Tuesday 8 November 2016

Murder Highway image dump 6

So here is another post apocalypse image dump. I had players say they would like to play as 70s tv cops then jump decades every adventure till they are cyborg freaks in my alternate time line. There is a lote of biker hysteria imagages in 60s mens sweat mags that fit in pretty well. I mean who doesn't like running over Nazis?

Also get this book now

This beast would be a beast in my game. Not many cars would have enough armour to cope with this. APC,s would probably struggle against it. My setting has a wide range of power levels and room for improvement. I would tend to resist yhings like this being too common.  

More biker fantasies. Im not sure who the bad guys are here - the ones abusing women or the ones fetishizing abusing women and nazis. Sweat mag art has this moral quandry. If you read the content of these mags things get even worse. These mags died as femenism rose. Good.

This brute would be more useful for post apocalypse game than roadwar. APC's have turned up but they are generaly using classes of machinegun that would shred most death racers. Even .50 cal a menace. Going through Chaosium books and looking at inconsistancied of bullets in BRP ive gone for lower range of .50 cal to 2d8+4 over 2d10+4

This is a good example of a modified militia type vehichle. Milia often have fleets of mick up trucks with swivel mounted MGs and crew in the back

War rigs are a menace and if your using them without a trailer they are wow. Most death racers would accelerate away easily though. I should possibly stst them up with and without trailors. I was going to do a second vehichle sheet with aircraft, ultralights, copters and some other vehichles.

This is a pretty terrorfying combo of rockets and heavy machine guns. This is a pretty serious corporate 4WD vehichle defending corporate compounds. I could see players modding vehichles with defences or remote decoy vehichles to draw that rocket fire.

Nice war rig fuel tanker with armed crewmen. Of course if you want that fuel your going tto have to board this thing or stop it without destroying it.

Sanctioned op equiped for night combat. A well equipped driver from a sanctioned op agency. Vehichles like this are often a cut above death racers. players have noted police cruisers and interceptors are among the best overall vehichles and the best to mod as sportscars will just send you broke and dont performs so well with armour.

I have no words for this horror. I would base it on one of those giant mining trucks and those might as well be cruise missiles and that cannon like something a train based cannon on ww2 would carry. In game this would be something a team would board and sabotage. Laser it from orbit.

Undead drivers are a thing in my setting. This one a serious menace to a typical death racer. Most advanced undead are very hard to kill, even for cyborg war veterans.

More like the kind of vehichles a nomad or farmer would use. They better have an escort.

This corp off roadster scout is well equipped but the cheap scratch built gang vehichles are far cheaper.

This image suits my setting well - rockabilly merc women, mini guns and zombies

Scratch built vehichle low on arms but optimised for cheap raming and anti personel. Trypical gang turf patrol car with spotlights for night watch.

I dont really get in Fury Rd how you could drive so long in Australia without hitting the sea. If there was no sea the world is pretty fucked. I wonder where oxygen comes from.

Gang armoured car relying on crew to fire out windows but capable of ramming.

The original Mad Max2 still the gold standard of the genre

I had some weird formatting bugs carried by image that took way too long to get rid of. After playing game again I will do a compilation book as I realized would make game much easier to play from laptop. I also have a spreadsheet for design a player made. A few mods to vehicle sheets needed also and rewrite the bonus cards with player benefits. I was donated some nice art but I want to make some that is more gritty. More mad max less gammaworld. Half reason I use BRP with all the crunch maxed out with locations, recoil rules and second combat rounds is to keep a gritty feel where every missed bullet makes you sigh with relief.

New characters created include a cyborg federal cop of solo gang fightinjg detail, a fame hungry frock wearing bloke tv celeb fighting gangs for fame and a replicant looking for reason they exist.


  1. Will you ever be "finished" with Murder Highway? When you are, would you think abut collating it into something resembling a setting, or just leaving it strewn across the internet like so much roadkill?

    1. It is my xmas project
      hopefully for my 1000 post coming up

      i was offered lots of art which put me on hold but most of it was a bit off for the setting - i hope to get off my arse and make more graffics and some art myself

      i have cover and textures done too

      i wanna finish it because i tried to run it without my folder and a pdf compilation would help - a few more things to do

      apparently every modern era post i do scares off some fantasy readers for a while

    2. !!! Very much looking forward to it. Having everything scattered around is really good for inspiration, but it's a bugger to keep track of it all

  2. Yeah, that is one sexy Apunkalypse (as it is called in TV Tropes)! Great finds!

    It is great finding new art like this. The vehicles were easy to search for, being DeviantArt pics, but I had to fish around for the pictures with topless chicks. They were made by Rick Melton, who made a lot of great pictures of b-movie horror and iconic scream queens. Good stuff!

  3. Mad Max reboot has the oceans largely evaporated. This is much more clear in the video game, where you're obviously driving around the sea floor, dodging rusted out cargo ships and the like. In some ways this makes Fury Road more grim than The Road.


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