Saturday, 2 February 2019

Abhuman Variations of Beast & Elemental Folk

So i will finish my last beast folk post but after losing pelican and stingray folk will let it rest a bit. Meanwhile.....My monster book got a big update. Will post progress soon.

Some beast folk variant tables

d12 Where did beast folk come from?
1 Descended from beast spirits in dawn age before humans appeared
2 Made by the gods as servants and guardians of the wilderness
3 Some tribes intermarried with beast spirit folk long ago 
4 Ancient religions created them as servants and guardians long ago
5 Tribe was in decline so druids made the next generation part beast to survive
6 Elven and faerie folk made from mortals to be servants and amusements
7 Cursed by a god for some great sin long ago 
8 People came across a strange artifact long ago that transformed them
9 Cured of lycanthropy and evil bestial lust but now a race of beast folk
10 Wizard or priest made with ancient formula for scholarly reasons
11 An alchemist made by tampering with the secrets of life and strange potions
12 Mad wizard made with cruel surgery

d12 Beast Folk Variations

1 Diminutive halfling size breed  (suffix of -ling on the end like frogling, catling)
2 Great breed more stature of an ogre or minotaur and mostly not too bright
3 Giant breed stature of a hill giant most are quite low intelligence
4 Man like or hybrid are more human and can pass as humans with hood and cloak
5 Wild breed more bestial and nomadic with only a few crude tools and loin cloths
6 Barbarian tribal clans look fairly human but with animal skin and coloured hair (like zebra)
7 Civilized are technologically advanced wearing good clothes, literate and more lawful
8 Live in communities of mixed beast folk, possibly have jobs suited for breed
9 Bestial and and able to walk on all fours or just both legs
10 Human from neck down with beast head
11 Half folk from the waste down are animal like satyrs and more human above
12 Half folk from waste down like centaurs

d12 Where did elemental folk come from? 

1 Ancestors bred with elemental spirits long ago
2 Served the gods before humans existed
3 Worshipers of the elementals gifted with boon by their gods
4 Changed by elemental demons as reward for loyal cultists
5 Enslaved and changed by elemental conquerors
6 Created in laboratory by wizards in vain attempt to create life
7 Tainted by elemental pollution from alchemists8 Made a pact with elemental lord to overcome a mutual enemy
9 Long ago lived near a elemental node that spewed out elemental power
10 Invaded from elemental plane long ago and remained
11 Summoned by wizards as servants long ago
12 Fused with elemental life by alchemists long ago

d12 Elemental Folk Variations

1 Smaller halfling sized breed such as mudlings, frostlings, or lava children
2 A breed of colourful horrible ogres
3 A breed of colourful cruel ogre magi with elemental powers
4 A breed of elemental giants 
5 Humanoids made entirely from magical elemental stuff not flesh
6 Coloured skin and hair barbarian tribes folk
7 Coloured skinned barbarian folk with elemental matter for hair and eyes
8 Mixed tribe of elemental folk living together
9 Coloured skinned tribe ruled by elemental wizards with various elemental pets
10 Coloured skinned tribe ruled by elemental priesthoods with mighty monuments
11 Coloured skinned tribe ruled by druids worshiping natural elemental power node
12 Coloured skinned tribe worshiping evil elemental lords and their demonic allies

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