Friday, 30 November 2018

Planet Psychon Stuff

Hello! As colour comes up so much in psychon i made some cards.

Also  new generators here but ive lost my correspondence with maker and im a terrible person for not crediting this work in progress - thankyou will catch up
Psychon  Citadels
Psychon Stuff
Planet Psychon Acid Punk Edition (3rd Ed) here

Mutation book on Patreon Shortly handy for psychon.

Hoping can have players do 3d6 stat rolls then then pick colour for character
(perhaps again for blood colour or hair colour)
use generators for starting mutations and property and background
for start play fast and other effects

dm could generate a hex and a citadel for a game

Possibly flavour/smell table probably the next most handy table


  1. A mutation book, you say? Please, elaborate!

    1. on my patreon compiling all my mutation articles


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