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Broken Hill Encounters for Gamma Oz 1

d12 Desert Common
These are every day desert encounters on roads or wastes around broken hill
1 Kangaroos herd grazing

2 Dingo pack hunting
3 Tribal hunters 
4 Feral gang
5 Camels herd grazing
6 Emus herd grazing
7 Silver city desert rangers
8 Tribal travellers
9 Faction travellers
10 Independent traders with waggons

11 Feral cat or fox hunting
12 Local farmers to or from market

d12 Desert Rare

These are occasional desert encounters especially away from roads and grasslands
 Giant frill necked lizard hunting

2 Giant goanna hunting
3 Giant snake hunting
4 Gang with d4 crude motorised vehicles
5 Faction merchants 
6 Feral cannibal raiders
7 Tribal war band
8 Land sharks hunting
9 Dune worms hunting
10 Giant thorny devil hunting

11 Refugees from calamity
12 Giant rabbits grazing

d12 Rad Pit
Rad pits are contaminated zones in pink on the map
1 Zombies wandering
2 Ghouls hunting
3 Screamers hunting
4 Rad Cultists searching for relics
5 Shoggoth hunting
6 Mutant scavenger searching for valuables
7 Rat colony hunting
8 Mutant dingos hunting
9 Slime colony 

10 Giant mosquitoes hunting
11 Giant amoeba hunting
12 Huge mutant chimera hunting

d12 Waterways

Open water is not too common but there are watering holes, billabongs, creeks and marsh patches of land. These are good places for food and hostile predators.
1 Crocodile 

2 Giant frogs hunting
3 Giant yabbies hunting
4 Giant turtle hunting
5 Wild geese grazing
6 Ducks or ibis or wetland birds grazing
7 Fisherman 
8 Tribal campers relaxing
9 Giant platypus hunting
10 Bunyip hunting
11 Giant water rats hunting
12 Boars wallowing

d12 Scrub Common

These are for green map areas where mutant vegetation has overgrown areas, often based on former parks or water. Visibility is often poor.
1 Wild boar grazing
2 Giant snake hunting
3 Giant goanna hunting
4 Canetoad folk patrol
5 Drop bears waiting in ambush
6 Giant ants hunting
7 Tribal gatherers
8 Tribal hunters
9 Explorers looting ruins
10 Giant wombat grazing 

11 Bush turkeys grazing
12 Lone prospector

d12 Scrub Rare

These are rarer encounters deeper in woodlands.
 Marsupial lion hunting

2 Thylacene pack hunting
3 Banksia men hunting
Tasmanian devil hunting
5 Snake folk patrol
6 Mutant tribals 
7 Carnivorous plants
8 Giant trapdoor spider waiting in ambush
9 Giant praying mantis hunting
10 Gumnut children gathering nectar and pollen

11 Savage giant bilby pack hunting 
12 Yowie clan gathering food

d12 Silver Town Streets Common
Silver town is a secondary suburban centre to the SW built into a fortified trade town run by a former wasteland gang attracting traders from all over the continent. Factions of all types come here  for trade and it is the biggest community inn the region. Looters come to explore the Broken hill ruins also.
1 Silver city desert rangers
2 Beggers down on luck need help or work
3 Peddlars offerin wares from pushcarts or back packs
4 Faction recruiters talking to crowds from soap boxes
5 Thief or conman looking for victims
6 Feral children looking for work for food

7 Traders with baggage waggons
8 Warlord enforcers
9 Tribal traders
10 Functional vehichle and crew slowly moving through crowd
11 Stray dog or cat
12 Beast folk trader 

d12 Silver Town Streets Rare

These infrequent events make the town m ore colourful
1 Town crier of Warlord makes a proclamation
2 Drunken brawl breaks out
3 Gunfighters duel with watching crowd
4 Pit fight with local favorite vs new contender

5 Public execution
6 Adventurers recruiting
7 Beast folk mercenary looking for work
8 Prospector from ruins auctioning artifact

