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Forts in Broken Hill Ruins

This is part of a series I started long time ago. Finish off these top ten Broken Hill ruin sites of different types. When these done will put all my gamma Oz stuff into a book. Will be system neutral and kind of for Planet Psychon. Will get some art going too for a cover too.

d10 Military Locations in ruins of Broken Hill
1 Fort Eagle - highrise base of the Warlord with huge gate house, minefield and point defence machineguns. Acts as a support base for troops in ruins and reinforcements. Agents of the Warlord . Floors act as barracks and storage, basement is flooded as water storage. Lady Reaver is the commander, former amazon now rules area around her with brutality. Citizens of Silverton are subject to less searches and seizures of goods, 
can stay and trade and receive first aid.
2 Castle Mutantstien - hotel complex with courtyards fortified with rubble and steel beams with barbed wire and trenches around. Bullrings in area full of mutant archers, many defenders have strange powers and might even look human. Others are obscene formnless liquid flesh horrors ot tentacled tumour creatures covered in eyes and mouths. Mutant temple here has stockpiles of bio and gas weapons and other mutagens they hurl from catapaults. Chief Gorefax a headless giant with face on his chest rules and only mutants may enter
3 Toad Forward Recon Base - one to two dozen snipers are in are often in concealed nests and all using headset radio links. The ranked commanders are cane toad abhumans. Half troops will be abumans like emu, koala, wombat, dingo, roo, possum, cassowary and various reptiles. A few feral animals and vassal humans fill out the force. The area has landmines and claymores with triplines or trooper controlled directly. Various kill zones are marked on their maps. Colonel Freddy Gumwad a war vet commands the force who will scatter if they take losses. Goods are air dropped in to open area weekly from Toadland
4 Slavertown - fortified mall and car park complex, slavers store prisoners here before taking them to market, there are bars, a hotel and brothels and gambling and drugs and even canibals here to shop. Run by Master Bazza Bunyip Carter, a evil flesh peddler. You can come market days if not a known slaver if you have money and leave weapons in the gatehouse during your visit. Many exotic slaves for sale even androids and robots  sand clones. A number of mad scientists operate labs here. A gladiator school takes captives who can fight
5 Fort Machina - operated by androids who tolerate robots and even cyborgs. A brainborg controller unit KORDEL369 manages the fort and factions in its anti human schemes. It has a maze of armoured panels with automated guns that can change and assist android trooops reaching intruders. The inner base underground, has a forcefield defence and most machine inhabitants enemies of humans. Humans captured are cyborged and join the cyborg troop auxileries. Some AI military vehichles are allies and will come to aid the base which repairs them. All synthetics welcome, human slaves are frowned on but common
6 Rat City - fortified train stations with several underground complexes and old basements. Rat abhumans dedicated to eradicating humanity for ratkind. Rat swarms, giant rats of various sizes live in these areas. The terrible ratking is a ten headed psionic rat abhuman lord. Human prisoners are interrogated then eaten. Occasionally they conduct germ warfare spreading plagues around city. Rats use black powder guns with specialist plague marines in sealed ABC suits and canisters of gas or germs. Rats trade and party here
7 Joes Garage - fortified garage operated by roadgangs from the north. Have impressive mechanised infantry and combat cars and even a bus. Mutant Joe the owner, runs all the vice and taxes all the goods here. Biofuel plant, repair and power cell recharging.station with d6+4 vehichles and crews in at any time plus defence towers with ballistia, machine guns and flamers. Under the garage is a bunker complex the gangs use as a hotel and residence
8 Independent Traders Fort - a fortified trading town operated by local settler clans who will also send reinforcements. Operate a peaceful trade post with watch towers and most guest join defenders. Frequently attacked by gangs. Food and scrap trade with weapons, armour and drugs. Several bars and dining places and even a post office
Beast Fort  - united animal abhuman front headquarters a animal supremacist cult led by Dingo Goodboy. Human slaves are sold and those nobody wants become food. They mostly use crossbows and medieval weapons with some gunpowder. A former shopping centre now houses beast folk with schools and a market and a shrine to the founder of this haven 
10 Rangers Fort - silver city rangers support base where rangers camp and rest detween sniping missions to hunt gangs and monsters. The bulk of the fort is concealed and area is booby trapped requiring a guide. Ranger Commander Maki Goro will help people but will scold them for being idiots. A number of advanced weapons systems they have found over generations has helped keep the base one of the oldest in the ruins

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  1. These are some amazing forts, I love its diverse inhabitants as well. Instead of them just all being filled with raider humans.


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