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Structures of the Apocalypse: Part 3

My companion to this is a city map of broken hill which is a almost city capitol of the outback Australia. I want it to be sandbox city for gamma world explorers. Did a series of towns last year approaching the city so country bumpkin kids from a nice community can go to the big city to become hardened gamma age murder hobos. My map made from stitching google maps on photoshop got broke so i put a pink crater in the worse bit. Im assuming some climate change and GM foliage have greened up some areas with hostile plants. The main mapped city is gang and mutant hell hole but settlers and factions are moving in. Another friend wants to do paddleboats in similar regions which might work well. A second city heart not on the map im going to turn into "Little Silver" a large trade town ruled by a faction who has attracted merchants and technologists. Cane toads folk have also moved in and represent a large empire from Queensland. They are not all bad just successful and their corrupt elites wallow in wickedness. After bunkers and small buildings done will do encounters for broken hill and factions.

Bunker Problems

roof entrance x1
small 2d4 floors
medium  2d6+6 floors
large 2d12+12 floors

d12 Core Function
1 Military command bunker
2 Military sleeper base
3 Military weapon instillation
4 Military weapon research
5 Corporate elite survivor bunker
6 Corporate private survivor vault
7 Corporate black lab
8 Government 
elite survivor bunker 
9 Government disaster recovery vault
10 Cult bunker for the chosen
11 Science elite research bunker
12 Private bunker of billionaire and chosen

d12 Bunker Entrance
1 Under a highrise
2 Under a specialty building
3 In a natural cave
4 Under ruins and rubble
5 In old mine
6 Under a crater
7 Under train station
8 In old sewers
9 Under toxic waste dump
10 Fortified concrete slab
11 Underwater
12 Huge door in hillside 

d12 Bunker Condition 
1 Rusted and partially contaminated 
Burned and partially contaminated 
3 Crumbling, collapsing and partially contaminated 
4 Stripped and looted bare, inhabited by vagrants and animals
5 Garbage and graffiti covered, inhabited by gangs or faction camp
6 Settlers have partly reinhabited sections and repaired some systems
7 Faction has turned into fortress and inhabited upper levels
8 Poorly maintained by original survivors and settlers and open for trade
9 Poorly maintained by original inhabitants and fortified vs strangers
10 Poorly maintained and in decline by troubled survivors and sealed
11 Good condition and well maintained by survivors and sealed
12 Pristine and sealed with functioning AI

d12 Contamination
1 Flooded, rotting material and floating mould
2 Fungus and decay, spores make air toxic
3 Radioactive from war or leaked power plant
4 Booby trapped by some faction or during war
5 Chemical weapons from war
6 Flammable gas and leaking oil
7 Sewerage and disease
8 Garbage and disease, crawling with vermin
9 Corpses from war or more recent and disease
10 Unexploded munitions from war or more recent
11 Necro virus contaminated undead
12 Colony of mutant horrors breeding grounds

d12 Management Style
1 Socialist drudgery
2 Military bootcamp
3 Dictatorship propagandist
4 Anarchist cooperative
5 Gangster mob rule
6 Constant revolution
7 Corporate management
8 Bureaucratic committee
9 Academic administration
10 Criminal corruption
11 Democratic elections
12 AI Rule

d12 AI Style
1 All knowing god keeps inhabitants ignorant and worshipful 
2 Paranoid despot fears enemy spies and floods with propaganda
3 Optimistic and happy no matter what
4 Patronising helicopter parent keeps inhabitants like children
5 Experiments on human test subjects
6 Keeps population in line with drugs and hedonism
7 Uses human puppets and remains distant
8 Authoritarian brute monitors everything, keeps people working
9 Inhabitants are micro chipped and jacked in
10 Inhabitants are obedient clones or replicants who get recycled if cause trouble
11 Benevolent despot lies about outside world,
12 Serves long gone corporation, government or institution

A-Z Bunkers Sections
01-05 A Admin - offices
6-8 B Biological - bio vats
9 C Command - leadership
10 D Defence - military
11-15 E Electronics - communications and computers
16-18 F Fabrication - manufacturing
19 G Garage - vehicle stores
20-30 H Habitats - housing
31-36 I Industrial - manufacturing plants
37-40 J Decoy - distractions and concealment of secrets
41-42 K 
43-45 L Life Support  - food, air, water systems
46-50 M Medical - hospital
51-55 N Abandoned - unoccupied sections
56-60 O Supplies - equipment stores
61-65 P Power - power and energy systems
63-65 Q Armoury - weapon storage 
66-69 R Recreation - entertainment
71 S Security - security offices
70-74 T Training - schools and propaganda
75 U Underground - tunnels and secret exits
76-80  V Transport - internal transport systems
81-85 W Warehousing - storage
86-90 X Labs - science  
91-95 Y Media - broadcasting 
96-100 Z Synthetics - android and robotics sections