9 Slave and livestock auction
10 Travelling medicine show
11 Musician or wild story teller with crowd

12 Drunken party in progress

d12 Broken Hill Roads
Roadways in the ruins frequently used by travelling humanoids
1 Silver city desert rangers
2 Party of explorers
3 Tribals hunting
4 Mutant scavengers
5 Raider cannibal gang
6 Warlords enforcers

7 Settlers looking for place to move in or scavenge
8 Bush rangers out to rob travellers
9 Faction patrol
10 Beast folk warriors
11 Giant goannas hunting
12 Gang with d4 crude motorised vehicles

d12 Broken Hill Ruin Rubble 

Among broken buildings and rubble off road
 Lone prospector

2 Rat swarm
3 Radcroach swarm
4 Carnivorous plant
5 Naive escapee from hidden bunker
6 Vault agents in disguise
7 Crazy sniper

8 Giant redback spider in ambush
9 Giant snake hunting

10 Giant goannas hunting
11 Raider cannibal camp
 Huge mutant chimera hunting

d12 Ruin Rooftops 

Many intact building rooftops offer good lair or camp places but you need to fight to occupy them mostly. Also good for aerial encounters.
1 Mutant Buzzards

2 Insect Hives (wasp, ants, bees)
3 Carnivorous Plants 
4 Settlers camp 
5 Carniverous bat colony
6 Slime colony
7 Macrobe Colony
8 Winged lizards 
9  Giant carawongs
10 Sniper
11 Sky Jellyfish nest
12 Giant mutant bearded dragon

d12 Ruin Interiors

Semi intact ruins are full of dangerous critters
1 Mutant Rats

2 Slime colony
3 Giant Scorpions
4 Mutant Ants
5 Yowie lair
6 Feral Dogs
7 Mutant feral cat
8 Mutant camp
9 Raider cannibal gang
10 Explorers looting
11 Beast folk warriors
12 Mad robot

d12 Sub Level 
Tunnels Common
Lower level sub tunnels, sewers, train tubes or anything underground
1 Dune Worms

2 Land Sharks
3 Mole Rats or mutant rats
4 Radcroaches
5 Golden Mole Bear
6 Mutant Scorpions
Carnivorous Bats
8 Mutant scavengers
9 Morlocks
10 Sand Squid
11 Giant Toads
12 Killer Fungus

d12 Sub Level Tunnels Rare
More dangerous often contaminated underground places
1 Zombies
2 Ghouls
3 Screamers
4 Androids
5 Robots
6 Macrobe
7 Explorers looting
8 Bunker agents scavenging in disguise
9 Slime colony
10 Faction looting
11 Giant ants
12 Huge mutant chimera lair


Androids are synthetic humanoids mostly hostile to human life d6 1-4=virused to hate humans 5=free willed hate humans 6=friendly to humans but wary
Banksia Men are wicked huge ogrish hairy plant men out hunting gumnut children to eat or enslave, they are immune to mental mutations
Beastfolk are mutants or uplifted humanoid talking animals, many live as tribals or raiders or mercenaries or explorers
Bunker Escapees are hopless and naive with no idea about the surface and popular targets of people wanting to attack and rob a bunker
Bunker Agents are in disguise as raiders or adventurer explorers often well armed with cartridge or high tech weapons on some mission
Bush Rangers are bandits often with colourful names and charismatic swagger.Many have a gimick. Many prefer flintlocks pistols but 1in6 have a artifact
Canetoads carry muskets and 1in4 patrols have a hero with a more advanced weapon. They are from their home empire and spreading which many resist
Explorers frequently have cartridge based fire arms and steel melee weapons and armour. 1in6 explorers carry an advanced weapon. Basicly rival adventurers
Faction travellers will be equipped as typical band of type
Farmers live in local communities and come to trade produce, they are wary but probably the nicest people you will meet often with a vehicle and muskets
Ferals are crusty hippie punks who live in gangs often with muskets and tribal weapons. They are often have dreadlocks, tatoos and claim to love the earth but are theiving homeless wanderers who tribal peoples hate
might be any type of local intelligent being with a rod or reel or net.
Gangs with vehicles use tribal weapons, crossbows, muskets and leaders and heroes carry more advanced weapons d4 1=shotgun 2=automatic rifle 3=laser pistol 4=needler
Gumnut Children are small childlike mutant humanoids with strange powers, wary of big folk but benevolent to nice people
Independant traders come from distant lands to trade often with vehichles and mercenary guards with mostly use muskets and steel melee weapons and armour

