Thrower singing him with cosmic flame. Bolty never had not been able to take someone out before and ran. Jack tried to block the gate, shrugged off the with and froze her in the gateway. Evac rammed through knocking her in and most of the party went through before the gate closed.

Jack and Bolt Thrower fled in panic from Mandragora who possibly was really a alien space dragon all along controlling the wraith. The others blinked looking at the nightmare land of darkness that was Wraithworld. Violet sky with black stars, alien twitching plants, hideous hounds and pteradactyl things and a ruined stone city. The planet had been plunged into another universe by heroes 20 years ago when they tried to merge Wraithworld and Earth.

End of session.

All worked well. Dire wraiths are the only marvel universe thing I have from comics in my setting and they have been popular villains. This campaign has really taken off. It did take about 9 months to become regular fortnightly game. 6 hour sessions im likeing as get lots done.

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