Wednesday 30 January 2019

Shopping Foolishly

So I had these in 80s and swapped them away foolishly.

GW1 Legion of gold is in better condition than one I bought in shop in uk in 80s.  It is my fave Gary Gygax book. Has lots of micro adventure dungeons that are intriguing, a city and campaign area for gamma world, old fashioned guns, good villains, tragic ppl you save who die because they cant survive in the gamma age, underwater adventure, new treasure tables and more. Great earlier TSR vibe and art.

I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City is one of my fave modules up their with reptile cult and castle amber and the lost city. This influenced my whole campagn setting. The horrible city with plenty of room to add more, the monsters that were new, the hints of time travel and the monster civilization of old. Lots of gold here.

U2 Danger at Dunwater part of the saltmarsh series, the first of which is a classic adventure (i would add a dragon module about a smugglers ship in between). Id forgotten U2 and U3 and remember U3 as tedious. I forgot how good art in U2 is. Love the lizard child smiling at the roast like he is a pokemon. Possibly you murder lots of them before discovering they are helpful. If you knew earlier most of the adventure would be redundant. So I might change the plot. Though I like friendly lizards it seems a bit much they would still be friendly after murdering and robbing so many and scaring their adorable children as illustrated. So kinda odd for d&d.

I thought Bermuda Triangle was a turkey. I don't accept the area is suspicious or strange and snubbed this. Then I saw in a shop as I started grabbing all the CoC now stuff that was still on shelves after 20 years around Australia. The book is dense. Lots of content, rules, stuff plus possibly educational. Still copies in Tactics in Perth but this copy I got is in mint condition vs shop soiled for decades copies. I might use in my eventual Cthulhu Espionage Supers game. Packs a punch for 91 pages.

The Thing At The Threshold was bigger than I thought. 80 pages plus handouts. Has a different feel and not in house product. "Cthulhu House" imprint. Lots of 90s cthulhu and even late 6th ed stuff had some poor computer generated maps and odd layouts. The layout is pretty good maps are acceptable but digital. Have not really read yet but looks good.

My checklist page has been smashed and lots of my dream wants are in my hands again. Shame all locked up at moment.

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