Lone prospectors mostly have blunderbuss or shotguns with 1in6 with a advanced weapon. Prospectors have a d4 interesting salvaged tech items or valuables
Mutant scavengers mostly tribal weapons and musklets
Rad cultists
and  have crude weapons and muskets leaders with a advanced weapon

Raiders are cannibal wasteland punk gangs often with steel weapons, armour and cartridge based guns with leaders using artifact weapons
 typically carry very little and are desperate
Settlers are looking to build new homes and camps in the ruins

Silver city rangers carry .45 carbines and revolvers, 1in4 carry a d6 sticks of dynamite. 
Snipers work for d6 1=factions 2=bunkers 3=raider gang 4=crazed loner 5=warlord 6=settlers often with cartridge rifles or advanced fire arms
live as native pre colonial Australian's with a few items of technology, mostly use clubs, spears and boomerangs and shield, 1in3 have dingos. Tribals are expert at predicting and using brush fires in attacks and judging wind direction
Warlord's Warriors claim to rule the region and often tax travellers,
 with steel weapons, armour and cartridge based guns with leaders using artifact weapons

d6 Gang Vehichles

1 Crude motorbike
Crude motorbike with sidecar
3 Offroad compact crude buggy
4 Crude sedan with weapon mount
5 Crude truck
6 Battered tracked APC

d6 Farmer and trader vehichles
1 Koala waggon
2 Wombat waggon
3 Camel train
4 Horse waggon
5 Pack lizards
Crude off road truck

Statted as old dnd hopefully gamma world users can use too. Im probably running as planet psychon supplement with my emo rules. Many giant creatures effected with "food of the gods" a growth hormone that leaked into the ecosystem making giants. Mutants roll extra abilities on mutation tables and look hideous and might be hybrids. Undead animals have been effected by zombie necrovirus. Extinct animals have been reconstructed by scientists and are now loose.

Ants from  AC+5  1m=2HD d6 bite 2m=4HD 2d4 bite 3m=6HD 3d4 bite4m=8HD 2d8 bitesome have poison, fire breathing, chamophlage, practice slavery and other varients
Ameba AC+4 HD 5d8 2d8 acit touch
Bats various species, some as a swarm, some vampires, some huge AC+4 HD 3d8 2d4 bite and fairly inteligent
 AC+4 HD 4d8 2d4 bite but various abilities
Bearded Dragon most small but hugeAC+5 9-12 HD 2d10 bite versions with breathe fire 4d6 in 30 degree 9m cone exist, some can glide Bilby small hopping burrowing insectivores, giant ones are savage pack hunters AC+4 HD 3d8 2d4 bite with diseased taint and +2 initiative, hop 3mBoar huge armoured mutant pigs AC+4 HD 4d8 2d6 charge, beserkers
Bunyip hideous aquatic mutant creatures, AC+5 HD 12d8 3d6 biteBush Turkey large edible bush birds some huge AC+3 HD 2d8 d6 kick and peck

