Saturday 16 November 2019

Medical Locations in ruins of Broken Hill

Am doing more of these some monsters and
d100 building past habitation table
d100 ruin xmas encounters
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d10 Medical Locations in ruins of Broken Hill

1 Silver Street Clinic - VIP expensive clinic with ancient automeds for cosmetic and genetic surgery. Headed by Dr Clark a rich healer  all sides try to keep on his good side. Treatments here can remove mutations and extend life and everybody wants that
2 Broken Hill Royal Hospital - healers hospital guarded by amazons all serving Queen Beryl who sleeps in her power army ready for action to smite the wicked. Common folk come here but all sorts are welcome if they are not threatening to staff. Troublemakers are evicted or killed. The complex has beds and only occasional doubles them up in a crisis. Locals will pour in to defend the complex from miles around
3 Veterans Hospital - wounded and disturbed veterans of the cane toad wars, operates off loot stolen from Canetoads after last war. If in trouble the vets and staff are armed and given combat drugs. Set up by Salvation Army Marine Corp now supported by many settlers and the warlord. They have wiped out whole clans of gangs and wasteland scum
4 Lucky Strike Street Clinic - clinic for the poor helps drug addicts and homeless. They give them jobs sorting scrap and running their trade store. Their are long waits but often free meals and water. It has a loyal following of supporters who will come to help out. Gangs occasionally attack the centre who harm their drug sales
5 Mutants Hospital - cult operate a mutant aid mission with a doctor and nurses and soldiers and tribal workers. Local mutants will come to their aid. Dr Giggorous Malax is chief surgeon with crack team of surgeons from far off cities. They do collect mutant DNA constantly and offer some mutants jobs
6 Medicine Huts - several tribal huts where seasonally folk healers gather every 3 months. Often there is one present or leaving or coming. They will heal and often want simple goods like steel tools and weapons. Will trade folk medicine, healing, exorcisms, blessings and very good with snake poisons given a few days 
7 Cyborging Chop Shop -- where cyborg parts are bought and sold by mutated Dr Phibbs, who also makes surgical life forms which are found near his fortified townhouse. Filthy surgical conditions but he does the job with high tech drugs. Several guard surgical chimeras protect him and others will come to help the master 
8 Spiritual Healing Hut - Lady Willow runs this shack performing petty magics and rituals for cash and rum. She also offers lessons in lovemaking, astrology, brewing, poisons lore. She is revered by gangs, ferals and settlers who come to her aid 
9 Medicine Show Camp - Captain Barnaby Beardsly operates a medicine show selling quack medicine to settlers and embarrassed gang members. He does good first aid and basic surgery and barbering too. Has several helpers and musicians as part of weekly medicine show. Also practices phrenology and vitalology and animal magnetism
10 Mother Crab's Cottage - shack with several monstrous guard mutants and her ogrish son. She does seances, card and palm reading and other divination and healing treatments. Does good first aid and herbalist treatments of disease and poisoning. Local midwife also so well loved by settlers and women folk in ruins

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