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Children of Xor

When I used standard DnD monsters In Xor some ppl were a bit miffy. Rust monsters especially. Now I'm thinking rust monsters are part of Xor's immune system response to metal equipped invaders. They grow where needed and are born fully formed from tumors hungry and pregnant. They starve to death and are reabsorbed when no longer needed.

Here are some Xorian critters for every day life.

You can improve them with these tables...

Xor to do list

Harvesting organs, hormones, peptides, hormonal Secretions of Xor
Grafting godflesh and bio augs
Whore Lore of Xor i dont know what i was thinking here
The Great Flesh Cube - dungeon location plus a tower and a cave
Meat Ziggarutt of Xor
Other valuable items
Spells for bone wizards

Notes on the Ecology of Xorian Life
Many creatures on Xor eat meat or dried skin or hair instead of normal diets
Many hairless animals rely on the body of Xor to keep warm or eat 10% more
Many creatures born spontaneously from the flesh of Xor as needed
Many eat meat but will eat strangers from boredom or curiosity

d20 Tiny and Swarm Animals
1 Xor Locusts - six inch red meat eating locusts, some get dog size in swarms

2 Scab rats - scab covered rats, often tails are fused into a ball, often diseased
3 Muscle Snake - red or tan or black venomous sake, equally at home in liquid
4 Bone Spiders - palm size bone eating spiders with acid venom bites

5 Vampire Finches - horrid little birds that pick at scabs and wounds
6 Blood Gulls - squawking birds love to steal food, like wetlands and shore lines
7 Fang Fairies - tiny bug wing faerie folk with set of fangs, drink blood of sleeping 
8 Gore Flea - fist size fleas often swarm and sneak up trouser legs
9 Clot Frogs - shiny dark inedible red frogs lurk around water and croak all night
10 Scarlet Scorpion - red scorpions some swarm and eat bigger animals
11 Crimson Crabs - cover landscape in tidal areas and occasionally mass migrate in millions
12 Scab Roach - horrible up to hand sized critters eat detritus and feces

13 Pigeons - colurful pink birds, eat dried skin and scabs, a popular food item
14 Blood Worms - foot to yard long inch thick edible scarlet worls that burrow into Xor
15 Xor Flies - Huge stinging flies often swarm, maggots also aggressive and both swarm
16 Scarabs - harmless beetles gather dung to feed babies, important cleaners
17 Cavies - hairless guinea pigs that eat hair and skin
18 Flesh Squirrels - hairless climbing gliding rodents that collect things in hollow cavities
19 Quakkas - hairless hopping jolly faced marsupials, love tabbacco and friendly
20 Possums - hairless marsupials come in ring tail, gliding and standard varieties

d20 Small Animals - common domestic and wild
1 Meat Rats - giant hairless mole rats that burrow into flesh and live in colonies
2 Armadillos - adorable armoured and can move by rolling, carry leprosy
3 Flamingoes - pink tall birds that dwell in wetlands, pelican and spoonbills possible too
4 Blood Weasel - brilliant red furred weasels that tear flesh and drink blood
5 Capybara - huge hairless guinea pigs live in flesh tunnels eat mucous and hair
6 Hell Possum - dog size often rapid possums hurl children that grow from tails at enemies
7 Scarlet Turkey - brilliant coloured large turkeys, a blue variety also
8 Bone Snake - ten-thirty foot 
constrictor snake, colourful pink and purple or chocolate

9 Sphynx Cat - hairless cats that eat vermin on Xor, sacred to many peoples
10 Goanna - 2-3 yard large lizard, if startled climb person, bite carries disease
11 Protojelly - foot wide fleshy blob feeds off dead skin and hair and finger nails
12 Bloodbat - hairless flesh toned huge vampire bats
13 Wombat - large hairless burrowing marsupials live in burrows, eat giant hair roots 

14 Gore Devil - naked Tasmanian devils, horrible aggressive little brutes
15 Frill Neck Lizard - camouflaged large lizard, turn red and open frill if startled
16 Scarlet Ibis - long beaked birds, like wetlands, a blue and a vampire variety also
17 Crimson Toad - huge poison toad, often blend into environment, grab feet 
18 Stirge Owls - a featherless bat winged variety of owl that sucks blood through it's beak
19 Violet Geese - live in xor wetlands, graze on hair and bugs, aggressive in groups
20 Xor Hound - packs of hairless dingo like dogs, quite aggressive in large packs

d20 Medeum Animals - common domestic and wild

1 Xor Goat - adorable goats graze on hair, make good pack animals or pull waggons
2 Giant Leech - horrible blood sucking giant worms
3 Baboons - similar to huge baboons but hairless and more highly sexualized
4 Terror Bird - man sized carnivorous flightless birds
5 Blood Wolf - hairless wolves that cry tears of blood when howling

