Friday, 8 November 2019

Science Locations in Broken Hill Ruins

d10 Science Locations in ruins of Broken Hill
1 Purity Lab - operated by anti mutant purist whoo are trying to weaponize plagues to use on their enemies.  Mostly they are a menace to their unqualified scientists working long shift and hungry. Area especially water is contaminated. Personnel all wear ABC suits and they kidnap mutant test subjects often
2 Priceless Pit - prospectors with adventurer guards and scholars are excavating a ruined bunker complex with undead and robots inside. Sometimes they hire on people to sweep a few rooms. Pay with advanced technology and will continue to employ skilled parties. Proffessor Robinson leads the expedition who seeks relics to study more than use and specimens are shipped to great city universities on the coast
3 Hologram Hell Hall - building with hostile holograms which kill by touch protect this building and many teams have come hear seeking entry. Remains of campsites of visitors are common. Several monsters visit area for edible corpses. Under the building is a AI lab where science androids work at research to destroy humans in the region
4 Mushroom Cavern - fungus growth lab using old mines and connected to underground. Part still operated by scientists who sell mushroom food products to fund work continued since ancients. Spores have penetrated other mines and subways growing giant fungus forests over the city. Fungus zombies were a problem once but not often met now
5 Mureau Lab - animal abhuman lab run by AI using veterinary and forestry robots. Animal abhuman agents patrol area and bring in human and animal captives for lab experiments. The project looked at creating races of servants for when humans awaken from bunkers
6 Machine Cult Shrine - where cultists bring damaged robots to repair and reprogram them to serve the machine liberation cause. Will sell robots but use as agents and spies and might at anytime perform a mission dictated by the cyborg monks here. Brother Borg is the leader and hopes to fight off other machine cults and androids
7 Mutation Lab - Doctor Sunahara works on using mutagens and mutant dna into granting specific abilities to test subjects. Mutants from the wild are vivisected and humans are exposed to mutagens. Many die and corpses are dumped after autopsies. The most horrible formless tentacled things are let loose in the tunnels
8 Sukara Cybernetics Systems - AI runs a cyborging centre converting prisoners into cyborg comandoes that raid other factions for tech. The AI: NEW GOLD DREAM, once helped war vets now creates mindless troops it uses to fight with. The lab is deep underground with secret entrances. Cameras watch the area and humans present will attract cyborg kidnappers
9 Green Dawn Ag Lab - produced ancient food crops now inhabitants breed plants for survival and as weapons systems. Directed by their AI god, scientists work on various lethal plants that can be used to green the ruins more and retain water. Many of the mutant plants are armed, mobile, intelligent or flesh eating
10 Connel Pesticide Corp - lab was producing invertebrate pest studies but has instead been breeding mutant bugs that it frees including locusts, spiders, scorpions, ticks, mantids, beetles, moths, centipedes and most recently bug abhumans. The humans were replaced by robots serving the AI and bugs not tempted to eat them

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