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Dark Island Reskin 3: Vampire Lair

Continuing reskins for Dark Island, a draconic fortress on a Island one capitol of a pocket underland empire.

So some periods the Island is abandoned and undead take over making it a source of evil blocking trade and driving away life from the lake.

d12 Undead Island Encounter

1 2d4 Rotting zombies
2 d6 ghouls
3 Poltergiest
4 3d4 Giant rats
5 2d4 giant centipedes
6 Shadow
7 Wight warrior
8 2d4 zombie war hounds

9 Zombie bugbear or ogre 4HD
10 Half a zombie crawling pathetically leaving trail of stinking fluid
11 Lonely spectral minion of the dragon queen household, probably a gnome
12 Lesser vampire servant of the vampire

If the undead win and make a morale roll the will bring their live victims to the vampire. If they fail they will eat the victims.

Lagoon Beach
Rotting corpses, bones and coffins are on the beach with several wrecked boats and a leaky funeral barge. The barge brought the vampire here and it has trouble leaving and crossig water. Some of the rotting corpses are 2d6 zombies, it takes a round for them to get up and they are slow and easy to escape.
Cave Houses
Ruined cave cottages are now strewn in garbage with 50% chance of a d4 zombies. With a turn searching you can find a d4 house hold pots, knives or tools with a 1in4 chance of finding 3d6 silver coins

Ruined smithy here with a zombie standing by the bellows and a wight guarding the remains of iron ingots (60 ingots 10gp 1lb each) and a collection of dusty and rusted but reparable d6 suits of armour and two dozen hand weapons
Great Council Hall

Once ornate council hall is now dusty ruin with a huge table covered in dust and cobwebs with a dozen skeletons seated in tattered robes, and one with a spiked crown. They arise to fight but the crowned one has 6HD
Temple Cave
Temple has been vandalized and has unholy symbols painted in blood and necromancer runes, several statues have been toppled
Priest Cave

An evil priest who came to serve the vampire died here of starvation and arose as a wraith. A squat evil idol of Prince Orcus is here with 3000sp offerings and a +1 mace and 4 unholy water potions before it
Priest Library

Dusty and slightly mouldy, a dozen volumes of prayers to Orcus, guide to operating a undead cult in secret and guides for novice and senior priests
Queen Roost

One this was the Dragon Queens nest now it has been emptied and a 8 foot pet is left with a dozen zombies inside clambering to escape if they detect living human flesh. More than a dozen lets extra climb over the others to escape. Smashed skeletons are on the floor, the vampire throws almost dead victims in here to be destroyed to prevent vampires arising
Queens Court

Two undead rotting cave lobsters guard here and will begin clacking their pincers to alert the vampire. A great throne is here and tattered dragon tapestries cover the walls

The vampires spell books, journals and other books stolen from visitors are here including books on religion, demonology and some novels. Some are written in dwarf, gnome and dark elf. There are forty volumes in all but the iron bound locked spellbook is cursed also, inflicting a rotting disease on whoever reads it and fails a save. A gilded lantern worth 100gp is in here
Dining Room

This once fine dining room has dust and cobwebs but the table is clean and has manacles affixed to strap victims for the vampire down. Several sets of cuffs allow for gnome to man size victims. 1in6 chance there is a prisoner here on deaths door

The once great four poster bed has the mattress removed and three coffins are here. These are fore the lesser vampire servants. One a female Sorphryn is in in a deep coma recovering from a bad encounter and easily dispatched. One other male consort, Canantulas will arise if disturbed by sounds of fighting from the court or other adjacent rooms. The third coffin has 3000gp,  10000sp and three potions of healing.The main vampire Christopasia has her coffin concealed under the bed. She will allow her lesser vampires and guards to die before bothering to arise and she hopes to turn some of her intruders into replacements.
Egg Room
Dragon eggs were once here now it is dusty with just 3d6gp worth of broken eggshells
Consort Dragon Nest

Great dusty dragon nest with a huge skeleton. 16742cp are scattered on floor which nobody in the past was bothered to collect
Servants Cave

8 zombie gnome butlers are here with trays in hand
South Dragon Nest

A dozen corpses hang from the roof, naked with spigots inserted into their necks and evidence they were healed. Under them the dragons pit was full of garbage
North Dragon Nest

A great heap of garbage being picked over by 6 ghouls
Slave Pits

Garbage and bone strewn mess is here but a single gnome is here with a ring of invisibility to undead who came for treasure and had her boat stolen. Talia wants help escaping and will even offer her ring after the boat with her on board leaves. She will negotiate and also has a 400gp gem and 200sp. She has a gold 45gp ring too she might try and cheat on the deal with
Marine Cave

A giant snapping lives in the pool and likes to snatch zombies or anyone to eat
Bathing Cave
The dragons former bathing pool now unused

Christopasia wants to use the invaders boat to send a lesser vampire servant away to find a better lair (six have gone and never returned). While travelling over the water vampires are helpless in their coffins requiring servants. In bat form she has explored the cavern roof but their are some creatures there that try to eat her like cave fishers. She cant get her treasure away in bat form. In a worst case she might retreat in bat form and has a spare coffin on top of the island rock spires which are a dificult climb. She hates the island and is stranded and mostly hungry and bored. New slaves and food are her main interest.

Christopasia will torment victims explaining their fate as food, slaves or lovers if attractive enough (gender doesn't matter only CHA of 16+). She has a intelligent LE +2 sword that detects undead within 3" and a amulet of non detection

Other communities in the cave lake region might offer a reward for cleaning out the cave. It is possible some gnomes long to return to restore the island for the Dragon Queens return. Possibly a captured party could be rescued by the dragon and gnome forces

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