Buzzard large mutant raptors, can keep fires and ignite brush fires to drive and kill prey AC+4 HD 3d8 2d8 claw/bite, very inteligent
Camel AC +3 2-3HD d6 kick or bite
AC +4 2-6HD 2d4 or 3d4 bite on a 19-20 hit will grapple hold and following rounds either drag in water or deathroll for double bite damage
Chimera are unique hybrid mutant killing machines with a d4+2 heads, AC+5 12d8 HD d24 bite or butt per head and multiple mutations
Cat small hunters but some ferals a meter long AC+4 d6 HD d6 bite some bigger like lions 3d8 or tigers 4d8 or huge like sabre tooth tigers 6d8
Carrawong black crow like birds highly intelligent and social can mimic voices and sounds. some a meter tall AC+4 HD 2d8 d6 peck
Dog d4 or d6 of d8 versions for HD and damage most AC+3, some mutated and bigger
Dingo AC+7 HD d8 d6 bite, giant diseases ones increasing 4d8 HD 2d4 bite
Dropbear AC+4 HD 4d8 clawx2 d6 bite d8 surprise on 1-4
Dune Worm AC+7 HD 8-12 2d4 bite, burrow
Emu most harmless AC+3 HD d8 kick d6 giant carnivorous ones 
AC+4 HD4 peck d8
Fox AC+3  d4HD d4 bite, some intelligent mutants with illusions that lure prey into hazards
Frill Necked Lizard AC+4 HD 3d8 HD 2d4 bite
Frogs AC+3 HD 2 hunt in packs bite d6 claw x2 d4 jump 6 meters 1-4 surprise from water, various mutant breeds also see toads
Fungus various types of deadly spore creating moulds or ambulatory carniverous types AC+1 HD 4d8 save on touch or 2d8 rot flesh, hallucination spore cloud 3m radius
Ghoul AC+3 HD 3d8 Bite and 2xclaw d4 save or paralyzed nocturnal necrovores
AC+5 HD 8d8 bite 2d6
Golden Mole Bear blind carnivorous burrower surprise on 1-4 
AC+4 HD 6d8 bite and clawx2 d6 each, bite causes paralysis if fails save
Horse AC+3 2-3 d8HD d6 kick
Insects swarm AC+3 HD 2d8 2 hp damage around in 3m area, some bigger or smaller, other giant insects of all kinds common 
most harmless AC+3 HD d8 kick d6 giant carnivorous ones AC+4 HD4 peck d8
Koala most small harmles d6 HD, giant ones used to pull waggons AC+4 HD 5d8 
claw 2d4 
Land Shark AC+4 8d8 Bite 2d4 burrowing ambush on 1-3Macrobe various giant microbes and bacteria type 1: spheracles AC+3 HD 3d8 bounce d6 and spray choking spores jump 2m type 2: impaler AC+4 HD 4d8 stab 2d6+ poison jump 3m type 3: eye AC+2 HD 1 inteligent, telepathic and telekinetic grapple or punch 2d6, immobile, will call other macrobes
Marsupial Lion 
AC+5 HD 5d8 bite d8 claw x2 d6 ambush 1-3
Mole Rats AC+3 HD 2d8 bite 2d4 bite 2d4 burrowing ambush 1-3
Pack Lizard 
AC+2 HD 4d8 bite d6  
Platypus most harmless aquatic but giant ones 
AC+3 HD 3d8 claw d6 and poison, aquatic and burrowing senses bio electricity, 3 times a day 3d6 shock touch
Plants various tpes of killer trees and vines but triffids most common AC+4 3d8HD stinging tendril d6 save or painful poison -4 for 2d6 hours, on 19-20 hits eyes and causes permanent blindness on a failed save. Variants include acid or fire spitters or grappling tendrils
Preying Mantis 
AC+5 HD 4d8 bite 2d4 claw x2 d6 ambush 1-3
Radcroaches swarms of deadly hungry roaches see insects, immune to radiation
Rats AC+3 HD d4 and d4 bite or HD 2d8 and d6 bite or  
HD 4d8 with 2d4 damage, carry disease, mutant breeds common, some intelligent or mutants, swarms also 
Rabbit common game animal some as swarms wjhen grass gone, but others huge AC+7 HD 3d8 d8 bite or kick 2d4 jump 3m, good riding beasts
Robot most one off varieties often insane, AC+5 HD 4d8 damage tool d8
Sand Squid AC+6 HD 12d8 Att tentacle x10 d6 or grapple, 2d4 bite 1-4 ambush
Scorpions AC+5 HD 4d8 Att clawx2 d6 tail d10 plus venom, some bigger
Screamers AC+5 HD6d8 Att clawx2 bite d6 each, 3m radius radioactive field, regeneration in rad areas i per round, glow brilliantly exposing all to radiationt
Shoggoth AC+5 HD 12d8 crush 4d4 or a d4 punches per round 2d6 each, regenerate 1hp
Sky Jelly AC+4 HD 2d8 2d4, float and attack with 9m long poison tentacles 
Slime AC+1 HD 2d8 save or 2d8 damage per round once stuck on immune to kinetic weapons, sticks to flesh, surprises 1-3, if killed become a slime zombie - as a zombie with slime touch, fire is best defense or cut slime off you by damaging self equal to slime HP, hates sun light, sonics, fire, energy weapons, intense radiation, advanced medical foam 

