Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Broken Hill Mines & More Encounters

 So i used this site to make this map and some players maps in water colour mode. It is lots faster than me drawing everything but will help me speed up[ process.

The mine is full of mounds of rubble, dirt tracks and mines. Some miners still look for silver, lead ans zinc. Gangs and other shifty types roam here as it is hard for the warlord to pursue people here. Some of the famous races take place here with mine shafts and gangs a hazard.

Here are some extra encounter tables to use.

d12 Spectacles

1 Distant flying vehicle d4 1=ultralight 2=balloon 3=airship 4=
2 Flock of crows rise into air shocked by something
3 Circling buzzards around something
4 Smoke from some distant fire
5 Fire from something burning
6 Ruin collapses
7 Distant robot
8 Grazing herd of animals in large numbers
9 Vehicle with dust cloud
10 Explosion
11 Strange auroras in sky
12 Storm clouds and lightning strike

These are for distant sights to intrigue players or nudge them when they are asleep or need some spectacle to move them.

d12 Sounds
1 Explosion
2 Scream
3 Gunshots
4 Crows cawing loudly
5 Monstrous roar
6 Vehicle engine revving
7 Power tools or mining machines
8 Generator or engine running
9 Sounds of combat
10 Tumbling rubble falling
11 Energy weapon discharge
12 Heavy stomping feet

Like spectacles sounds like these keep players on their toes and direct them to possible conflict.

d12 Silver City Rubble
1 Feral dog pack
2 Giant feral cat
3 Huge scorpion or spider
4 Huge snake or lizard
5 Swarm of rats
6 Feral clan or tribal group trading
7 Warlord's warriors
8 Settler millitia on patrol
9 Gang or raiders
10 Silver city rangers
11 Rabbits
12 Feral goats

Less monsters and loot than the main ruins, Silver Town ruins there are still plenty of hazards, just more human than other locations. The area is more settled but those who do pay tithes to the warlord while others brave the ruins or even rebel.

d12 Mine Area
1 Lone prospector or group of miners
2 Warlords warriors
3 Giant ants
4 Mutant scavengers
5 Raiders or gang
6 Mysterious cult
7 Warlord's warriors
8 Zombie miners or ghouls
9 Sand squid or dune worms
10 Avalanche of rubble
11 Sinkhole or fragile covered mineshaft
12 Motorheads with vehicle

These are in areas around mines, great bits, mounds of earth, sheds, scrap vehicles and machinery. The areas are contested and east to hide in and escape pursuit but easy to hide or ambush enemies in.

d12 Mine or Drain Tunnels
1 Lone prospector or group of miners
2 Underground albino mutants
Zombie miners or ghouls
4 Cultists
Mysterious cult
6 Mole or rat folk
7 Morlocks
8 Gas pocket, toxic or flamable
9 Floor collapses
10 Rubble falls from ceiling
11 Roof collapses
12 Mining robot

These are tunnels made by miners, gangs, ancient sewers, monster burrows and more that riddle the region. Some factions and gangs and raiders keep hidden underground lairs.

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