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d100 Unpleasant Masters & Life Events for Fighters

Fighters get to grow up with unpleasant early careers it training too.
Why not roll three times to triple your fun (or trauma)

When your DM asks for your 6 page background you can use this to develop a wrist slitting tale of woe and suffering so nobody ever asks again. The cleric one probably the nicest one so far. I assume in a magical world lawful good priests celibate would be less likely to be abusive and magic could expose them. Remember successful happy people probably don't risk lives killing monsters in holes for money. Probably don't use in Dragonlance.

d100 Unpleasant Life Events for Fighters
01 After years gleaning for loot from bloody battlefields you got to be a warriors servant
02 Family were murdered and you became a servant of the warriors who killed them
03 Was a slave in gladiator fighting pits and managed to survive to earn your freedom
04 Your elderly master would drunkenly beat you till they died from organ failure
05 Grew up dragging corpses from fighting pits and checking they were not faking death
06 Grew up slitting throats and robbing dead until a mercenary adopted you as a servant
07 Worked as a lantern bearer for militia night shift until you were old enough to join
08 Worked helping masters press gang lure victims into alley to be kidnapped
09 Kidnapped and worked as cabin boy on a fighting ship 
10 Master set warhounds on you for a laugh when drunk, still carry scars
11 Master made you finish off wounded prisoners at a young age to toughen you up
12 Master made you fight street urchins and beat you if you ran away or gave up
13 Master would throw you over walls at night to open gates for attackers
14 Master made you explore holes to see if any had danger or monsters
15 Master threatened to shoot you out of a cannon or catapault if you cried
16 Had to kill childhood friends who were on opposing mercenary force
17 Master made you drink and smoke as soon as you could stand up for a laugh
18 Master killed one of the other kids you grew up with who dared argue
19 While gleaning a battlefield in a burned village you recognised the dead as your kin
20 Master killed your mother in a drunken rage and threw her corpse in a river
21 Master made you spy on towns before attacks for several days
22 Master taught you how to poison wells and throw dead animals in enemy water supplies
23 Caught in a siege which broke when plague broke out, awoke in pit of corpses after fever
24 Master was afraid of ghosts so made you go first anywhere spooky or with the dead 
25 Trapped in a siege, ate rats and human flesh and sawdust to survive winter
26 Master was murder hobo who made you watch camp while they went on dungeon crawl
27 Master made you watch prisoners and beat troublesome ones who talked back
28 Made friend but discovered you had been on opposite sides and had to kill them
29 Your master left you to die on a battlefield but you survived somehow without friends
30 Captured by orcs who mistreated you to make you a proper orc like them
31 Master ordered you to burn a house of villagers, an old woman in flames cursed you all
32 Captured by enemies, you were spared for being young while friends were all hung
33 Your mercenary company were destroyed by a wizard and you survived by luck
34 You were horribly maimed in battle but a priest found you and nursed you to health
35 Master threw you in a well when your injuries seemed too great to care for
36 After a battle left you crippled you begged on streets till a priest healed you
37 Raised by bandits until they were hung and you managed to join mercenary guild
38 One day your real father, a mercenary took you from your mother to serve them
39 Your master ran away with company payroll abandoning you with them
40 Your master was diseased, becoming more hideous and insane and you left them
41 Your master was bitten by rabid dogs and they became more violent and you killed them
42 After years of beatings you killed your master, took their stuff and fed the body to pigs
43 Master received head wound and you cared for them for months till they died
44 Drunken master would try and abuse servants but was too drunk to catch you 
45 Master insisted you get tattoos signifying you as the company mascot 
46 Got to beat a drum right in front of marching army and lived (unlike your peers)
47 Made to serve mercenaries at cam and ate and drank all you could steal
48 Master would make you fight kobolds in a pit as a child and bet against you mostly
49 Master boasted to friends you could take more beatings than rivals servants
50 Master dangled you over pits of captive monsters for a laugh till you cried
51 Master would throw you in the latrine pit if they didn't like their dinner

52 Master insisted you steal your own food from other youths by stealth or violence
53 Drunken parent used to get drunk and fights with militia until the were killed
54 Master would urinate on you if you slept in late and laugh at you on campagns
55 Master made you hide money stolen from mercenary company loot
56 Master would beat you daily and torment youths until you killed them
57 Master had you manage animal fights (dog, cock, horse) for them for a quick coin
58 Master had you render villager corpses into fat then used to burn down a town
59 Master had you find prostitutes for them constantly until several disapeared
60 Master was maimed and cranky and you nursed them for several years until they died
61 Master tried to marry you off to a ugly bastard with family connections
62 Various masters and merc companies sold and traded you when you were young
63 You went to sleep on guard duty and all your peers were murdered and you ran away
64 As a youth you were taken to an island jungle to pillage natives gold
65 As a youth you were taken to fight in a holy war to massacre foreign cults
66 Your master served a tyrannical despot and you had to flee or become a murderer
67 Your company of mercenaries wiped out all the bandits and rebels in a region
68 Fighters guild leased you to train noble brats in self defence
69 Master found a cursed sword and killed your friends and you had to flee
70 Master died in a dungeon but came back as a undead fiend and you fled
71 Master became a lycanthrope and killed everyone you knew then fled to the wood

72 Master robbed a priest and stole church funds and abandoned you to take blame 
73 Fought a battle where an ancient race was finally exterminated forever
74 Went on a children's crusade led by a martyr, most killed or enslaved
75 Worked for slavers escorting captives to markets until they went bankrupt
76 Worked on merchant caravan to distant lands until the merchants retired
77 Served as a wizards guard until a summoning went wrong and tower destroyed
78 Served a foreign king until but had to flee special duties they had in mind for you 
79 Noble you guarded was assassinated and you had to flee or be hung by clan
80 Spent years growing up around a siege until the town was finally destroyed
81 Worked with inquisitors mopping up cultists and witched and other religions in a region
82 After serving several sides of a civil war both sides want you dead
83 Master killed a noble and escaped and you barley got away with your life
84 Master was a bounty hunter and criminals everywhere hated them till they were killed
85 Sent to colonies and rounded up natives for slaves but most died of disease
86 Master deliberately stranded your company in foreign jungle to steal gold off natives
87 Master was a terrible racist slave keeper who belonged to a extremist cult
88 Master turned out to belong to a cult and was burned, thankfully you knew nothing
89 Master turned out to be a serial killer and used you as an alibi and ignorant dupe
90 Master secret cannibal after long siege and became more inhuman then vanished
91 Master tried to trick you into selling soul to a devil cult so you ran away
92 Master and friends in degenerate club killed after they took over a city suburb

93 Master tried to recruit you into a witch coven but you fled and they were burned alive
94 Master died horribly from disease and wounds and you claimed their goods after death
95 Master was promoted and tried to sell you to a cruel master so you fled

96 Master used to make money as a duelist but was killed leaving you in poverty
97 When drunken gambling master in debt died the mob claimed you belonged to them
98 Master's skin began peeling off and smelling of fish, vanished from the docks one night
99 Master joined a strange fighting guild that was a cult and you had to flee
100 Ran away the night you awoke to drunken master groping you in bed


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