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D100 Post Crash Super Structures

So Im doing a spacebook right now and fixing some gaps in old projects. Funnily enough my space hab wrecks led me into making my Xor fantasy setting. This could be for oldschool sf, metamorphosis alpha, gamma world or my Planet Psychon.

This is about the superstructure in between the urban, habitat or infrastructure models which are more or less slef contained and modular attachments to the superstructure. In a colony ship this might mean the ship is broken up on arrival. Sometimes the structural frame is left in orbit or recycled for other space structures.

Super Structure Is the framework of the ship. Infrastructure modules are the basic components of the ship technology and life support. Urban modules are mostly ultra dense housing for crew but will have common areas and open spaces to make years of living bearable. Many habs are now feral and over run or isolated and cult like. Hab or Habitat Modules are functional ecosystems where humans have copied natural habitats. Some are quite large and constitute the wilderness of the ship. Many have colonies or factions living in them.

A encounter table for this might be good as the super structure is where people travel between modules so has greatest variety of travellers and threats. Modules will have own local mostly d12 tables or several unless a very diverse eco system but even the than most creatures are not dangerous. Normally. I guess a undead Brazilian rain forest might be awful.

Urban Hab Modules
Infrastructure Modules Flesh structures for bioships and alien ecologies on ship
Inhabitants of flesh zone
Factions of post crash ship
Maps and generators
Eco Hab Module
Space Loot

I may end up juggling these with infrastructure modules in final form

d10 Styles of Space Wreck
1 Generation colony ship, lost in space
2 Generation colony ship, arrived somewhere but malfunctioned
3 Generation colony ship, built but never completed exodus
4 Asteroid colony or asteroid hull colony ship
5 Orbital colony, never intended for much travel
6 Fused mass of orbitals and ships cobbled together by survivors
7 Mass of fused ships from hyperspace lost for aeons in the void
8 Orbital colony fitted with drives lost in deep space 
9 Assemblage of space junk, orbitals, ships, asteroids and any found space junk
10 Megastructure colony like a artificial planetoid or ringworld around a mood

Factions are the main groups that live on a space wreck.
Wild animals in habs or some machines are nuetral but can still be hostile or ignore you

The Command System Language

Lawful aligned passengers hope to repair the ship and continue the mission or work on civilizing the ship and maintaining it. They speak the Command System language of the old crew which machines respond to.

The Trade Tongue Language
Nuetral is a guttural trade language developed over centuries by ships traders and wandering shaman and story tellers. The written form is mostly for simple record keeping of time, distance, weight and counting stockpiles. Other than basic number strokes most of the writen form is icons, symbols and graphics from the ancients machines and consoles.

The Sabotage Jammerz Language
Chaos is based on the criminal language of terrorists, hackers, drug dealers, cults and all kinds of black market of goods and services. It is cryptic to avoid being overheard by security or machines good for bribery and covert activity. The first virused machines came to use it and then undead and mutants were observed using it. It has become the language of sabotage, selfishness and evil. The written form is secret marks and gang signs often incorporated in graffiti mostly as warnings.

The Healer Order speak a version of Lawful and they sacrifice their lives helping the common good

The Null Order speak a version of Chaotic and they wish to destroy the ship and all failed lives on board

Other cult or tribal languages exist based on the main three or even a hybrid.

Super Structure Sections are not as big as major modules which can be removed and switched around. Some of the early FTL engines were one way one use only.

d10 Quick Super Structure Sections

01 Storage Section
02 Tech Depot Section
03 Emergency Section
04 Recycling Section
05 Feral habitat
06 Ships Boat Section
07 Crew Sections
08 Synthetic Depots Section
09 Biological Forge Section
10 Ruined Section

Superstructure locations are more likely to not have atmosphere or might have old or tainted air from lack of habitation.