6 Flesh Bear - hairless black bears can be territorial but mostly harmless
7 Rust Monster - anti intruder creatures to drive off metal using outsiders
8 Gore Boar - huge skinless pigs that scavenge and eat anything, very adaptable
9 Giant Weasels - huge evil blood sucking mammals that latch onto prey and drain dry
10 Kangaroos - large hopping marsupials, some breed aggressive to humans an deadly
11 Giant Tarantula - huge spider bite causes magical dancing sickness
12 Flesh Horse - hairless pink ponies roam in packs and graze on hair
13 Ochre Jellies - red gelatinous masses that attack foreign bodies
14 Carrion Crawler - parasitic giant worms that paralyses prey to lay eggs in
15 Gelatinous cube - glistening paralyzing cubes that cleans up mess on Xor
16 Hellhounds - roam freely seeking victims to drag to hell
17 Blood Apes - hairless gorillas, very aggressive flesh eating variety
18 Emus - huge flightless birds travel in large flocks and panic if threatened
19 Blood Eagles - huge eagles snatch prey and dismember them in high places
20 Giant Ants - mostly busy but can be agressive defending their bone covered mounds

d20 Huge Animals - common domestic and wild
1 Turtle Bear - huge cave bear with turtle plastron and bony plate hide
2 Pteradactyl - flying leathery winged flesh toned reptiles
3 Pink Dragon - blows a cloud of charm gas that turns victims to enthralled slaves
4 Red Rhino - saggy skinned huge horned aggressive herd animal
 Hairless Mammoth - saggy baggy flesh toned pachyderm
 Sabretooth Sphynx Cat - huge hairless fanged cats, a dangerous predator
7 Shoggoth - amorphous fleshy tentacled eyeball horror bio machines of ancient aliens
8 Griffon - half lion and half eagle, dangerous flying predators, some intelligent

9 hydra - multi headed giant snake monsters, some breathe fire and/or regenerate
10 Dinosaur - many varieties, mostly flesh hue colour schemes
11 Giant Crabs - mostly near wetlands, may explore inland for food or migration
12 Giant cave lobsters and occasional cave fishers dwell on underground and wetlands
13 Giant Snapping Turtle - wagon size horror often in wetlands or caves

14 Giant Slug - eat all kinds of scraps and materials on Xor
15 Giant Vulture - travel in flocks, often follow beings they hope are soon to die
16 Diprotodon - giant hairless wombats some have a elongated trunk like snouts 
17 Giant Sloth - huge very difficult to hurt sloths, slowly amble about peacefully
18 Giant Snail - used as very slow transport and possible to live inside shells
19 Glyptadon - huge armoured animal with spiked mace tail mostly harmless
20 Giant Ape - these huge hairless apes are mostly harmless but battle other creatures

d20 Humanoids
1 Kobold
 - savage small goblinoids famouf for traps and ambushing, many sub breeds2 Hemogoblin - scarlet blood drinking goblins who live in flesh tunnels beneath Xor
3 Hobgoblin - larger more brutal surface dwelling goblinoids
4 Bugbear - as typical ones but hairless with huge human like ears and noses
5 Orcs - former humans or elves transformed into savage humanoids by mutation
6 Ogre - huge bloated bitter humanoids who graze on flesh feilds but crave novelty food
7 Troll - magenta blubbery cancerous insane trolls
8 Flesh Giants - huge primative humanoids similar to hill hill giants
9 Beastmen - many varieties with local variations in types
10 Ghouls - Xorian ghouls are skinless, some wear skin as capes other eat it off

11 Zombies - animated human corpses reanimated by Xorian bioplasm
12 Cavy Folk - Guinea pig humanoids actually hybrin halflings
13 Halflings - hairless halflings live as common homely humans, mostly naked
14 Redcaps - evil blood thirsty gnomes that can change to ogre size at will
15 Adhearer - mummy like humanoid covered in sticky resin that traps weapons
16 Doppelganger - hideous shape shifting psionic humanoids that impersonate humans
17 Feral Baby - savage babies use cuteness to lure victims actually mutant kobolds
18 Dark Dwarves - come to Xor seeking to mine exotic nuerochemicals and materials
19 Bone Elves - silent white skinned elves who live off mone meal and use bone tools
20 Blood Elves - savage cruel blood crazed elves

d10 Marine Creatures
1 Dolphin - small pink saliva river ones to larger ones that swim in seas of tears
2 Squid - from tiny cuttleshish to huge specimen that snatch men off ships with long arms
3 Octopus - from very tiny to ship sized horrors, some species like tako are intelligent
4 Giant Sea Urchin - many coloured varieties, walk on land to hunt with poisonous spines
5 Jellyfish - many varieties some huge, harmless or stinging varieties, edible
6 Dinosaurs - including Megaladon or Plesiosaur or various other marine breeds
7 Marine Turtles - from dog to elephant size turtles eat mostly jellyfish
8 Narwhal - the unicorn of the sea, use horns to stab prey, very wise creatures
9 Killer Whale - carnivorous whales live in packs hunting smaller life forms
10 Sealion - many breeds of these blubbery mammals from dog to elephant sized
11 Walrus - a huge blubbery fanged sea beast who love to wallow in shallows
12 Mermaid - half human half fish race who dwell in coral castle kingdoms
13 Sea Scorpion - agressive underwater giant scorpions some crawl on shore for prey
14 Giant Trilobite - many breeds of these ancient arthrapods, many crawl on beach to breed
15 Sea Serpant - huge serpents adapted to the syliva seas of Xor
16 Giant Hermit Crab - breed of giant crab that live in shells discarded by shellfish
17 Marine Crocodile - huge pink reptiles some breeds have flippers instead of legs
18 Giant Otter - delight in swimming on their backs and cracking open skulls on their bellies
19 Giant Clams - huge clams grab limbs of any who step on them and chomp off
20 Sharks - live in tear seas range from small to gigantic, also include manta rays

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