Snakes  vary from AC+4 HD 1 d4 poison bite to 4HD d8 poison bite to 6HD 3d4 poison bite, most are black, yellow, brown or grey some have red or white bellies
Spiders several types: Redbacks a web using ambush predator  surprise 1-3 plus entangling webs prefer sheltered dark places. Trapdoor spiders who pop out of camouflaged burrows with lid ambush on a 1-4 and drag prey into holes if they can. Huntsmen roam without webs jump on prey and rely on bite damage not venom +2 hit and damage. Huge AC +1 HD d4 bite d3 + painful poison -4 all actions for d3 days if fail save (old or children get a second save or die). The monstrous size ones AC+4 HD 4d8 Bite 2d4
Tasmanian Devil ferocious screaming scavenger predators live in burrows, beserk in combat +2 to hit and damage, fight into negative HP, AC +4 HD 5d8 Bite 2d6
Thorny devil spike covered desert lizard crave moisture and blood, AC+5 HD 6d8 Bite 2d6
Turtle long or short neck varieties ambush from water on d3 AC+7 HD 6d8 bite 2d4 if hit hang on unless fear for life and try and drag in water
Thylacene native marsupial, tiger striped, wolf like, living in packs AC +7 HD2 Bite d6
Toads huge burrowing creatures often lurking in cliffs, rubble and tunnels and chamoflaged as dirt or rubble, AC+4 HD 6 or 9 d8 Bite 2d4 or 3d4 swollow prey on hit of 18+, have secretions that blind anything biting them and fail save, only back skin does this and they make good leather. Canetoad folk use them as pets
Yabbie native freshwater crayfish blue green or brown, most AC+5 HD 4d8 Clawx2 2d6 each but 1in6 huge AC +7 HD 12 Claw x2 3d6 each, often ambush from water, move full speed backwards in water slower forwards, in rains may crawl on land for up to a hour

Yowie native bigfoot carniverous ape like creature AC+4 HD6d8 Punch x 2 2d6 each, if both hit grapple and crush 3d6 per round, very stealthy may kidnap people
Winged Lizards pterodactyl like mutants AC+3 HD2d8 Bite d6 but some larger AC+4 HD 4d8 Bite 3d4 and can act as mounts
Wombat tough burrowing animal good for meat or mounts will bite in self defence or just run over you, even common small ones survive hits by trucks and destroy them. Giant ones domesticated and pull waggons and dig for owners AC+5 HD8d8 Bite 2d8 or trample 4d6 plus knock prone, size of a van
Zombie AC+1 HD2d8 Clawx2 d4 if both hit grapple and bite automatically d4 per round

d6 Standard Creature Variations

1 Giant - tainted by food of the gods a ancient food hormone
2 Mutant - several mutations randomly rolled  on preferred table
3 Chimera - mutant hybrid with extra heads and limbs and bigger
4 Cyborg - has implanted technology often armour and possibly a weapon
5 Plant/Fungus - extra HD, fearless, bites and claws infect wounds with spores
6 Necrovirus - undead reanimated by possibly alien or military nanite disease

d6 Undead Types

1 Slow zombie, half move, always lost to hit, react to basic stimuli
2 Fast zombie normal speed and move, actively hunt prey
3 Plague carrier as fast plus wounds caused are infected with plague
4 Ghoul, fast, wounds cause paralysis, fear sunlight  
5 Screamer, fast, regenerate in rad fields, radiate low radiation, scream 
6 Vampire, intelligent, malicious, regenerate, drink living bodily fluids, command lesser dead and infect killed or found corpses a zombies

I regret not having giants, dwarves and spotted quolls

Later Episodes
d100 Wild Rumours
d100 Special Encounters Broken Hill Ruins
d100 Special Encounters Silver Town


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