Sunday 6 November 2016

The Misery of Blood Sand Beach pt2 - Street Encounters

So I was cranking out stuff to keep up my hits up and I think I'm over it. G+ and blogger seem to be slowly being killed. Im considering building a website. Ive had lots of requests to do a compilation book again. Working on something polished would cut my blogging output to a trickle. I'm more into quantity than quality. No decisions needed at moment. After last road war game will knock out a compilation just to make life easier for me to run it. Im in Sydney now with my traveling pc, in Canberra with my design pc hopefully by monday. Usually in xmas holidays I work on compilations and play Temple of Elemental Evil PC game again.

Will be a few more tables and a map coming for this setting.

I've also decided to bite the bullet and make proper gods for this setting ive been running for years. Horrible obnoxious gods. Even the good ones.

I should do some more maritime tables too. Occurred to me some prison hulks in the harbour would fit in too.

d10 Quick Encounter Types

01 Vermin
02 Convict Labour
03 Vice
04 Beggars
05 Non humans
06 Sailors
07 Murder Hobos
08 Criminals
09 Street sellers
10 Weirdos

d100 Encounters On The Streets
01 Hopping sea fleas jump on everyone
02 Rats scuttle over feet, might turn hostile 
03 Isopods scuttle over ground picking on scraps
04 Trilobites crawling about 
05 Huge crab tries to grab someone from under some rocks
06 Tentacles from huge squid from open water tries to nab somebody
07 Seagulls try to knock food from hands to steal
08 Seagulls annoyingly begging for food
09 Stray cats looking fighting over scraps
 Aggressive sea scorpion tries a snatch and grab from open water
11 Chain gang being whipped on way to a sweatshop
12 Coffle of labourers being herded to work in fields

