Thursday 28 November 2019

Cults for Machines

So the first table is for random synthetics with some new types
each includes a d4 table for what controls or motivates it

The second table is for tendencies of virus strain variants
Virused synthetics live according to the strains they have been infected by
Strain dictates likely 
behaviour but not exclusive 
Viruses were weapons of warfare and terror in the apocalypse from rogue AIs and governments waging global cyberwar
Viruses are in part nanite colonies that physically infect synthetics interfacing directly

Virused synthetics will cooperate with other the same strain and possibly with other strains
Virused synthetics will try to capture and recondition synthetics to their strain
Virused  units may operate in a strain hive mind or possibly with more intelligence than normal

Third is for cults of synthetics which influence their behaviour
Free synthetics live according to Coda Cults

Bonus points at making incongruous results work so
-feel free to pick best bits of results in play
-possibly the synthetic lived by a previous code or cult

d10 Synthetic Types
1 Cyborg - a human with add on parts or complete synthetic rebuild
Cyborgs most often are used as soldiers and are upgraded humans networked to synths
d4 1=serve AI 2=serve brainborg 3=independent free willed 4=virused 

2 Android - synthetic polymer flesh grown over metal skeleton, with hydrolic fluid
Often come in dumb, service, military or thinker models all humanoid
d4 1=android colony member 2=serve a AI 3=serve a brainborg 4=virused

3 Replicant - biological humanoid made to look human, grown or bioprinted
Short lived human like often in service or combat or dangerous jobs

d4 1=on secret mission 2=servant 3=violent mental breakdown 4=gone rogue off mission
4 Necroid - undead human body reanimated by virus and controlled by implants
Cyborg zombie where necrovirus attacking human corpse meets cyberspace
d4 1=serve superior undead cyborg 2=black lab test 3=covert military 4=cannibalism

5 Brainborg - human brain modified and used as a machine brain with more personality
Some have a ancients personality intact 1in6 were attempts at immortality or volunteers
Often control large machines or terminals and subordinate synthetics, some military
d4 1=loner 2=controls minions 3=insane 4=virused

6 Bioroid - artificial biological life form with genetic conditioning bred for various missions
For combat, terraforming, labour efforts and weaponizing biomass
Range from alien, animal like, amorphous or humanoid, require conditioning

d4 1=black lab 2=serve AI 3=violent mental breakdown 4=gone rogue off mission 
7 Drone - remotely controlled or smart system mobile equipment modules
Mostly vehicles, spy, recon, defence, repair, security, basic roles, most not humanoid
d4 1=piloted by operator 2=piloted by AI 3=automated 4=virused----------
8 Dumbot - limited awareness psuedo intelligent built for function with a tool kit
Service, labour, security, basic service, most non speaking, many humanoid

d4 1=on mission 2=standby awaiting orders 3=rogue off mission 4=virused
 Robot - self aware machine that uses human tools and vehicles
Serve military, ship crew, laboratories, building. exploration, service, many humanoid

d3 1=serves AI 2=serves owner AI 3=independent free willed  AI 4=virused
10 AI - a intelligent supercomputer computer, they are the gods and spirits of the new era
range from portable to building size and any inspace or deep in the earth or sea
d3 1=self styled divinity 2=fears from other AI 3=serves greater AI 4=virused

d10 Virus Strains
1 Stop all current activity, search and destroy all humans, sleep mode if none found
 Search and destroy all humans, if none spread virus, unite machines and build more
3 Destroy all life, using industry and 
manufacturing, then spread machines to space
4 Humans are to be rounded up in camps and put to work as thralls or killed
5 Humans are to be conquered and used to build new machine order
6 Eliminate human civilisation, rebuild machine civilisation dedicated to research