Post Crash Super Structure
01 Warehouse of raw materials in huge cargo containers or drums, 50% of vacuum
02 Warehouse of prefab colony modules and ships ready for assembly  
03 Distribution centre connecting storage and manufacturing, goods sorted for delivery via robots, drones and couriers
04 Warehouse are turned into a huge black market operated by several powerful cartels representing criminal cartels
05 A freezer with mad robots murdering and storing any stray protien
06 Warehouse of robots and robot parts in huge cargo containers
07 Refrigerated storage mostly biological materials and food stuff
08 Crionic freezer with androids, replicants, abhumans and plague carriers awaiting cure
09 Crionic freezer section with livestock and frozen ancient colonists
10 Crionic DNA vault where genetic datas and specimins are stored
11 Small complex of tech labs, micro fabricators, storage, cafeterias and bunks where shifts rest. Often still staffed by clones or robots
12 Technical College with simulators, equipment and synthetic staff
13 Computer Depot staffed by robots serving a AI 
14 Computer Depot staffed by a cult of programmers who divine the computers words
15 Electrical sub station with batteries and back up power plant often sealed away
16 Technician supply depot with accommodation for techs and supplies
17 Robot depot with spare parts, recharging and repair station
18 Microfabricator depot where crew can fabricate parts for repairs
19 Life support depot where supplies for repair of life support systems are based
20 Autofactory for manufacturing large parts or even small ships 
21 Emergency bunker where crew of are can wait out disaster, some inhabited still
22 Life boat section with emergency escape or exodus shuttles
23 Emergency back up crew cryonics station, possibly viable if not eaten 
24 Emergency medical facility for treating severe wounds or contamination
25 Emergency cloning facility where clones can be grown and programmed
26 Damaged emergency bunker over run by undead or mutants or feral tribe
27 Quarantine section sealed during the crash and not entered since
28 Emergency rescue section with small ships and specialist rescue crews used
29 Damage control section where robots and crew treat fires and ship damage from
30 Escape pod banks for VIPs, AI decides who is worthy to use
31 Recycling depot where all kinds of used and damaged items stored in massive junk yard
32 Recycler plant specializing in reprocessing single product into raw materials
33 Organic waste treatment plant for sewerage often put back into life support
34 Food recycling plant processes organic material into foodstuff for distribution
35 Recycling crew station with vehicles and tunnels that collect trash with a crew hab
36 Feral recycling depot has had a ecosystem develop with animals and possible tribals
37 Water reclamation for processing and recycling water with huge tanks
38 Feral water reclamation occupied with living eco system and possible tribals
39 Medical recycling station where bodies are stripped of organs or turned into food or fuel
40 Feral medical station where ghoulish cult sacrifice victims to the machines
41 Amid flooded boilers and pipes a colony of mutants wallowing in warm waters
42 Mad colony of robots and androids avoiding recycling in hiding in structure settlement
43 A temple complex built by a cult in the structure who are mostly hostile to outsiders
44 Area overgrown with plants growing in accidental accumulation of organic waste
45 Area overgrown with mutant fungus forest inhabited by mutants and other life
46 Scrap town built by scavengers as a trading post, full of vice and crime
47 Service crew survivors have built a hidden hab to avoid ferals and mutants and worse
48 Scrap built colony with strong leader, believe they are the chosen people the ship is for
49 Cyborg colony intruded on the ship use as a base to raid and explore ship from
50 Robots have used space to build a small ecology of machines scavenging each other
51 Space shuttle bay with various models d4 1=cargo 2= passenger 3=security 4=vip