A-Z Bunkers Sections

A Admin

1 Open office pool with multiple desks
2 Office cubicles with partitioned office booths
3 VIP office with big desk, safe and artworks
4 Waiting room with airport lounge and vending machines
5 Reception desk with counter and terminals
6 Personnel office with details of personnel
7 Break room with beverage dispensers and lounge
8 Meeting room with table and projector
9 Foyer with artistic feature such as a fountain or statue and paintings
10 Data storage with rows of filing cabinets
11 Computer room in locked bullet proof glass chamber
12 Safe room with valuables and lockers

B Biological
Biodome zoological garden
2 Biodome botanical garden
3 Biodome ecological replication
4 Biodome aquarium
Biodome farm
6 Biodome surface simulation
7 Genetics fabricator
8 Gene seed storage vault
9 Cryonics storage vault
10 Clone fabricator
11 Biology lab
12 Genetics lab

C Command
1 Control room with monitors of bunker systems
2 Surveillance room where leaders spy on everyone
3 Council chamber where leaders meet
4 Commanders office for bunker leader
5 Secret file room
6 Panic room 
7 Vault room with multiple safes
8 Master computer terminal
9 Commanders quarters
10 Map room
11 Planning room with model of bunker
12 Secret mind control operations room

D Defence
1 Anti aircraft missiles 3d6
2 Nuclear missiles d6
3 Defence force screen
4 Radar & radio jammer
5 Automated guns, various types
6 Psychotronic defence fields
7 Holographic screens

8 Ground to ground cruise missiles
9 Laser artillery turrets d4 double barreled guns
10 Mine field
11 Sonic defense field
12 Death ray field

E Electronics 
1 Communications room
2 Computer pool with basic terminals
3 Computer data stacks
4 Weather station
5 AI control room
6 Early warning defense scanners
7 Software coding lab
8 Holographic simulation lab
9 Wargame room
10 Drone control room
11 Regional listening station
12 Electronics fabrication room

F Fabrication
1 Clothier storage and fabricator and change rooms
2 Weapon fabrication room
3 Armour fabrication room
4 Tool fabrication room
5 Decor design centre
6 Common workshop
7 Machine fabrication shop 
8 Craft room
9 Art studio
10 Wood shop
11 Printing press
12 Disguise fabrication for surface visits

G Garage
1 Trucks 2d6
2 Ground cars 4d6
3 Hover cars 2d6
4 Bubble cars d6
5 Air car 1
6 APC d4
7 Tank 1
8 Motorcycles and scooters 2d6 
9 Bicycles 4d6
10 Military GEV, Vector Thust ground attack craft
11 Boats d6 and a mini submarine
12 Anthropomorphic or animal mecha

H Habitats 
1 Male or female barracks
2 Shower block
3 Family quarters
4 VIP quarters
5 Laundry room
6 Swimming pool
7 Common room
8 Cafeteria
9 Kitchen
10 Snack bar
11 Honeymoon Suite
12 Mess hall

I Industrial
1 Mining control room with mole machine and tunnel entrance
2 Metal refinery
3 Fuel refinery
4 Plastics  industrial fabricator
5 Fabrics industrial fabricator
Ceramics industrial fabricator
7 Materials recycling
8 Building material industrial fabricator
9 Vehicle industrial fabricator
10 Radioactive enrichment lab
11 Plant master control room
12 Recycling centre

J Decoy
1 Fake radiation warning signs
2 Burn damage
3 Mounds of garbage 
4 Empty crates
5 Semi flooded
6 Long abandoned and dust covered
7 Plague quarantine warnings with mummified corpse
8 Concealed entrance in normal wall
9 Sewerage leak
10 Shelves and cabinets full of boring dusty files
11 Toxic gas requires mask to cross
12 Hologram of decayed empty area

K Population Control (Kill Zones)
Euthanasia booth for convenient self termination
Euthanasia clinic for staffed elegant comforting artistic self termination
3 Temple of Life where crowds watch the chosen be teleported to the higher level forever
4 Carousel, arena where aged come to be joyously recycled and one with bunker forever
5 Exodus Gateway where lucky chosen are sent to "The Island" a safe surface habitat 
6 Sanctuary where people hide to avoid termination and escape the bunker
7 Termination booth where criminals publicly terminated
8 Termination counceling office with trained consultants to advise on your euthanasia
9  Terminator squad office, staffed by public executioners who hunt those who resist voluntary euthanasia otr escape bunker
10 Human recycling plant where humans harvested for organs and proteins
11 Killspace, public square or corridor sealable with quad cannons to kill inhabitants
12 Nullifier Space, public square or corridor sealable and flooded with lethal death fields