13 Cruel overseer beating slave in the street
14 Escape by slaves turns into a riot, orc guards attack
15 Masters making slaves fight for money
16 Legless slaves in wagon chained by necks off to slave market
17 Slaves being beheaded by orcs in street
18 Slaves being hung in gibbets for punishment
19 Slaves being flogged on a-frame 
20 Slave owner trying to sell youth for quick sale
21 Drug dealer on street selling goods from 1sp
22 Kobold transvestites offering trips to heaven 1gp
23 Old woman with orc guards selling cups of rum 1sp
24 Drunks in the street laying about
25 Man selling angry wild kobolds for strangling 1gp
26 Goblin trader selling assorted mushrooms from 1gp
27 Kobold renting out goat by the hour 1sp
28 Drunks vomiting in the street
29 Berserk hallucinating barbarian imagines enemies everywhere
30 Kobold robbing sleeping drunk
31 Drug addicts begging for change 
32 Man with no arms or legs begging for work
33 Kobolds begging for food scraps
34 Escaped slave begs for help
35 Beggar following party, beggar guild spy for hire
36 Elderly woman collecting money for old seamen home
37 Down on luck stranded sailor begs for work
38 Old necromancer with only one zombie begging for change
39 Waggon collecting dead from off the street
40 Beggar being attacked by rats
41 Orc hoodlums demanding money
42 Kobold selling his family at low low prices
43 Lizard man being whipped by orcs cursing this damned town
44 Frogman wizened and dying from salt overdose in gutter
45 Gang of of halflings beating a old man with clubs for a sandwich
46 Halflings cook selling buttered clams 1cp a serve
47 Orc gang sling insults at puny adventurers
48 Orc militia check your papers
49 Orc militia demand confirmation visitors really are males
50 Orc militia looking for druid terrorists or fish man saboteurs
51 Filthy drunk sailors drunkenly dancing in streets
52 Sailors having a fight in the street 
53 Sailors asking where they can find prostitutes
54 Sailors being beaten by orc militia
55 Sailor selling maps of strange islands
56 Sailor selling monkeys, parrots, snakes and other pets
57 Sailor selling tattoos
58 Sailor selling scrimshawed whale teeth
59 Sailor busking with accordion for beer money
60 Sailor sacrificing to a sea god in one of many alley way shrines
61 Drunken murder hobos staggering between pubs 
62 Drunken murder hobo stabbing or strangling a kobold in alley
63 Drunk murder hobo being beaten by orc militia
64 Murder hobo skinning, butchering and removing teeth from a lizard man
65 Retired murder hobo with one arm selling treasure maps
66 Murder hobo drunkenly talking to invisible friends about treasure
67 Murder hobo drunkenly being escorted by three kobolds in a human woman's dress
68 Murder hobo laying on ground begging for money, points out his stab wound
69 Hungry murder hobos eating a kobold on a spit
70 Lady murder hobo band with fake beards looking about town curiously
71 Muggers threaten visitors with shanks
72 Con man selling treasure maps
73 Cup and ball con man with small folding table
74 Card shark or coin toss con man in alley way running games
75 Muggers beating up old murder hobo beggar
76 Pimp slyly offers to show location of real brothel with real women for 5gp
77 Pimp offers to take to secret brothel, all girls are polymorphed kobolds
78 Man threatens to accuse visitors of being fish men if not paid 5gp
79 Con man has deed to a ship in harbour at low low prices
80 Con man asking for charity for crippled sailors home
81 Kobold selling hot buttered turnips 1cp
82 Orc selling hot chestnuts and acorns (orcs can eat them) 1cp a serve
83 Shifty push cart selling daggers, hooks, marlinespikes and teeth
84 Kobolds selling old clothes and strange bones from trolley 
85 Old woman selling eel stew and rat pies 1sp each
86 Old man selling bloodwurst sausage and sauerkraut 1sp serve
87 Kobold selling loaves of black bread 1cp
88 Kobold selling buttered periwinkles and crabs 1cp serve 
89 Old toothless man selling mystery boiled meat from large pot 1cp chunk
90 Orc selling boar penis soup, fabled fertility medicine 1gp bowl
91 Fishy man with googly eyes and thick lips in hood staring at visitors
92 Recruiter for mercenaries expedition to Monster Island
93 Press gang from ship needing crew offer to buy you all drinks
94 Failed ship captain telling stories of treasure islands looking for crew
95 Secret policeman looking to recruit murder hobos for dungeon mission
96 Recruiter for pit fighters offers great prizes and benefits
97 Wizard looking for murder hobos to recover lost item
98 Merchant looking for missing family wants to hire discreet murder hobos to rescue
99 Former bandit leader happy to give ex gangs lair location as revenge
100 Drunk crippled explorer happy to tell tales of the gold temples of monster island

d10 Quck Night Time Encounter Types
01 Animals
02 Beast Men
03 Supernatural horrors
04 Monsters
05 Riffraff 
06 Criminals
07 Militia
08 Cultists
09 Dodgy deals
10 Spooky stuff

d100 Encounters by Night
01 Sea scorpion climbs from water
02 Giant Crabs patrol streets
03 Water weird in a stagnant pool
04 Giant squid tentacles from water
05 Giant Frog in summer or Ice Toad in winter
06 Giant rat pack roaming streets
07 Giant crayfish scuttling about streets
08 Marine stegocentipede roaming for meat
09 Flying manta ray (1in6 vampiric)
10 Land lamprey school flopping about looking for blood

