Monday, 11 February 2019

Book Updates

Have been in internet siberia as I'm relying on my phone and came back from my homeless stint working in Sydney a bit tight setting up a house. Spent 3 days of red tape getting tooth pulled on welfare. Still no fridge and not much stuff in new pad. Hope to rectify soon. Mysteriously have been gaming on a weekly basis here. Marvel Super Heroes (on hold as friend hospitalized with mystery infection with fist size blister, probably not a zombie) 

Masks of Nyarlenthotep new ed run in 2nd ed for the third year of my current group. Reading the books finding 30 pages for a simple adventure with lots of duplication about monster (even within a spread page) tiresome to read. It is written to account for lots of variety but does the villains land lady need stats? One npc gets lots of info yet they kill her in scenario without any spoken words. I had her rescued and used her to drive plot and as a possible. It is written to account for lots of options and player actions which seems doomed to failure. Was fun and two characters hopelessly crippled by monsters might not survive or even continue adventure. Peru chapter needs more on firearm laws like many other chapters have. The Australia chapter has optimistic figures of Australian genocide but better than some previous treatments of Aboriginals. Big fun. I will run the Mexico chapter from companion next. 

Played some 5th Ed. It is so freaking slow. I think my homebrew is about 10 times faster. Still will play more but I could not honestly run this game. Maybe if I had the nueroplasticity of a 15 year old. Invited to play 5th ed game and cyberpunk2020. 

I ran solo play with a Gnome character to playtest EMO book using tables in advanced book with old geomorph book and wilderness map. Went pretty well. Gnome could turn into a starling and several times survived by escaping as bird and losing most of his loot. Ended up leaving most stuff at home. A hilarious moment came when got surprised by green slime after deciding I don't need no stinking torches. Used a luck point to find a lit torch in bracket in wall and just lived. Luckily wolves just eat the food you leave and was able to recover abandoned loot. Angry halflings drove him off with rocks and he dreams of revenge. Killed a wizard at one point. Earlier wizard and henchman captured the gnome but being able to turn into a bird a pretty good escapology plan. Went through a few levels over a few sessions of dungeon and wilderness (i have no tv and or media only a few books and comics). Was pretty good. 

Printing out my EMO zines has been helpful hoping to get a game using Dwellers of the Forbidden City then possibly DCC into hollow earth adventure. Zine thing has been entertaining me more than anything so will continue. Have considered doing a A-Z bunker generator for Psychon and post apoc shlock games. Poverty and G+ death have made me more able to focus on some projects. Anyone wanting to proof for me best option is to mark up a pdf or state page/section then paragraph Feedback on game balance stuff nice too. Will be revising this for months before I combine into a Digest Hardcover. Hope your all well.

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  1. YOU have had some kind of adventure in real life mate! I'm glad to hear you're settled in a bit. As a fellow gamer with little to no interweb connect at home (Phone as hotspot when I can afford the data charges) and no fridge/stove,etc as well...IO feel your pain. Although, thru the good graces of friends I too manage to game on a regular basis. It's quite a welcome relief from real-world crap and I'm grateful. I don't get up to near the amount of creating sheer bad-assery as you do; but, I will take what I can get when the muse is willing. Wishing you an easier road ahead than behind- Doomsayer.


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