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d100 Strange Wizard Missions

Been reading Chaosium Book of Eibon as ive gone full mythos retard again and feeling troped out of fantasy. Lin Carter and Clark Ashton Smith wizards are not DnD wizards. They are nasty and do things man (and I suppose women) were not meant to know. I can imagine a party of new apprentices and other adventurers being sent on these. Of course you might regret handing over the quest object. These could be plans for evil wizards for adventurers to fail. Dodgy wizards might not reveal real nature of quest. Id recommend the wizard master be one of the best in the world around 20th level. This would make a good campaign. Possibly if players became too competent they might become a threat. Moral troubles and personal risk should be com. Part of new setting Im developing.

d12 Mission Problems

01 In a far off land
02 In a cursed place
03 In haunted Place
04 Guarded by horrible horrible monster
05 Guarded by dangerous cult
06 Guarded by powerful priest or wizard
07 Hidden in unknown place
08 In a terrible dungeon
09 In a ghastly tomb
10 In a pocket dimension through a sealed gate
11 Rival wizard agent sabotage

12 A fake or decoy quest object

d100 Strange Wizard Missions
01 Find a two ton slab of onyx required for a magical construct in a deadly volcanic quarry
02 Kill a rival wizard and take his special relic they are famous for 
03 Find the last of it's kind creature, kill it and collect it's body parts or last egg 
04 Burn down the school of a rival wizard sect
05 Obtain a lost forbidden book sealed away long ago
06 Find rare ingredients for a potion of youth wizard requires to live
07 Wants a person rescued but will sacrifice them for special bloodline properties
08 Throw a relic into a portal to please a forgotten elder god 
09 Find the key to open a portal to allow otherworldly beings to enter the world
10 Remove a sacred seal keeping a volcanic eruption or tsunami at bay
11 Recover eye of a forgotten elder god with powers of viewing the distant past
12 Find journal of a ancient necromancer lord who almost conquered the world
13 Find a long lost demon prince medallion lost in a wizard dungeon
14 Find a missing apprentice who possibly ran away with one of masters rare spells
15 Copy the script of a squat elder monolith in a chaos mutant filled forbidden valley
16 Find enemy wizards heart and destroy it in automaton filled magic tower
17 Search a prehistoric fortress thawed from a glacier and look for arcane cave writing
18 Help defend miners digging site where a god died in ancient times to plunder secrets
19 Recover mummified corpses of prehuman race in deep caverns beneath the earth
20 Recover the key of a unbreakable casket left by a long dead race
21 Unseal a crypt sealed long ago by a dead race of wizards and plunder it's secrets
22 Find ancient high troll secret of how they became evil regenerating horrors
23 Recover arcane tablets prophecy warns can unmake the universe
24 Capture a young person the wizard is sure is a reincarnation of their first true love
25 Recover a fallen shooting star and prevent gnomes getting it
26 Enter city of cloud giants and steal the kings crystal orb
27 A giant ape on a island needs to be captured and brought to the wizard
28 An undersea temple of fishmen has a ancient conch horn the wizard wants
29 A far away jungle temple has a gen guarded by undead priests the wizard craves
30 Just over the border of elfland is a unicorn grove, fetch three unicorn horns
31 A dwarf mountain holy forge has samples of several strange alien metals
32 A necromancer has rare formula the wizard needs but wont share
33 Vandalize, desecrate and rob the tomb of a rival wizard 
34 An ancient gate discovered by the wizard requires explorers to investigate
35 Ancient tree spirits guard a holy sapling and the wizard wants it stolen
36 Has list of youths of special bloodlines they require for breeding program
37 Has been watching a royal youth by crystal ball and wants them kidnapped
38 Requires a dozen rust monsters for a breeding program
39 Requires infiltration into rival wizards household for a hiest
40 Deliver golden orb to a king then get out as soon as possible and return
41 Deliver cursed weapons as gift to barbarian leaders then get away as quick as possible
42 Kidnap rival wizards apprentice and return
43 Kidnap a rival wizards lover for your master
44 Seek ruins of elder civilisation deep under the earth where they fled long ago
45 Awaken a giant golem buried deep in the earth and drive it to the wizards base
46 A race of subterranean squid men have stockpiled ancient texts the the wizard wants
47 In the frozen north walrus men are guarding the bones of a dead god the wizard wants some fragments
48 A lake spirit keeps a magic weapon made by a god the wizard wants 
49 Needs thieves to enter a gate to an other world to rob an alien wizard
50 Break into a rival wizard and smash all their relics that prevent certain demons entering the world that the wizard wants to call
51 A rival wizard has implanted the eye of a dead god in his skull the master wants  

