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Silver City Rumours for Gamma Aeon Broken Hill

Broken Hill Map update
Slowly finishing will do the southern town blocks as Silver Town a adventurer friendly area with settlers ruled by the Warlord.

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d100 Special Encounters Broken Hill Ruins
d100 Special Encounters Silver Town
Apocalypse Structures 4 small buildings

If i run as a few sessions id like to use gamma world with modern hit vs AC rules
If i ran longer game id use Planet Psychon basics as a separate setting with my mentalist spell list possibly. Id have to make up some new skills too. Book 3 of my EMO series will cover gonzo stuff so that might work.

d100Silver City Rumours for Gamma Aeon Broken Hill
01 The warlord plans to use the wealth from the city and trade to invade other regions
02 All the local tribes and gangs fear the Warlord and avoid his wrath
03 The warlord arose from a cannibal raider gang who learned from bunker dweller slaves
04 The silver city rangers are angels  who protect the innocent and traders from gangs
05 The silver city rangers are paranoid do gooders that nosily pry into everyone's business
06 Why does the warlord toleratre the silver city rangers? they make him look weak
07 Silver city still has plenty of rubble to search and less monsters for beginners
08 Dont just kill folks you meet dead, hostages earn good money or be sold as slaves or meat in the markets
09 Most of the undead wander from the east where the necrovirus first hit in ancient times
10 Those canetoad folk are up to no good, they are as untrustworthy as they are ugly
11 Canetoads are corrupt and sleazy gangsters who will conquer the whole continent
12 Canetoads are not all bad, most are just common folk earning a living
13 Gumsuckers and Cabbage landers to the east are soft farming folk ripe to conquer
14 Sin city  was the greatest ancient city full of vice and corruption and still is
15 Smellburn has turned into a stinking marsh, the ruins are good but the place is foul 
16 Madlay ruins are mostly sea flooded with dangerous fueding gangs
17 Love Creek in the north west is the last trade post before the great wastes 
18 Tribals and the Ferals have been fighting over hunting grounds
19 Most of the surrounding towns around the region are just farm stations and trade stops
20 Country hicks are easy to dupe and lure into ruins or slave markets with promises of gold
21 Ruins are crawling with monsters dont believe stories of easy riches and relics
22 Settlers in the ruins are mad, just because they wont obey the Warlord and avoid silver city area under his protection
23 Quite a few snipers in the ruins and flying monsters look up always!
24 Lots of burrowers beneath in the ruins if you feel tremors run!
25 Beast folk are stupid brutes that will try to eat you but if you help them they are loyal
26 There are lots of bunkers in the region many still occupied and hidden with secret schemes
27 Look out for replicants among us! they look and feel human but are just killer robots made of meat
28 Androids used to be human slaves but viruses released in prelude to the apocalyps made most anti human. They hide in secret planning our extermination 
29 Every few years zombies and worse arrive in huge dust storms and many hide in the ruins
30 Robots are sometimes in the ruins and best avoided. Some will talk to humans but everything else is a mindless animal to them
31 Many houses and buildings of the ancients have clever spirits called AI's but most are crazy and dangerous
32 Don't believe stories of drop bears they are just to scare the tourists
33 Dropbears are real, keep away from tree in the ruins! 
34 Every few years a human purist templar cell come from Madlay to cause trouble and set up a temple in the ruins
35 Resisters of the Warlord still hide in the ruins and fight his warriors
36 Many strange sects, cults and factions from all over Oz have fortified themselves in the ruins as the region is such a major trade route
37 The Warlord offers huge rewards for any who reveal the location of a hidden bunker
38 There are several known ruined bunkers in the ruins but they are so contaminated or monster filled nobody goes near them. Even the emptied ones get a raider clan move in.
39 Ferals claim to be one with nature but are stuck up thieving runaway brats, but they put on good feasts and raves or bush doofs
40 Tribals have attracted many to their lifestyle and traditions and if they like you will initiate you into their tribes with ritual mutilation 
41 Tribal rock art often shows where to find water or warn of monsters
42 Hidden spies from the secret bunkers walk among us with hidden goals
43 Bush rangers will rob explorers returning from the ruins or travelling traders but mostly don't kill folks
44 Yowies are huge hairy wild folk who occasionally kidnap a human mate out of loneliness
45 Explorers of the ruins are crazy murderers and swagmen who will steal your sheep and women
46 Cannibals are everywhere you can  never trust them, most learn to prefer human flesh
47 Tribals know how to cook mutant and giant animals to avoid contamination
48 Eating mutants might make you sick, giant animals might infect you with the food of the gods, an ancient growth formula farmers contaminated the earth with
49 Crazy lone prospector search the ruins for valuables to sell for grog and food
50 Mutants are shunned and many live in the ruins, they have evil lusts and will kill or worse pure humans
51 Mutants are mostly pathetic and if you feed them might give you information