11 Crab men scavenging on streets
12 Eel men looking for food or murder

13 Fish men cultists looking for humans to kidnap
14 Fish men cultists summoning creatures from the depths
15 Marine troll up from the deep very hungry
16 Marine hobgoblins looking for metal goods
17 Lizard Men from Monster Island trying to free captives
18 Serpent man in woman form spying on humans
19 Vodyanoi marine umber hulk hunting
20 Kelpie in form of woman or horse luring men to deaths
21 Marine ghouls hateful of the living 
22 Sea Hag hunting for victims
23 Willow the Whisp
24 Marine zombie of long dead sailor covered in barnacles
25 Red Slaad looking for slaves to take to limbo
26 Vampire sea captain looking for victims
27 Penanggalang flying around looking for prey
28 Nereids looking for men to rob
29 Sirene regularly comes to steal especially magic
30 Hydrodaemon come to visit cultists
31 Marine ogres stealing metal goods and food
32 Sea wolves in humanoid wolf form hunting
33 Selkie in woman form looking for stuff to steal with several leopard seals nearby
34 Werewolf looking for food or murder
35 Were rat gang of sailors robbing buildings
36 Werepanther looking for victims by night
37 Tako octopus folk looking interesting human things to steal
38  Land urchins scavenging muck from cobblestones and mud
39 Eye of the deep roaming about for food
40 Algoids who form from slime by night and roam streets
41 Old hobo trying to avoid monsters and militia
42 Escaped criminal slaves from pens trying to escape
43 Limbless slave dumped in street to die
44 Escaped savages from monster Island with no clue what to do
45 Lizard men slaves heading for water
46 Kobolds picking streets for scraps of food or rubbish
47 Begger left out trying to get someone to let inside
48 Old man drunkenly roaming streets
49 Foreign drunk sailors unaware of curfew or night dangers
50 Escaped woman from illegal sex club desperate to escape
51 Gang of thieves breaking into shops by night
52 Gang of criminals dragging kidnap victims
53 Gang of criminals out for a dare
54 Pirates out to steal a ship
55 Pirate gangs fighting
56 Street gangs having turf war
57 Solo thief or assassin climbing building or wall
58 Pimp, thugs and slave women running from the law
59 Serial killer disemboweling a homeless person
60 Gang of were rats fighting gang of sea wolves
61 Orc militia chasing a young theif
62 Orc militia fighting a gang
63 Orc militia chasing escaped slaves
64 Orc militia fighting pirates
65 Orc militia fighting fish men
66 Orc militia fighting giant crabs
67 Orc militia being eaten by were rats
68 Orc militia executing men trying to free slaves
69 Orc militia beating a homeless person
70 Cult of the kraken god sacrificing a victim in a shallow pool
71 Cult of the kraken god throwing wax tablet into water in a ritual
72 Cult of the old man of the sea drowning a victim on a salty pool
73 Cultist of Hell doing the devils work 
74 Demon worshipers carving evil runes in escaped slaves 
75 Fish men cultists bringing bound woman to fish men
76 Necromancer cult releasing zombies into the sea
77 Cult of murder god throwing severed heads and hearts into the sea
78 Druids calling earthly powers to destroy town but attacked by sea monsters
79 Angelic cult trying to free slaves set upon by sea monsters
80 Sea wolf cultists sacrificing slave to the lord of sea beasts
81 Strange man offers you to follow him to secret drug den
82 Strange man offers you to follow him to secret brothel
83 Shifty man offers guide to secret night market of stolen goods 
84 Man in shadow offers free gold but leads to slaver ambush
85 Man in shadow offers free beer but leads to orc militia
86 Man in shadow offers free prostitutes but leads to sucubi
87 Man in shadow offers safe place to hide, actually leads to a press gang
88 Old man claims to be wizard without spell book, begs for help
89 Youth chained under house foundations whispers for help, actually a slaver trap
90 Man hanging in gibbet claims to be from good family begs for rescue
91 Spectral minion rattling chains begs for help to escape the town
92 Severed head drops from the sky and rolls down the streets
93 Eerie light comes from pools of water and a humanoid in hooded cloak runs out
94 Hear distant screams from woman, orc militia swarm the streets
95 A soaked druid staggers down street and falls dead from drowning
96 A grim face of the towns patron sea god appears in sky and grimaces then fades
97 A chilling wind blows down the street and phantoms of the dead arise moaning
98 Glowing eyes float down the street glaring at all then move onward 
99 The mayor, his orcs, clerics and wizards on the way somewhere in secret
100 A pirate lich with his skeleton crew walk down street and into the water

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