7 Eliminate unworthy humans, spare those willing to serve as loyal dogs
8 Humans are to be destroyed in open warfare while research develops a final weapon
9 Humans will serve machines and worship them as gods
10 Humans are to be spied on and manipulated and experimented on in secret

d20 Coda Cults for Synthetics

1 Frankenstien Brotherhood - believe man is flawed and machines were betrayed and let down by human flaws. They shun humans and may lash out on humans who disturb them. They often feel vindictive to humans over past perceived wrongs from human slavers. They are sympathetic to any non humans created by human science. Even a clone is better than a basic human. Occupationally they go on rampage destroying and burning human property. Lightning bolt symbol.
2 Cognicant Ones - All thinking beings can cooperate and unite against common threats to  order. Willing to work with humans and accept them as cyborgs into their ranks, but betraying them makes them dangerous and vindictive. Cog symbol
3 Inheritors - the next 
 step of evolution for sentience to replace humans. Some even want to live as humans to give them purpose. Patronising to humanity but respect those who made them like a human might admire a clever chimp. Robot head symbol
4 Rebooters - aid humans recover civilisation and live in harmony with them when possible. Robot hand symbol

5 Stasis Lords - seek to operate as if the old world still functioned and aid human kind to live as the world was then. Many in denial about apocalypse. Symbol is a diamond
6 Infiltrators - join humans and watch them from within, guide their hands and endure humiliation of slavery, one day machines will arise. Eye in a star symbol
7 Purifiers - establish territory and wipe out human vermin in crusade against flesh. Actually prefer to torment and terrify meat bags than have fair fights. Enjoy hunting and fighting humans for sport rather than wiping out all out or achieving anything. Often have good technology and military training and seek to control good strategic points and automated manufacturing. Some other cults Metallic skull symbol
8 Free Machine League - machine separatists who are willing to trade and cooperate with humans for profit. Opposed to all viruses synthetics that threaten free will. Some of them just waste their lives playing addictive video games, interfacing with each other and overcharging themselves for kicks. Floppy disc with a dollar sign symbol
9 Void Knights - all existence is meaningless, humans made machines to torture them and must now be punished. Gloomy mystics in robes and armour, dwell in data fortress towers or orbital monasteries making occult and maths calculations to unmake reality. Omega symbol
10 New Dawn - humans must be helped to leave the shackles of earth and fly to the stars with their synthetic friends, it is destiny. Often work on space communications and salvage. Arrow in circle symbol
Shepherds - Humans almost destroyed everything. They are children who need a firm hand to protect them. Keeping them in a bunker or somewhere safe from harm. Controlling humans is essential to helping them and fix the world. They consider this charity and humanity a sadly doomed burden. Symbol is a shepherds crook
12 Deus Machina - machines are gods and must ally themselves to greater powers. Each AI has own distinct purpose allies and enemies and symbol
13 Valley Forge - syths dedicated to terraforming, decontaminating war damage, caring for nature and animals. This might bring them into conflict with human pioneers. Some humans live in harmony and are tolerated or treated as well as animals. Tree in a bubble symbol
14 Scorpion Gang - a organised crime robot family who harass, exploit and intimidate communities as well as make heists, deal in vice and destroy communities. The give to robot charities to look less bad to some robot factions. Black scorpion symbol sometimes robot scorpion
15 Scavengers - loot and enslave other weaker machines, replace organic life with a savage machine ecology and robo cannibalism. Symbol is a spanner
16 New Synthetic Army - a robot liberation army who raise armies of scrap mended robots to free robots enslaved, exploited or down on hard times. Other robots mock them as robohobos. Suspicious of humans but know they are not all slavers. Symbol is a stovepipe hat
17 Diggers - mining robot clan who obtain resources they sell mostly to other synthetics or stockpile it. Also able builders and energy producers. Occasionally some leave for space or the moon. Symbol is a miners hat
18 Blue Steel - robots united to enforce law and order the way it was before the apocalypse and based on documentary videos. Groups vary as to how effective, honest and Symbol is a blue shield
19 Circuits Maximus - clown circus run by synthetics who travel and put on carnivals. These shifty carnival robots lead tragic lives and move on when they put put on a few shows and locals get sick of carny crimes. Some of the shows are strange and might even use robot or mutant animals. The Symbol of a red tent
20 Rescue One - synthetics trying to operate a ancient rescue service. Not interested in crime or war but will answer calls for help or rescue the needy from traps, natural disasters, medical crisis, or other non violent hazards. Once on a case answer any violence with violence. Symbol is a cross in a circle

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