Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Sailback Lizard

Sailback Lizard

mutant prehistoric animal N Morale 8
AC +5
HD 4
Mov 9 ground 6 swim
Bite 2d4 Clawx2 d6 

-bite roll of 20 swallows a small creature
Breath attack range 6 2d6 explosion over ten foot circle
-save halves damage
 fires every second round
Explodes at zero HP 3d6 over 20 foot circle save halves
Immune to heat and fire attacks

These curmudgeons of beasts live in caves and holes. The like to bathe in the sun and wallow in mud but many adapted to living underground with -2 to hit if blind. Can track by scent and enjoy swimming. Their is a blazing fire within them that makes them angry. Some dungeon critters like to use them to pull wagons or as siege weapons. They quite enjoy living in dungeons and being pets. Make good guards and are loyal. Wild ones in caves follow you for days especially if you have wounds. A round after reaching zero they explode and experienced fighters will know to flee or tip them off a cliff. They roar ferociously when fighting or in a pack. Splashing them with water reduces their morale by 2. Distant descendants of Dimetradons and primitive dragons. They are omnivorous but like old meat, eggs and fish best. In sun or heat or water fin is large and erect, in the cold they go droopy. In good times they birth live young

1in6 amphibious can breathe water swim 9
1in6 extra HD in size
1in6 have a pilot light tail which lights area as a lamp
1in6 swollow on 17+ roll
1in6 have a extra horn attack d6 (1in6 of those 2 horn attacks)
1in6 have extra tail slap attacknd6
1in6 have thermal vision letting them fight in the dark
1in6 have cone of stinking cloud breath instead, save or helpless
1in6 have acid spray breath instead 90 degrees and 10 foot range
1in6 fire attacks keep burning a extra d4 rounds 1HP each save will put it out
1in10 silver scales AV +7
1in10 glow hot inflict a HP damage to ant in range
1in10 have +2 HD
1in10 good at climbing
1in10 use their sail as a huge slicing weapon 2d6 damage extra attack
1in12 burn all in a 10 foot circle for a d4 damage per round when angry
1in12 breathes prismatic rays with random magical effects plus have glittery skin
1in20 are ice sailbacks that burn with cold blue flame and resist cold damage
1in20 have bat wings and fly 6

d10 Sailback Adventures
1 A grumpy pack of sailbacks in a cave come out by night to steal crops and animals
2 Local goblin gang have a pet sailback they use for mischief
3 Newt folk come to capture sailbackls and drive them through a street by accident 

4 Swamp folk notice huge fins about and discover they have a sailback colony
5 Local dungeon monsters moving out from sailback infestation
6 A goblin potter keeps one in a kiln and feeds it coal and it happily eats and shoots fire
7 A goblin blacksmith tinkerer travels about with a wagon pulled by a sailback that also heats metal
8 Sailbacks have been wallowing in underground streams causing local springs and wells to boili and smell sulphurous
9 Sailbacks by night wallow about in swamp igniting pockets of march gas for fun, see the distant strange lights in the fog
10 Sailbacks attracted to local mushroom that helps them make fire


  1. Ooooh I like it. The idea of primitive dragons and their evolutionary paths has been a curiosity of mine for a few years. :D
    The number of places I can think to use this is great. Would you ever consider doing more of these primitive dragons and other beasts?
    As an aside I really like your work and especially love Planet Gann. Mecha fighting kaiju and the conflicts between the kingdoms (as well as the campaign tech evolving over time with the scale) really sets the scene.
    Hmm you wouldn't happen to have a table for making mecha creatures (biomecha,robots or cyborgs) or generating mecha would you?

    1. This beast is based a bit on film "At The Earths Core" so is as oldschool as possible

      could do more protodragons
      perhaps taimat done it with law and chaos and other things to seperate reptilian types

      Planet Gan was fun but very based on Mekton rpg books which did have the attitude in spades

      It also fit into my own setting of collapse of huge empires (or did they?)

      I almost ran this got minis and moved
      have jap spacefleets too

      a mecha list or builder would be something to do some day. Perhaps I need to dig this out again but now id add cthulhu

    2. Cthulhu tech stuff is pretty good
      - i got a few more books
      so inspired by this a bit
      Jovian chronichles too
      Always meant to get gurps mecha


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