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Structures of the Apocalypse: Part 1

I have been playing fallout shelter lots.
So more detailed bunker generators required for gaming.

While working offline from phone tether my machine updated and lost a days work on this. Twice this has happened this month and ive been doing it for 6 years fine. Thankfully as life gets better i have been taking notes again. Getting a fridge today after a month without. I'm in two games now sorta, cyberpunk and 5th ed.

Also see my Gamma Aeon Subworlds and Psychon Book

This Is The last time I did A-Z for psychon and this is the Bunker Entry.

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Exerpt from city ruins generator earlier: B Bunker

Many complexes are buried beneath Psychon some predating he apocalypse. Though the gods are not above creating a ruined bunker with long histories and populations. Some are very ancient but once opened the population will be modified by nanite swarms to be natives of Planet Psychon. Some bunkers are specialised in some function. Others were overrun by hostile savages, monsters or undead aeons ago. They are famous for intact technology but some were build more recently by collapsing civilizations. Some are overgrown with fungus or tree roots or other organic matter. Some were defective and fell victim to life support failure or mutation or biological weapons. Some act as thriving settlements and trade but often don't let strangers inside. 

1 Sealed and populated by ancients uncontaminated by elements of Planet Psychon
2 Secured population act as a trading post, some sections might be abandoned
3 Corroded and even burned, occupied by undead and other monsters but some loot

4 Overgrown with fungus, tree roots or vegetation with feral animals inside
5 Population are mutated cultists hungry for flesh and depravity
6 Has been resettled by scavengers and is littered in junk and garbage
7 Occupied by robots and androids most often not welcoming to humans but in good repair
8 Semi ruined bunker occupied by a gang, cult or secret society
9 Biological mutant growths have covered everything in organic matter and is home to creatures
10 Sealed survivalist bunker with cryonics freezers for humans and DNA and equipment to repopulate the world

Current Ruin Project
Will be working through ideas for buildings and bunker generators with a bunch of silhouettes for populating. All the tables will go from gritty to gonzo so you can use lower dice if you want to run as a lower tech post apoc setting. My previous item sampled above was mostly for Psychon and a quick result. I want something more on city block scale or for that one off ruin you find in wastes and not as big as my citadels. Lots of Fallout Shelter phone game app inspiration behind this. While i wont this to work in Psychon I also want it for my Gamma Aeon Broken Hill setting for Gammaworld.

Above silhouettes are samples of about 9 of each type: High Rise for sky scrapers mostly housing, retail and offices. Special Purpose are less high, wider complexes. Bunkers are underground shelters more often for military and corporate and government than civilians.

In the test art above the high rise has 17 floors above ground. Rooftop has plant, a roof dome and landing pad. 5 Sub levels, 3 large and two minor.

The second is a shopping complex with larger ceilings over three floors. Has roof garden dome and plant room and landing pads on roof. Three Sub levels with a extra big cargo elevator well.

The bunker has a nuke proof surface structure with vault door and defences. Then "secret" Two decoy ruined levels. Then two secret ruined decoy levels then entry to a 5 level utopia with

I want to do about 9 of each of these examples in this style for when exploring cities or isolated one off buildings in the waste. All the tables are built on gritty to gonzo approach. More high tech weird stuff is last so you can use a lower dice in a less futuristic or mutant filled setting.

My citidel stufff was more like self contained cities in single buildings that could sustain large population independently and take perhaps 3-4 sessions. These are smaller and might be a session or less time to loot.

d12 Structure Condition

1 Crumbling ruins
2 Burned out 
3 Skeletal Structure
4 Badly damaged
5 Semi intact but contaminated
6 Semi intact with lairs 1in6 with a major camp
7 Intact with 1in6 fortified by a faction
8 Intact and refurbished by new settlers
9 Restored to working order by established settlers
10 Poor condition and decrepit but still functioning
11 Good condition and well maintained
12 Pristine and sealed with functioning AI supervisor

This could be applied to whole structure or in perhaps a d6 floors at a time with worst at top or any arrangement you like.

