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d100 Things that Happened Growing Up in the Thieves Guild

d100 Things that Happened Growing up in the Thieves Guild
01 Master would beat you daily, twice if you did anything wrong
02 Master had you on streets begging and picking pockets for years
03 Master would make you climb in chimneys to let thieves inside houses
04 Master would sell you as slave then you would let in thieves
05 Master would set dog on you to train it to be viscious
06 Master made you enter houses through sewer pipes then let gang in
07 Master would stick you in house windows to rob them
08 Master rented you out to old rich perverts so you could rob them
09 Helped master catch children so he could sell them
10 Helped master catch children so he could steal their clothes 
11 Master had you work in a brothel to learn the trade
12 Master had you find and lure dupes for gang to beat and rob
13 Used to be dropped in sewer to catch rats for masters dinner
14 Used to help master home from pub, help him vomit then get a beating
15 Masters sold you to various gangs and criminal guilds
16 Used as a spy and warned gang members if militia coming
17 Used to deliver drugs to addicts for master
18 Used to work on streets selling snacks and watching shops for gang
19 Used to make fake magic items and holy water to sell in markets
20 Used to copy fake treasure maps or love letters for syndicate scams in sweatshop 
21 Master rented you to work cleaning chimneys to hone your climbing skills
22 Master rented you to work in a mine to train your night sight
23 Master would lower you into pits and sinkholes looking for treasure
24 Master had you hold ten foot pole or torch exploring a dungeon
25 Stayed with gang in a dungeon and got to hang out with young humanoids
26 Lived in cave with robber gang slitting throats of wounded gang victims
27 Master used you in scamming pilgrims by dressing as priest and you as servant 
28 Master kept you in a box or closet when you were not being abused or beaten
29 Master dumped you in street till you found a new one
30 Kidnapped by pirates as a cabin boy for several years
31 Assassin used you to distract victims while they stabbed them
32 Used to help master make fake potions from awful ingrediants
33 Master made you work with gongfarmers to learn about the sewers
34 Made to clean up the gang brothel where patrons constantly tried to rent you
35 Used as inter gang messenger and runner around city
36 Used to serve old mobsters their meals and drinks at drunken functions
37 On the streets as a shoe cleaner and gang spy
38 Master would sell you to evil cult so you could escape and be sold again
39 Used to run gangs of kids to recruit best for adult gangs
40 Used to fight other kid gang and steal from the streets for years
41 Lived under a bridge after your gang killed in a gangwar
42 Ran away from bad master who hunted you for years
43 Used to drug race horses for gang and get beaten when caught by other gangs 
44 Used to deliver coded gang messages and were perused by secret police
45 Spent years in prison serving gang of inmates
46 Caught and sent to penal colony and eventually freed or escaped
47 Used to work theatre audience for gang who doubled as performers
48 Used to infiltrate rich houses for gangs dressed as a servant
49 Used by gang to entrap rich old perverts in nobility to rob and blackmail
50 Worked as messenger but you shared information with gang
51 Used to identify drunken adventurers for gangs to ambush them

52 Used to rob corpses floating in the river and sewers
53 Master would lower you into tombs to rob them and undead sometimes chased you
54 Used to steal pets of rich for blackmail or food if nobody would pay up
55 Used to help a horse thief until they were drawn and quartered
56 Used to help master manage slaves and even helped with the whipping
57 Used to find feckless country youths arriving in the city the gang could exploit
58 Used to rob plague houses under quarentine
59 Used to drug drinks in a pub of sailors so your gang could 
60 Used to steal laundry for gang of criminal washer women and clothes sellers
61 Used to terrorise a market with theft and tricks for a protection racket
62 Worked serving food for gang business and stole lots of food to live
63 Used to work in a drug lab sweatshop mixing cheap stuff with the raw product
64 Helped a grifter use you as a pretend long lost relative then you would rob the house
65 Helped a grifter sell fake religious relics to pilgrims
66 Master made you beg with fake crippling wounds on streets all day
67 Master made you fight other boys for entertainment of gang bosses
68 Master had all they boys you beat in a final skill test murdered for failing
69 Master used you to recruit victims in a fake cult to scam money from desperate losers
70 Master sent you to dump each day picking valuable scraps and food
71 Master made you hold vomit bucket in gang club

72 Master kept you in a basket with kobolds and you thought you were one for a few years
73 Used to catch street dogs and cats and rats for food for whole gang of urchins
74 Used to work with gang of coin clippers until they were all tortured and beheaded 
75 Used to deliver filthy and illegal publications for secret printing press
76 Used to distribute pamphlets spreading cults, vice and revolution banned by law
77 Used to deliver black powder and acid between criminals and illegal alchemists
78 Worked as servant in gang bath house where you slept in off hours
79 Master would lock you in chests as a training method
80 Master used to give you surprise beatings to keep your senses alert
81 Master would throw you down wells to hone your climbing skills
82 Master would use rat traps to teach you pick pocketing skills
83 Master used to beat you to teach you to be pain resistant or something your a bit hazy
84 Master dressed as a priest and sold forgiveness from sin using you as a fake servant
85 Master made you look sick so you could rob healers and priests helping the poor
86 Master would sell you to tradesmen as servant then steal you back to sell again
87 Master would test poison on you at random moments
88 Other gang urchins would abuse you while masters laughed
89 Gang would dress you as plague victim to scare people away from houses they wanted
90 Gang would make you dress as undead to scare people in fake haunting scams
91 Master made you befriend militia to spy on them
92 Master kept you in a dirty pit full of urchins

93 Master had you covered in gang tattoos so everyone knew you owned you
94 Lived on streets in a juve gang for years before got in a decent gang
95 Master locked you in chains which helped your lock picking skills

96 Master made you eavesdrop on prostitutes to hear about crime prospects
97 Used to help gang kidnap apprentices till a wizard killed them all
98 Gang would lock you in a trap filled murder maze to test you for membership
99 Used to take whippings for privileged school children to earn your keep
100 Used to write slanderous political and gang graffiti for hire

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