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Uncanny xmas holidays in the ruins

Every xmas the ruins of Broken Hill come alive with cheer of this ancient religion. The cult of Santa teach how he was betrayed by Rudolf and crucified on a rocket and every year they celebrate this holiday. They also try to reclaim lost customs each season like xmas singing or rad-nog. Most of the year they are a quiet sect hording presents in secret. For a third of the year they are decorating and preparing for the holy day when Santa left Earth on his star chariot after returning to life.

Various illustrated scenes in the life of Santa are:

1 As a baby kills a time travelling robot from the future sent to kill him
2 As a child he lived in his magic polar palace served by ice people, elk folk and eldren
3 As a rebellious teen battled with the sea god for a decade until atoned
4 As a youth santa wrote the Communist Manifesto and started global revolution
5 Santa declares world peace truce and brings improved minimum wages and education to the world then fights the giant spider of global capitalism
6 Santa versus the giant dragon lizard, saving New Tokyo
7 Santa versus the Martians as documented in historical film footage
8 Santa kills Mr Monopoly with his death punch and talks the the anti-santa
9 Santa's time travelling adventure vs future Santa and primal Santa
10 Santa betrayed by Reindeer Rudolph to his enemies: the Scrooges
11 Santa is crucified on a missile as the apocalypse starts, dies and is rebooted
12 Santa flies away on his star chariot to return when nice outnumber the naughty again

Note the heretical volumes where mutant santa has various adventures and has lobster claws for hands and has the bad habit of snipping off peoples arms in a fight. Mutant-Santa is tolerate by normal xmas cultists. In many bunkers the tradition of always being xmas to calm children was long established in bunker culture. A mess of holiday specials, childrens books and mistakes created the current mythology of the apotheosis of Santa.

Many automated city system have Christmas modes that mostly kick in December each year. So expect strings of lights to grow like vines and bauble like fruit appear on trees. Some animals even migrate according to this magical holiday.

Of course in Oz xmas is a super hot time of the year often 40 degrees Celsius.
So no snow but the first survivor kids got atomic ash to play in which is a bit like snow.

Some xmas cultists expose themselves to happy inducing holiday cheer inducing psychotronic re-education devices. So cultists tend to be very cheerful and optimistic even in a fire fight.

