Friday, 26 October 2018

Simple Treasure Types

You can use multiples if you need more

Small Change (peasants pocket change)

Coin Purse (common townsman)
d6 sp 3d6cp

Coin Box (church donations or commoners savings)
d4gp 3d6sp d100cp
1in10 chance of lesser treasure
1in6 chance of a lesser defence

Small Horde (payroll)
d100gp d10x1000sp, d10x1000cp,
d4 lesser treasure, 1 major treasure
d3 lesser defences

Medeum Horde (fortune)
d10x1000gp d100x1000sp and cp
2d4 lesser treasure, d4 major treasure, legendary treasure
d4 lesser defences and a major one

Large Horde (kings ransom)
1d10x10000 gp and sp and cp,
4d4 lesser treasure, 2d4 major treasure, d3 legendary treasure
2d4 lesser defences and d4 major defences and one legendary defence

d10 lesser Treasure (up to 100 gp)

1 Semi Precious stone
2 Jewellery d4 1=Ring 2=broach 3=arm band 4=neck ring
3 Fancy quality clothing
4 Figurine
5 Holy symbol
6 Healing herbs or medicine d4 doses d4HP
7 Common Scroll
8 Common Magic Potion
9 Broken part off greater treasure
10 Tools or adventurers pack

d10 Lesser Defence
1 Mouse trap
2 Baby potted shrieker
3 Poisonous guardian d4 1=snake 2=spider 3=scorpion 4=centipede
4 Poison needle or dart d3+poison save
5 Threatening letter declaring ownership of goods
6 Lock 1in6 have d3 extra locks
7 Monster d4 1=giant rat 2=stirge 3=undead hand 4=feret
8 Blade Trap 2d4 damage if fail save
9 Smoke bomb
10 Stink bomb

d10 Major Treasure (up to 10000gp)
1 Rare Potions d4 doses
2 Rare Scroll 2d4 Lv worth of spells
3 Gem d6 gems worth 1000gp each
4 Jewellery d6 items worth d6x100gp each
5 Metal Bars d10x1000gp worth of d4 1=gold 2=silver 3=electrum 4=platinum
6 Artwork of great value 1in6 lost from a collection
7 Book d4 1=spellbook 2=prayerbook 3=rare magic recipe 4=rare magical lore
8 Rare magical or holy materials possibly used to make magic
9 Relic belonging to a noble clan lost long ago
10 Magic item d4 1=weapon 2=missile 3=wand 4=miscellaneous

d10 Major Defence
1 Small humanoid locked inside will scream if opened and attack
2 Undead locked inside screams and attacks d4 1=skeleton 2=zombie 3=shadow 4=spectral minion
3 Trap 1=deadfall 3d6 save for half 2=poison gas cloud 3=diseased 4=releases monster
4 Monster d4 1=clockwork cobra 2=yellow mould 3=green slime 4=imp
5 Acid spray 2d4 save or take d4 damage for d4 rounds
6 Magic d4 1=cursed 2=alarm 3=4d4 explosive runes save halves 4=wizard locked
7 Dart Trap shoots d6 2d4 damage darts, save vs each 1in6 are poison tpp
8 Releases spell like effect d4 1=hold person 2=sleep 3=d4 magic missiles 4=web
9 Black powder bomb 2d4 to all in 1", d4 for surrounding inch
10 Incendiary bomb 2d4 to all in 1" area save or burn d4 damage for d4 rounds

d10 Legendary Treasure (up to 100 000gp)
1 Great treasure affiliated with kingdom or people like a crown d4x10000gp
2 Huge Gem worth d6x10000gp associated with long history of tragedy
3 Artifact or part of one part of a legendary prophecy
4 Relic often in bejewelled box d4 1=saint casket 2=statue 3=saint body parts 4=holy scriptures
5 Slumbering person in magical sleep, petrified or in a magic casket
6 Collection of true names and talismans for commanding d6 outer planar beings
7 Weapon or armour of a great hero famous for past deeds
8 Magic item of great power and fame that belonged to a great spell user
9 Means to locate great machine that once threatened the world power balance
10 Planar gate

d10 Legendary Defence
1 Requires a code or puzzle to unlock or access, protected from magic
2 Summons demon or elemental or ghost guards the treasure
3 Dreadful great curse that can infect descendants and any who touch treasure
4 Magical trap d4 1=10d6 fireball 2=Ice storm spell 3=10d6 lightening bolt 4=disintegrate ray
7 A demigod or dragon or great beast vows to torment lives of thieves
8 Monster generator creates monster protectors until destroyed
9 Chamber trap 1=sealed with stone 2=seal then flood 3=seal then flood with sand 4=seal then flood with lava
10 Planar trap d4 1=sends intruders to another plane 2=loot really hidden on other plane 3=opens gate releasing entities 4=surrounded by hostile other plane conditions

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