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Structures of the Apocalypse: Part 4

This is part of my ongoing series. As most buildings in my Broken Hill setting are not so big I thought this was needed. Also handy for isolated small buildings in wilderness areas. Compound generator for small settlements might be good too or an A-Z. Found a map app to speed up work on on fringe areas. More soon. 

So Far
Broken Hill Encounters
Apocalypse Structures 1

Apocalypse Structures 2
Road to broken hill
Gamma Oz - Manna Hill to Broken Hill
Manna Hill + Oz Trash Tables
Cockburn + Ruin Tables

Straya Maps

Gamma Oz Setting and basic map
Gamma Oz "World map" Nations
Gamma Oz "Improved World Maps 2450" + redundant descriptions i did by accident

Silverton - a raider town of compounds
More Encounter tables for mine areas, sounds and distant spectacles
d100 Broken Hill encounters

Small Structure
roof entrance x1
1 floor typically
d4 floors for larger
1in4 with basement
1in6 with hidden sub basement level
keep rolling d6 with extra sub level per 6 rolled

d12 Structure Condition

1 Crumbling ruin dangerous to enter
2 Burned out shell with charred trash
3 Skeletal Structure of building
4 Badly damaged with roof in at least one room and garbage

5 Semi intact with half roof intact
 Semi intact with half original roof intact, with recent refitting*
7 Intact with some doors and widow coverings mostly empty

 Intact with doors and widow coverings, with recent refitting*
 Good condition building with sealed windows and doors
 Good condition building doors and windows, with recent refitting*
 Pristine and recently inhabited
12 Pristine and sealed with AI or robot
*Artifacts left by post apocalyptic peoples
1in6 structures contaminated, all in rad pit area contaminated

d12 Contamination

1 Flooded, rotting material and floating mould
2 Fungus and decay, spores make air toxic
3 Radioactive from war or leaked power plant
4 Booby trapped by some faction or during war
5 Chemical weapons from war
6 Flammable gas and leaking oil
7 Sewerage and disease
8 Garbage and disease, crawling with vermin
9 Corpses from war or more recent and disease
10 Unexploded munitions from war or more recent
11 Necro virus contaminated undead
12 Colony of mutant horrors breeding grounds

d12 Structure Inhabitants

1 Animals shelter in here often
Animals use as a lair

3 Carnivorous plants or fungus
4 Undead creature lair
5 Mutants lair
6 Vagrants use to camp in
7 Gangs and factions use as occasional camp or fortified outpost
8 Gangs and factions battle over the ruins for domination
Refugees, outsiders and outcasts on the run camped here

10 Settlers have camped here building a defensible home
11 Settlers, faction or bunker folk attempt to operate structure as was in past
12 Synthetics including robots, androids, AI and cyborgs

d12 Core Function
1-6 House
7-9 Retail
10-11 Office
12 Technology

d12 Building Status
1-6 Poor ghetto structure
7-9 Common ordinary structure
10-11 Comfortable well off structure
12 Luxury designer structure

d12 Basement
1-6 Storage cellar
7-9 Extra functional room for building
10 Studio or workshop
11 Recreation room or gym
12 Shelter or panic room 1in6 has a d4 levels of micro bunker

d12 Microbunker
1-5 Habitat
6-7 Storage
8-9 Plant for power & life support
10 Medlab
11 Communications suite
12 Armoury

d12 Accommodation
1-6 Residential home d2 floors
7 Rental holiday house d2 floors
8-9 Apartment units 3d4 suites
10 Small hotel with bar and diner d4+1 floors
11 Small motel with d6+6 suites 1in4 with pool
12 Multi story motel with d4+2 floors and pool

d40 Retail
1 Baker
2 Barbecue store
3 Bar or small club
4 Book store
5 Bottle shop
6 Brothel
7 Butcher
8 Camping store
9 Candy store
10 Charity store
11 Chemist
12 Clothing store
13 Costume and party supplies
14 Delicatessen
15 Diner
16 Drive though eatery
17 Electronics
18 Game store
19 Gallery
20 Green grocer
21 Gun store
22 Hair dresser
23 Hardware
24 Household appliances
25 Jewelers
26 Laundry
27 Mini mart
28 Music store
29 New age and health food store
30 Newsagent
31 Pawnshop
32 Pet store
33 Restaurant
34 Robot dealer
35 Snack bar
36 Sports equipment
37 Takeaway
38 Toy store
39 Variety store
40 Small vehicle dealership

d20 Office
1 Accountant
2 Architect
3 Bank
4 Brokerage
5 Childcare
6 Cosmetic surgeon
7 Doctor clinic
8 Dental clinic
9 Funeral home
10 Regional office of franchise
11 Lawyer
12 Medical
13 Police depot
14 Political party
15 Real estate
16 Recruitment centre
17 Security office
18 Therapy clinic
19 VR Suite
20 Welfare

d20 Technology
1 Air conditioning installers
2 Battery recharging depot
3 Broadcast power centre
4 Builders yard
5 Bus depot
6 Car wash
7 Computer server
8 Drug lab
9 Electrician
10 Fuel Depot

11 Lab d6 1=mining 2=medical 3=computer 4=genetics
12 Plumber
13 Power distribution
14 Recycling yard

15 Roofing
16 Security office
17 Tyre store
18 Truckstop
19 Vehicle service garage
20 Waste facility

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