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d100 Things my Master did to Me at Wizard School

d100 Things my Master did to Me at Wizard School
01 Tested a cantrip to administer beatings with a stick on you
02 Made to scrub floors and do wizard laundry
03 Wizard made you wash and dress and groom them
04 Wizard made you privy keeper to assist them in the toilet, a great homour
05 Wizard let familiar bit you and blamed you
06 Wizards Imp tormented you relentlessly
07 Tested shape shifting spells on you
08 Tested cursed items on you
09 Tested defective potions on you
10 Tested damaging spells on you for research
11 Had to procure the wizards drugs and prostitutes
12 Wizard would experiment and change your gender
13 Had you steal corpses from a graveyard at night
14 Charmed you for months to make you compliant 
15 Enforced celibacy on you with a curse 
16 Constantly recommended you sell your soul for new spells from fell powers
17 Master charmed and changed your form for their pleasure
18 Master let pet monster chase you around a maze
19 Master made you steal feces from the lair of a monster for a recipie20 Master made you deal with cultists and monster in the middle of the night
21 Made you infiltrate and steal a rival schools spell
22 Made you witness them summoning a demon
23 Made you help make a golem
24 Made you witness them make contract with devils
25 Made you aid them conjure elementals
26 Made you lead mercenaries killing and kidnapping strange creatures
27 Made you help cook monsters and taste brave new monster recipies
28 Taste the masters food to prevent enemies poisoning them
29 Wizard has spied on your dreams and knows your secrets
30 Wizard often read you with ESP to learn all your secrets
31 Wizard was actually your parent all along but they wont acknowledge it
32 Wizard made you perform transgression graveyard sex rituals to prove your loyalty
33 Wizard allowed succubi or incubi to torment you as a plaything
34 Wizard would torture you claiming it was essential part of magic
35 Earlier master was a fraud and you wasted a d4 years learning crap or in a cult
36 Wizard made you assist experiments raising the dead 
37 Wizard made you overseer of a secret zombie sweatshop
38 Wizard made you boss around monsters for them in a dungeon for months
39 Wizard rented you to their buddies as a "learning opportunity"
40 Wizard sat watching you in a copy room and beat you with a stick for mistakes
41 Wizard used you as assistant in act for nobles in a humiliating costume 
42 Wizard made you anoint them with unguents when they performed certain rites
43 Wizard made you perform in plays and operas they wrote about themselves
44 Wizard made you go speak to a monster for them in their lair
45 Wizard took you to a dungeon with them to help them trap the place with spells
46 Wizard made you fight to the death with your peers to advance in ranks
47 Older apprentices would humiliate the younger wizards with cruel initiations
48 Wizards pranks killed and injured some students
49 A friend from wizard school was turned into a owlbear and escaped to a dungeon
50 Caught the wizard making love to your parent
51 One day found masters secret collection of apprentice skulls

52 Wizard tested you in a magic murder maze that killed some friends in school
53 Wizard made you fight rival wizard aprentices
54 Wizard cast illusions on you to make you a more attractive plaything
55 Wizard was obsessed with you, considered you property and was patronising
56 Given cheap tuition and favoritism from wizard for being kin, hated by other students
57 Master was living dead and made you witness all kinds of undead horrors
58 Wizard had affair with a sibling or best friend you suspect they were charmed
59 Wizard made you work as scribe and sage for an out of the way nobleman
60 Wizard took you to horrible subterranean realm of horror
61 Wizard took you to another dimension briefly
62 Wizard took you to the outermost parts of hell
63 Wizard took you exploring d4 1=strange lands 2=underwater 3=flying into sky 4=time
64 Wizard would turn you into a monster to scare commoners, sometimes would forget
65 Wizard changed you into strange creatures for breeding experiments
66 Wizard used you as bait to catch monsters
67 Wizard would sent apprentices into battle often by wizards side
68 Wizard made you command orcs fighting rival wizards orcs and a apprentice
69 Your best friend fell in love with you and the master sent them to serve another far away
70 Master sent you to catch dinosaur babies and eggs with drunken old sailors
71 Master made you perform in pub to earn them drinks

72 Had to carry home drunken lecherous master every night for years
73 Master would get dunk and chase apprentices about the house especially in bath
74 Master wanted you to marry their ugly unpopular child for your tuition
75 Master had you resurrected added the cost to your tuition and you owe a d6 x 1000gp
76 Master wanted to send you on trip to the moon with some bizarre apparatus pulled by geese and other schemes
77 Master watched older apprentices beat you up because it was training
78 Master made you feed and clean cages of monsters in menagerie 
79 Master made you wear exotic outfits and stand around them all day
80 Master beat you as claimed was only way to absorb information
81 Master got apprentices to beat each other but then built a machine
82 Master made apprentices live disciplined austere lives for years
83 Had to attend master at seasonal wizard orgies
84 Whipped with live snakes daily
85 Had to share bed with master and aprentices
86 Master turned you into a donkey on market days
87 Master made you operate sexual apparatus for guests
88 Master would turn you into a rabbit at parties and shows
89 Wizard made you clean their open sores daily
90 Wizard would borrow your younger body for functions
91 Wizard would turn you into a horse for travels
92 Wizard made you test new batches of strange and addictive drugs

93 Wizard stole all your research and presented as own at conferences
94 Wizard kept offering back rubs and barging in the bathroom
95 Wizard made you stand naked at summonings during bargains with demons

96 Wizard killed several student peers, was paranoid about spies from rivals
97 Wizard would keep demons in your body and kept you in a cage
98 Wizard practiced experimental surgery on you over the years
99 Wizard made you pose for days for their erotic artworks sometimes with tentacles
100 Wizard use to make you look like them to handle boring conversations 

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