52 A rival wizard has had his spells tattooed on his skin the master wants
53 A wizards harem has many charmed consorts wearing cursed girdles of gender change and the master wants them all
54 A ex pupil stole secrets became horribly mutated and is hiding in the sewers under a city and the wizard wants them back
55 A wealthy noble has been collecting relics and the wizard wants one at any cost
56 Wizard needs you to visit a goblin market and buy certain goods only goblin traders sell
57 Wizard needs you to enter a cursed painting and recover items from the world inside
58 A relic lost is a long buried citadel in the deep caverns in the earth and you are sent
59 A demon cult ziggarut has part of their patrons body in their reliquary the master wants
60 Deep beneath a city are buried explosive mines left from a war in prehuman times, the wizard needs someone to set the fuse and escape
61 A rival has been building a fantastic vehicle and the master wants it stolen
62 The master has the means of sending agents into the past to steal a relic before a great apocalypse destroys a ancient civilization
63 A gargantuan monster asleep in the depths long ago ate a temple with a relic inside the master wants recovered
64 The master has summoned a giant star moth to fly them to the moon and rob a temple of the moonmen of their celestial nectar they brew for the gods
65 Wizard has means to levitate tower into the stars and wants a crew to rob the celestial palace of one of the star spirits for a relic they took from a ground bound civilization destroyed by gods long ago
66 The wizard needs agents to surround a city with strange gems in a circle, once completed the city will shrink so the wizard can put it in their collection
67 Carry a rune engraved sealed pot to the heart of a city, open it and flee
68 Wizard needs baby dinosaurs for new menagerie to outdo some other rival
69 Wizard needs a roc egg stolen to turn into a novelty bathtub to impress rivals and sends agents
70 Wizard needs you to deliver gift to rival and poison his wine in his office cabinet
71 Rival wizard has kidnapped masters familiar, return it and kill everyone in wizards household as a warning

72 Thieves stole a package from the wizard and they want the guild killed as a warning
73 Wizard wants you to feed special pills to as many stray dogs in city as possible
74 Wants to have some doppelgangers found and captured
75 Wizard needs you to spy on black lotus cult, follow to their homeland and find where lotus resin comes from
76 Wizard requires drugs from dark elves and sends agents with trade goods and slaves to obtain some
77 Requires salamander eggs from a volcano pit to hatch in the wizards lair
78 Wizard needs you to fight rival wizards agents in gladiator pits to get glory for wizards cause in front of the filthy ignorant non wizard masses
79 Sends agent to court of a beast lord to negotiate an alliance against a rival wizard with connections to a kingdom
80 A horrible elder sunken city has arisen and the wizard needs explorers to plunder some relics before it sinks again
81 Enter the body of a colossal being buried in the deep and extract gland fluids
82 Sneak into rival wizards dungeon complex and report on whatever they are constructing in secret
83 A rival wizard is gathering ingredients for lichdom and their agents must be stopped or the process sabotaged so it fails
84 An ancient city was said to have moved long ago and the wizard wants the control room found and the city moved into their own territory
85 A rival wizard had agents steal the masters beard and they want everyone involved in the plot murdered and the instigator brought to them
86 Steal some larvae from a rival wizard and take them to a nighthag to trade for a secret potion
87 Visit various warlords and offer them gifts to unite them to a military scheme of the master, other missions related to campaign will follow
88 Deliver invitation and gifts to a king to visit the wizard for an alliance, but the wizard wants them charmed or replaced in reality
89 Deliver gifts to the avatar of the slime god to curry his favor for the wizard for an allegiance with the slime cult
90 Invite various cult leaders to a conference and make sure it happens peacefully
91 A cult has been trying to infiltrate the wizards household kill them all as a example and bring their leader to the wizard
92 An ancient spider demoness in the depths has lore the wizard wants and you are sent with gifts to convince the elder horror to share them 

93 The wizard is going to summon an elder daemon and needs helpers in case something goes wrong, what a great honour
94 Wizard has built a submersible vehicle and sends explorers to probe ruins of a sunken city of alien wizards from the dawn age
95 Wizard wants you to visit various dragons and give them gifts in hope of gaining their favour in some future action

96 A lost city is buried in the deep caverns under a desert. The wizard needs someone to visit and kill the demon who rules the albino survivors so it can be a new wizard secret base
97 The wizard has found a dimension full of living flesh and wants to send explorers there to see if any interesting resources or creatures or spells are to be found
98 Travel to the goblin king with gifts and get them to join the wizard
99 Administer the construction of a monumental wonder, help gather slaves, experts, masons, quarries, food, guards and other materials
100 Wizard has declared a war on conquest, agents must help fight battles and occupy territories


  1. Keep up the good work. I always enjoy your posts. Your level of consistency in coming up with these d100 lists is commendable.

    1. thank you
      it is easier to do them when i know ppl appreciate them


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