L Life Support
1 Water purification
2 Air purification
3 Sewerage recycling
4 Green house garden
5 Weather station
6 Food fabricator
7 Bottling plant
8 Toilet block
9 Decontamination suite
10 Life support control centre
11 Purification lab
12 Atmospheric probe locker

M Medical
1 First aid station
2 Doctors clinic
3 Hospital ward
4 Operating theatre
5 Mental hospital
6 Decontamination lab
7 Quarantine station
8 Bloodbank
9 Organ bank
10 Morgue
11 Cryonics revivification theatre
12 Auto medic bay

1 Abandoned earlier ruined pre war bunker
2 Semi collapsed unstable area
3 Area destroyed in fire fight
4 Abandoned train station
5 Forgotten chemical waste station
6 Closed and dead bio habitat dome
7 Forgotten tube train station
8 Forgotten operating theatre
9 Forgotten warehouse
10 Sealed  workshop
11 Sealed contaminated lab
12 Sealed contaminated service tunnel

0 Supplies 
1 Commissary store for trinkets and decor items
2 Quartermasters supply counter 
Vending machine suite
4 Vending machine service bay
5 Agriculture supply depot
6 Goods requisition office
7 warehouse management office
8 Exploratory outfitting depot
9 Hazardous operations supply depot
10 Confiscated surface dweller supplies for disguises
11 Safes of confiscated supplies and contraband
12 Alcohol & recreational drugs supply store

P Power
1 Micro nuclear power core
2 Hydrogen fuel cell plant
3 Emergency chemical batteries
4 Battery storage
5 Battery recharging centre
6 Battery recycling centre
7 Robotics recharging centre
8 Power relay core
9 Broadcast power module
10 Spent fuel cell and battery storage 
11 Nuclear fuel storage
12 Spent nuclear waste stores

Q Armoury
1 Emergency small arms weapon locker
2 Emergency long arms weapon locker
3 Explosives locker
4 Firing range
5 Weapon test chamber
6 Heavy weapons locker
7 Chemical & biological weapon stores
8 Nuclear munition stores
9 Robot infantry storage 2d6
10 Clone infantry freezer 3d6
11 Android infantry pod storage 2d6
12 Battlesuit bay d12

R Recreation 
1 Cinema
2 Game arcade
3 Swimming pool
4 Spa & massage centre
5 Gymnasium
6 Concert hall
7 Nightclub
8 VR suite
9 Barber shop or beauty parlour
10 Games room
11 Casino
12 Bar

S Security 
1 Security door station
2 Security office
3 Interrogation room
4 Monitor watch room
5 Prison complex
6 Prison exercise yard
7 Data analysis suite
8 Brain scanning chamber
9 Neural reprogramming centre
10 Propaganda design department
11 Hypnotic subliminal mind control suite
12 Mood stabilizing chemical control suite

T Training
1 Library
2 Daycare centre
3 Primary school
4 High school
5 Technical school
6 Combat training centre
7 Management training centre
8 Science academy
9 Medical School
10 Survival training centre
11 Engineering school
12 Espionage training centre

U Underground
1 Service tunnel
2 Mine shaft
3 Natural cavern
4 Emergency exit
5 Escape tunnel  
6 Excavation site
7 Covert mission exit tunnel
8 Water cistern (likely contaminated)
9 Underground waste dump
10 Old tube train tunnels
11 Abandoned missile silo
12 Sewerage tunnels

V Transport 
1 Escalators
2 Stair well
3 Personal elevator tube
4 Elevator
5 Freight elevator
6 Moving walkway
7 Dumbwaiter
Transport train tube
Transport train station
10 Service shaft
11 Air con shaft
12 Transmat station

W Warehousing
1 Machine parts crates
2 Electronic store crates
3 Building supply crates
4 Emergency fuel stores
5 Emergency water supply
6 Refrigerated food storage
7 Refrigerated medical storage
8 Janitorial storage cupboard
9 Chemical stores
10 Recycling stores
11 Mausoleum  
12 Personal storage lockers

X Labs 
1 Pharmacological lab
2 Medical lab
3 Computers lab
4 Weapons lab
5 Industrial lab
6 Chemical lab
7 Forensics lab
8 Mathematics lab
9 Power lab
10 Physics lab
11 Bionics lab
12 Psi ops lab

Y Media 
1 Bunker internal media broadcasting office
2 Music recording studio
3 Film studio4 Television studio
5 Writers centre
6 Art department
7 Theatre
8 Music room
9 Art gallery
10 Concert hall
11 Video and sound archive
12 Media booths

Z Synthetics 
1 Service bay for humanoid service  robots
2 Service bay for maintenance bots
3 Service bay for hazardous material bot
4 Service bay for security bots
5 Service bay for specialist robot
6 Android or replicant cryopods
7 Robotics customisation room
8 Robotics master control room
9 Android service centre
10 Android programming centre
11 Replicant lab
12 AI research lab

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