52 Drone station for probe and repair drones operated by machines
53 X-Ray Laser Drone Bay or other warhead delivered by long range guided missiles, with crew fanatic military isolationists with a few battlesuits and a warborg
54 Scout ship bay for advanced planetary exploration occupied by tribal scout crew
55 Mining drone bay to hunt and move a asteroid into favorable position for station to be harvested or as weapon system
56 Fuel harvester shuttle to collect from gas giants or rings or moon icecaps
57 Tug ship to move modules and reconfigure ship on rival and construction
58 Defense drone bay where various defensive drones are based operated by short race of technician clones or morlocks in service of a AI god
59 Planetary exodus shuttles with variable cargo or passenger modules operated by ancient flight crew cult
60 Bay with various ships in maintenance bays in dry dock, sometimes alien or cyborg intruder ship has landed here
61 Security section monitoring area with security monks who report all to the computers
62 Life support control substation processing ship life support inter habitat modules
63 Prison hab and cryonic prison cells operated by synthetics or a human cult of an AI
64 Apartment complex hastily built by construction crew to stowaway long ago
65 Long abandoned construction crew quarters haunted by some hidden peoples
66 Transport hub for intra ship tube trains and highways, now run by feral motor gangs and wild robots who seek to recycle other machines for fuel and scrap
67 Criminal habitat built in secret for the mob to operate on the ship and stow away
68 Secret society or cult hidden bunker where they live in secrecy and ignorance
69 Modular housing stowage for operation exodus settlement often occupied by loners
70 Nanobots built a hab here for some faction as a paradise for them
71 Repair robot bays where ship maintenance and engineering bots hibernate between inspection holy days

72 Nano assembly auto factory for heavy industry operated by androids 
73 Brain clone lab for psuedobiological synthetics like androids or brainborgs, they are very protective of brain spawning pools
74 AI Thinktank where AIs are backed up and convene on committees served by robots
75 Virused AI operated android factory where they wage war on ship living passengers
76 Town of wild robots with vice, individualism and free will that frown on meatbags
77 Human faction dowloaded themselves into androids long ago but pretend they are living in secret hab
78 Mad AI has hidden own colony in a bunker by diverting resources and cloned crew
79 Rebel robots built a simulacra of human town but with robots living the high life
80 Defence Sythetics Depot where secbots and warbots defended ship from hostile intrusion like a ships immune system ruled by AI
81 Biological printer assembly station where replacement crew and habitat livestock can be replaced, guarded as holy temple by druids who use it to make war monsters
82 Biomass reclamation plant where waste is converted back into food, often overgrown with jungles and pest plants infecting the system in new hostile ecology
83 Industrial scale bioforge has been abused to become the womb for a hyper intelligent mutant god already worshiped by a cult
84 Criminal enterprise has siezed a zoological clone factory and make gladiatorial monster to fight for crowds of rich visitors, now they sell new monsters
85 Area overgrown with macroscopic life forms large enough to menace humans
86 Area where plants overtaken with collective mutant mind and herd meat beasts for food
87 Triffid plantation, robot farmers stopped worrying about stings long ago but humans might
88 Oxygen farm complex staffed by d4 1=androids 2=drones and a AI 3=ecobots 4=cultists
89 A deck overrun by fa single fused biological horror crawling with minor creatures living inside it, mostly alien or mutant or experimental bio habitat
90 Alien spawning pits are growing, with time of sacrificial newborn first-feast soon
91 Irradiated airless work area crawling with undead but fairly pristine condition
92 Long abandoned colony haunted by some crearures

93 Semi abandoned citadel habitat with feral areas crawling with mutants and aliens
94 Burned out bunker complex attacked by invading space cyborgs who now have a small base inside, often with a bloated slave creature plumbed into food extractor for the cyborgg nutrient paste
95 Mass or pressured superstructure with generations of scrap built secret settlement of d4 1=cult hermits 2=fugitives 
outcasts 3=feral technical cult 4=homeless
96 Sanctuary a hiding place for rebel eloi, clones, androids or replicants, many perils to get inside through bowels of abandoned sub deck
97 Graveyard and tomb complex built in a recycling scrap yard over generations, dead sealed in metal coffins to prevent becoming undead, possibly haunted by dead or mad scientists looking for dead body parts or cannibals looking for food
98 An enlightened mutant civilization was here with statues of mutants and their hermaphrodite god but they were killed and now wild monsters live here
99 Cult built church or temple built in here by construction crew in secret, priests long ago killed, now place feels haunted
100 Aliens built themselves a habitat with different life support systems, inside their dead bodies in suits remain with possibly some kind of guardian


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