d100 Xmas Encounters in the Ruins

01 Santa robot hacked by communist AI on murder rampage with powered garden tools, argues with itself over warring personas
02 A tribe of Deer abhumans from the forests of the east have come on a mission seeking Santa they heard he might have been here
03 Strings of fairy lights grow from ground and into trees like vines to light up at night
04 A delicious edible sentient mobile magic pudding is avoiding people addicted to its yummy flesh. Given time he recovers but not if they gobble him up in one meal like the current gang after it
05 Trees growing strange bulbous fruit and lights, with tinsel vines, clusters of wrapped presents and bows around tree trunks
06 Razor holly bushes, mobile holly plants shoot vegetable shuriken
07 Mistletoe humanoid creature roaming about breathing heavily stalking and strangling people
08 Giant golden xmas beetle grazing will fly off if threatened
09 Flock of huge mutant bush turkeys size of cassowaries, curious and aggressive especially to dogs who they hate
10 A xmas themed wasteland gang performing terrible acts of cruelty with xmas puns and banter
11 Drone flies overhead shooting fireworks and whistling
12 Drone flies overhead shooting lights and holographic xmas images
13 Scrap built pathetic santa bot begging for scraps or a bit of power
14 Zombies killed in a xmas party arisen together with colourful hats and shirts
15 Xmas Cyborg gang cleansing human filth as a gift for their AI creator
16 A xmas decorated air car crashes into the upper stories of a highrise
17 Sexy xmas androids smiling in friendly manner invite you in so they can murder up close, hacked into assassins by virus
18 Snow abhumanoids in a military squad, with a leader and a freeze ray gunner, highly unstable in heat, roaming streets
19 Ambulant pine tree abhumans shoot needle bursts and drink blood, 1in6 decorated with delicious bait fruits
20 A herd of Christmas puddings are grazing, 1in6 groups are the highly flammable type brandy type
21 Some locals decorating the street
22 Mutants having a xmas party invite you to join their disgusting feast
23 Cult of Santa patrolling streets to brutally beat anyone being naughty
24 Grumpus mutant with sack of crying children it is taking to contaminated holy place
25 Bush turkey folk puritans with muskets looking to build a farm wary of humans wanting to eat them
26 Huge inflatable xmas character on ground or attached to cable
27 Xmas vigilante mob rounding up suspicious persons for a variety or recent crimes
28 A parade of Xmas cultists with floats, palanquins, carts,
29 Clown mutant gang shooting up drugs, "what are you looking at?"
30 Eldren in green and red presenting gifts to inferior wasteland scum
31 Pathetic mutant santa begging, speaks of the heretical mutant santa
32 Sexy clown xmas strippers with guns and drunk
33 Carol singing mutant children each with terrible affliction
34 Abhuman beast folk, tribals, ferals and farmers having a feast
35 Mob having prayers to Santa led by cultist
36 Grumpy old man tells santa cultists to get back to work so they beat him
37 Robot toys broken and fixed with scrap and begging
38 Someone sets of fireworks and firecrackers and flares
39 Singing elf bots walking in line singing merrily
40 Trifern ambulant murder plants decorated with ribbons and baubles and tinselvine
41 Crippled robot begging but has chirpy upbeat attitude
42 Shopping centre mascot androids, virused with bloody kitchen cleavers and knives
43 Giant tinsel spider, as normal hairy spiders but silver metallic
44 Cyborg santa shoots laughing gas grenaides and has robot hyenas from a theme park serving him
45 Flying angel robot lands to question faithful about prewar religion, deviants must be converted or they are to be killed with a flaming hydrogen plasma sword
46 Attractive presents well wrapped, household items as new in boxes, scattered about over area
47 Attractive presents well wrapped, actually proximity mines
48 Rabbit abhumans from wastes come to destroy heretical xmas decorations and leaving large colourful egg idols
49 Androids overcome by xmas altruism virus release human slave work gang
50 Drunks in street in expensive clothes staggering, fighting and vomiting
51 Hypnotronic weapon induces everyone to sing xmas hyms
52 Mob giving a kangaroo court procedure to legitimise their bullying of victim
53 Mutant ogre with mum and dad cheering him on to battle
54 Dancing santa android dances for weeks till slows and dies by new year, dances even if decapitated
55 Amazons who worship Merry the mother and bride of Santa are roaming on mounts looking to kill monsters or criminals for xmas sport and to collect some severed heads for new years luck
56 Ghouls with xmas hats quite drunk having a feast on human bandit corpses
57 Locals throwing rocks at heretics farmers from Cabbageland who don't believe in xmas
58 Gang in xmas decorated murder mobile out on a spree killing pedestrians
59 Horrible mass of Santa's fused together by accident in a bioprinter, now horrible nightmare polar horror
60 Decorated herd of marijuana plants with stoner feral cowboys taking them to market
61 Ferocious flesh eating iguanadon with dagger thumbs for attacking, released from ancient dinosaur theme park. It is hungry and curious
62 Herders with sheep-kangaroo hybrids in xmas colours being taken to market, known as woolly jumpers
63 Dropbears menacing xmas merrymakers who are too drunk to be alert
64 Locals having drinks in the streets and watching fireworks
65 Locals having a xmas singalong with a smattering of old bunker safety songs
66 Locals have gathered for travelling theatre. Includes some paid advertisements, actors re enact some piece of 21st century television or film
67 Psychotronic ray causes victim to feel friendly, happy and desire to give away what they are holding. Hidden projector in statue on front of building
68 Children's puppet show where Santa throws Satan into the bottom of the pit and devours all the old gods taking their power
69 Santa shaped plastic lamps have been left all over area
70 Robot offers free xmas tattoos to anyone willing
71 Gang of devout Santaists lynching a wealthy greedy merchant locals are sick of
72 Anti-Santa gang burning santa effigies and provoking fights with true believers in xmas
73 Hologram Santa offers to grant three wishes as long as wish involves a mortar strike at a particular location in ruins. Can signal by radio and order explosive or illumination flare rounds
74 Dazzling laser show from a orbital destroys a building and everyone in it
75 Xmas painted robot tank going "HoHoHo!" as it takes potshots at any moving target for fun while driving through streets
76 Inflatable parade balloon now occupied by xmas Santa dressed
77 Walking xmas costume vending machine, quite persistent with sales pitch
78 Santa robot on deer themed jetbike with machinegun
79 A lovely rain of atomic ash just like the first xmas after the bomb
80 Weather control system haywire makes snow for short period of time
81 Martian red weed growing rapidly will block off whole streets withing a day, this variety is like raspberry liquorish
82 Dozens of replicant Santa's ringing bells, laughing, telling you to be nice not naughty, all inbuilt to self destruct day after xmas
83 Xmas cannibal clowns trying to eat a Santa replicant and disappointed, they suddenly see your party and cheer up
84 Uplifted octopi from Mars in robot tripod walking machine 18 meters tall with heat ray and tentacles and a spotlight, capturing Santa dressed people for dissection. Concerned Santa might be a threat before they invade
85 Gnomes in xmas colours give out cakes to travellers
86 A giant with a xmas hat and a loincloth is passed out having drunk two barrels of brandy
87 Pumpkin headed abhumans attack xmas decorations and revellers
88 Robots battling about who would best be Santa
89 Robot toys awoke and now on exiting first adventure after the apocalypse
90 Mutant children decide to follow adventurers to see what fun can be had
91 Freshly erected statue of Santa or a xmas tree
92 Sack of presents with names of locals on them
93 Sack of presents with names of characters on them
94 Crashed xmas shuttle with radio link to xmas land a theme park on the northpole where you can meet the real santa
95 Santa hologram offers advice on where to go next to strike big
96 Horrible pincer claw handed cannibal mutants with santa hats roaming ruins
97 Locals have dug up a missile and now want to nail a Santa substitute to it to be just like the uncanny miracle of xmas. The missile AI starts to beep angrily
98 Xmas-bot printing and installing decorations, snow spray stencils, wreathes, ribbons
99 Robot Santa giving away beer and cigarettes as free xmas samples
100 Santa robots and xmas cultists in pitched battle with gangs to death

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