d12 Structure Inhabitants
1 Animals use as a lair
2 Vagrants use to camp in
3 Gangs and factions use as occasional camp
Gangs and factions battle over the ruins for domination
5 Settlers have camped here while searching for a new home
6 Settlers started to move in but now in battle with gangs and factions
7 Refugees, outsiders and outcasts on the run camped here
Gangs and factions fortified as an outpost
9 Settlers have built a colony with defenses here 
10 Settlers attempting to use structure as it was in the past
11 Original inhabitants sealed away and hidden
12 Synthetics including robots, androids, AI and cyborgs 

d12 Common Roof top structures
1 Antenna array, satellite dishes and solar panels
2 Landing pad 1in6 with airship dock 1in6 with garage for aircraft
3 Plant room for air con and elevators
4 Recreation area with pool, jogging track, playground, ball courts
5 Rooftop garden 1in6 with food outlet 1in6 with greenhouse dome
6 Billboards and possible huge holoprojectors for advertising
7 Settler built outpost or faction observation post
8 Colony of flying creatures with nest sites
9 Overgrown with vegetation and creatures have moved in like a island 
10 Gigantic overgrown mutant creature
11 Monorail or tube train station or highway once connected to other buildings
12 Teleporter transmat station with uplink to orbitals

d12 Common Basement Structures
1 Access to underground retail arcade connecting other buildings
2 Parking garage and Storage bays
3 Workshop and maintenance
4 Plant room for air conditioners and elevators
5 Tube train station
6 Water plant and sewer access
7 Engineering access to between floor spaces of building
8 Garbage compactors and recycling 1in6 contaminated
9 Survival shelter
10 Power plant  1in6 contaminated
11 Tunnels dug by creatures, machines or settlers
12 Colony of settlers or mutants

d12 Contamination
1 Flooded, rotting material and floating mould
2 Fungus and decay, spores make air toxic
3 Radioactive from war or leaked power 
4 Booby trapped by some faction or during war
5 Chemical weapons from war
6 Flammable gas and leaking oil 
7 Sewerage and disease
8 Garbage and disease, crawling with vermin
9 Corpses from war or more recent and disease
10 Unexploded munitions from war or more recent
11 Hostile machines or androids
12 Colony of mutant horrors breeding have modified

roof features d3
small 4d6 floors
medium  3d12+12 floors
large d100+50 floors
sub levels 3d4

d100 Core Function
01-30 Residential apartments
31-35 Hotel complex
36-60 Office suite complex
60-75 Corporate office complex
76-80 Government office complex
81-85 Retail complex
86-90 Medical facility
91-93 Research facility
94-95 Law enforcement complex
96-97 Cultural complex
98-99 Educational facility 
100  Under construction or empty

Feel free to modify or use lower dice or just pick arbitrary amounts.
This will account for the bulk of the middle floors function.

Specialty Building

roof features d4+1
small d6 floors
medium  2d6+2 floors
large 6d6+12 floors
sub levels 3d4

d100 Core Function
1-6 Residential apartments
7-8 Hotel complex
9-10 Office suite complex
11-13 Corporate office complex
14 Government office complex
15 Retail department store
16 Retail warehouse store
17-18 Supermarket
19-20 Shopping Mall Complex
21 Food court
22 Restaurants
23 Truck Depot
24-25 Garage for parking
26 Vehicle sales
27 Vehicle service centre
28 Bus depot
29 Train station
30 Air transport hub
31 Shipping yard
32 Marine Authority
33-35 Warehouse

36 Medical centre
37 Hospital
38 Aged care facility
39 Mental hospital
40 Veterans home
41 Cryonics Storage
42 Cloning facility
43 Mausoleum

44 Research facility
45 Law enforcement complex
46 Emergency services
47 Military Admin
48 Military Barracks
49 State security
50-51 Prison

52 Museum
53 Media Broadcasting
54 Media Studio
55 Library
56 Gallery
57 Memorial
58 Stadium
59-60 Gymnasium
61 Aquatic centre
62 Aquarium
63 Zoological gardens
64 Botanical gardens
65-66 Cinema
67 Theatre
68 Entertainment Centre
69 Casino
70 Childcare facility

71-72 Primary school
73-74 High School
75 Technical School 
76 University
77 Refinery
78-79 Factory, textiles
80 Factory, recycling centre
81 Factory, food

82 Factory, vehicles
83-84 Factory, electronics
85 Factory, cybernetics
86 Factory, androids
87 Factory, medical
88-89 Factory, plastics
90 Factory, ceramics
91 Factory, building materials
92 Factory, farm
93 Factory, armaments

94 Power Plant
95 Agriculture
96 Chemical Plant
97 Bottling plant
98 Brewery
99 Construction site
100 Demolition site

Feel free to modify or use lower dice or just pick arbitrary amounts.
Most of these buildings are specialized but 1in6 might share d3+1 similar services.
These buildings tend to be wider than they are high.
You could scale these down to house size rather than multi level giants.

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