Sunday 24 February 2019

d100 Silver Town Encounters for Gamma Aeon

Finished my map!
Discovered silverton down road has mad max museum and looks like full of compounds so good place place for adventures. Will make outside of Warlords control and full of allied raiders. Plus home of the Mad Max Museum which so has to be in game. Marking locations on this will be next. Looking at mapping southern part of Broken Hill as Silver Town the Warlords trading post with it's own semi settled ruins. Also realised between the two are huge mining mounds, flooded pits and truck roads. WIll make good area for racing tracks and gang battles. So plenty more on this later. But for now all this stuff makes a freaking huge mega dungeon sandbox setting.

So Far
Broken Hill Encounters
Apocalypse Structures 1

Apocalypse Structures 2
Road to broken hill
Gamma Oz - Manna Hill to Broken Hill
Manna Hill + Oz Trash Tables
Cockburn + Ruin Tables

Straya Maps

Gamma Oz Setting and basic map
Gamma Oz "World map" Nations
Gamma Oz "Improved World Maps 2450" + redundant descriptions i did by accident

Coming Episodes

d100 Special Encounters Broken Hill Ruins
d100 Special Encounters Silver Town
Apocalypse Structures 4 small buildings

d10 Quick Types of Encounters
01 Beggars and destitute
02 Hucksters and charlatans
03 Law and order
04 Entertainers
05 Merchants
06 Announcements
07 Violence
08 Suspicious characters
09 Faction members
10 Strange phenomena

Silver Town Encounters for Gamma Aeon
01 Pick pocketing urchins
02 Stray dog or dingo or cat begging for food
03 Mutant beggars hideously deformed
04 Wounded old prospector offers map for food or booze
05 Settlers looking for mercenaries to protect from raiders
06 Bunker agent looking for adventurers to find missing person
07 Tribals want help freeing slaves from raiders
08 Feral kids clan killed by raiders need protection from exploiters
09 Slaver prostitute wants help to escape from thralldom
10 Child had parents taken by cyborgs into the ruins
11 Man offers a barley damaged ancient weapon at low price
12 Sleezy pimp offers access to his party slaves
13 Drug dealer offers wide variety of chems and ancient medication
14 Street dealer selling memory core of a robot might help find loot
15 Slaver offers to buy any humanoid captives or stray children
16 Local fixer needs some explorers to find something in ruins
17 Merchant offers to buy loot from ruins in return for ancient weapon
18 Old prospector selling junk offers map of monster lair with loot inside
19 Fixer offer fighting pit opportunities paid upfront in case you die
20 Woman selling party tickets to big event
21 Silver City Rangers handing out wanted posters
22 Town crier offering reward posters for fugitive in the ruins
23 Warlord's warriors looking for mercenary supporters while sweeping the ruins
24 Warlord's warriors questioning strangers about a missing person  
25 Warlords warriors beating a shoplifter then take to slavers to pay debt
26 Warlords warriors executing raiders caught in territory
27 Warlord warriors dragging dead canetoads folk through streets
28 Warlord warriors crucifying raiders on old telegraph poles
29 Angry mob want to burn a filthy mutie "dominator" or "witch"
30 Hue and cry of shopkeepers chasing shoplifting child
31 Card dealer offering bets from folding card table
32 Accordion playing old timer busking with dancing pet
33 Old prospector telling stories and gossip for drinks
34 Dancing mutant koala on chain tormented by feral owner
35 Actors performing a old movie in broken monitor frame
36 Mutant offering people punch or stab him for food or water
37 Tent with booze and dancing girls
38 Traveling mutant freak show
39 Rocker with hydrogen cell powered amplified guitar 
40 Tribals performing traditional dance and song
41 Slave auction with d6 humanoids for sale in chains
42 Travelling medicine shop selling mutant plant miracle cures and drugs
43 Mechanic selling hydrogen fuel cell motorbike like the raiders use
44 Arms dealer selling d6 hand grenades of various types
45 Mixed ammo dealer selling blackpowder, slugs and cased ammo
46 Battery dealer with d6 chem cells, a hydrogen cell and a empty atomic cell
47 Armourer selling improvised archaic weapons and armour
48 Tribal selling smoked meat, native root vegetables and animal hides 
49 Scrap dealer waggon loaded with all kinds of parts will repair common items
50 Wombat waggon offering ride to country towns in outback
51 Crier calling about tonight pit fight with freshly captured raiders and monsters

52 Crier announcing a gang has been declared outlawed
53 Crier offering mercenary work
54 Crier offering contractys as one of the Warlord's Warriors
55 Crier selling weekly newspaper
56 Crier offering great deals in bar or whore house
57 Crier offering good prices on certain scrap items from ruins
58 Crier offering opportunities to settle Silver Town ruins
59 Crier warning of some recent menace d4 1=canetoads 2=creatures 3=raiders 4=mutants
60 Crier offering reward for d4 1=bunker people 2=artifacts 3=vehichles 4=robots
61 Gang of muggers threaten travellers
62 Drunken brawlers in the street
63 Warlords Warriors suppress a riot over d4 1=food 2=water 3=booze 4=drugs
64 Gangs brawling over d4 1=slave 2=drugs 3=turf 4=item
65 Someone falls dead with knife in back
66 Crazy discharges fire arm in a disagreement on street
67 Prostitutes fighting over turf
68 Crowd watching peddlers brawl over business
69 Dogs fighting while crowd places bets
70 Bare knuckle fighters brawling while crowd place bets
71 Plague carrying mutant coughing in crowd wearing old baggy coat

72 Spy disguised as peddlar using digital camera on crowd
73 Secret police in disguise asking questions
74 Disguised raiders observing travelling merchants activities 
75 Clean stranger seems disoriented and confused by gutter speech
76 Wounded traveller drips some strange fluid
77 Heavily covered in clothing stranger walks oddly and seems wooden
78 Scrawny stranger has peddlers give him food and trinkets for nothing
79 Charismatic stranger convincing people to come to a hidden stronghold in ruins
80 Dog seems to be watching people and moving purposefully
81 Tribals in war paint looking for someone who wronged tribe
82 Feral gang looking for who stole their drug crop
83 Purist recruiting pure humans for the cleansing war to come
84 Settlers recruiting people to join their free farm in ruins outside warlords control
85 Silver City Rangers recruiting members to keep region free of raiders
86 Mutant preaching superiority of mutant kind and to join them in ruin rad pits
87 Explorers recruiting for expedition into the ruins looking for bunkers
88 Restorationists recruiting to rebuild civilization and recover ancient knowledge
89 Preacher following a voice on the radio of the machine god seeks pilgrims
90 Mercenaries recruiting for attack on a raiders stronghold in ruins
91 Camera drone sweeps over street
92 Swarm or rats or other creatures pour from drains and kill a beggar

93 Bad weather d4 1=Dust storm  2=rain storm 3=wind storm 4=rad storm
94 Vermin swarm d6 1=fleas 2=blow flies 3=locusts 4=rabbits 5=mice 6=mosquitoes
95 Someone in drains spying on street

96 Someones skull explodes while talking to someone in street
97 Find a concealed camera in street
98 Someone planting a package under some garbage
99 Someone drops a scrap of paper then falls dead
100 Receive a telepathic message

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