52 Refugees from far away come to the ruins out of desperation but most get killed or enslaved, a few become settlers
53 Vehicles powered by ancient magic are incredible and gain great status in gangs
54 Races of all types are popular in silver city from animal to powered vehicles, travellers come from all over Oz to race in them
55 Gambling is very popular in Silver city but avoid the casinos and dive bars and sharks
56 Drugs of all kinds are popular in the Silver Town and come from all over the continent
57 I saw a dragon in the ruins! It breathed fire and everything
58 Some cults worship the monsters and sacrifice to them
59 Avoid water ways there are too many dangerous creatures like bunyips
60 Chimera are mutant creatures that will eat and mate with anything producing more horrendous hybrid monsters
61 Carawong birds will lure explorers into monsters lairs and hazards so they can scavenge the corpses
62 There is a great undead devil dingo in the ruins who controls a pack of zombie dingoes and has uncanny intelligence and spreads disease
63 Duneworms produce a drug in their tiny brains but a cult keep the secret of it's use and effects
64 In the rain frogs, turtles, eels, yabbies and bunyips come up on land and might turn up anywhere. After the rains previously safe billabongs and watering holes might have a monster
65 Many creatures use spores to contaminate victims so best wash off with overproof booze or vinegar
66 Most rabbits are harmless and good eating but plagues of them eat everything and cause hardship. Sometimes they turn to eating flesh
67 I saw huge floating jellyfis like a living balloon floating serenely over the ruins, then I saw it grab a goat
68 Toxic slime creatures are some kind of ancient bioweapon, kill them with fire and anyone they touch
69 Walking killer plants roam the ruin woodlands, once herded by ancients for oil now they are dangerous and carnivorous
70 Look out for vines, some can strangle you
71 Walking fungus creatures can spread toxic spores and have deadly touches

72 Rooftops of buildings are like islands making excellent hiding places
73 Settlers in the ruins are wary but will trade and let you in their camps if you surrender your weapons
74 Gold and silver and ancient rubbish has its value but ancient military super science weapons are the greatest treasure
75 Some of the bunker folk have battlesuits, energy weapons and combat robots so best avoid them
76 The Warlord pays for vehicles, robots, weapons and armour of the ancients, the deadlier the better
77 A cyborg gang serve a AI in the ruins and kidnap pure humans for surgery and spare organs
78 In the final war a multi stage warhead with mutagens, a dirty nuke and a deathfield generator struck the city bypassing it's shields
79 A secret bunker of intelligent undead in the ruins are plotting against humans
80 A tribe of undead tribals come through the ruins to feed occasionally killing everything they catch
81 Many buildings have intact security doors and window shutters and solar power and have remained intact
82 A nanite colony in the ruins has been known to restore and repair destroyed buildings and even reanimated corpses
83 Mind control weapons of the ancients are secretly being used by some faction or AI spirit
84 Huge clouds of dust sometimes cover the city for days, best stay indoors as some creatures like undead like it
85 Huge swarms of blowflies come from the north west occasionally choking and blinding and smothering people
86 Great storms sweep over the land making everything take shelter. Especially fragile shanty towns have been swept away in the night
87 The food of the gods was a ancient groeth potion to make huge pigs and chickens but now it is in the foodchain. Humans effected are outcast and don't live long, who would want to feed them?
88 Stunted subterranean morlock dwarves live in sewers and tunnels but beware they are cannibals!
89 All kinds of ancient tribes tried to improve humans and only tjose gifted with genetic stabilization treatment survived the war. Other rare types or feeble ancients may survive in space or in bunkers
90 A shooting star crashed in the desert exiting many
91 A great yearly scavenger hunt the Warlord runs offers great prizes but probably it is just a way to get parts he needs for some project
92 Some rich merchant want their lost explorer brother found after he went missing in the ruins

93 A bounty on canetoad folk has been declared to halt the expanse of their all devouring amphibian empire by the Warlord
94 Silver Town loves sport. Races, pit fights and deathball matches are weekly with huge followings. After each event drunken brawls break out and quiet folk go home and hide
95 People have started to bet on ruin explorers hauls, two teams start and on return in 24 hours weigh and value their loot, who gets the most keeps the losers loot

96 Someone has started a printer and makes a weekly newspaper. Perhaps enough people can read for it to survive
97 Odd jobs are on noticeboards around Silver town and daily criers announce jobs offered by the Warlord of the wasteland
98 Once a year a airship from the west comes from the dome people trading tech for exotic creatures and artifacts. Sometimes they hire explorers to find certain things
99 Bounties on criminals, rebels, traitors and are commonplace and bounty hunters earn a good living
100 A old prospector told me a known ruined bunker has secret levels hidden underneath with untold treasure!

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