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d100 Inhabitants of Strange Old Wilderness Shacks

Strange shacks are a good hex crawl add on for whenever you need a encounter. Good for any terrain just off the beaten track. Local hobos and children might know some rumours. A shack is mostly one room.

d12 Hut Types
01 Woven branches with wattle and daub then camouflage
02 Mud hut dome with mud bricks(or feces or ice) dung made stove that burns dung 
03 Lean-to against a dead tree made with branches and a tarpaulin
04 Partly buried into hillside with turf roof
05 Made from scrap wood and wrecked old cart
06  Woven from reeds possibly floats like a raft 
07 Old fashioned wooden shack structure solid enough to lock
08 Wooden shack over cave or old mine or cellar
09 Wooden shack with large open veranda or storage or work shack
10 Crude stone shack with crumbing wooden roof with cellar

11 Inside base of a giant tree (or toadstool) with a secure door and windows
12 Shack in a tree or on stilts, well camouflaged with vegetation

d12 Special Features
1 Old abandoned garden long gone wild
2 Second smaller shack for storage or outhouse
3 Remains of farm equipment and animal sheds
4 Remains of mining equipment and debris mound

5 Small pond possibly with stuff in bottom
6 Garbage heap, possibly with remains of previous ruined shack mixed in
7 Small enclosed by wooden fence or dry stone wall

8 Several animal pens and shelter for logs
9 Surrounded by traps including, snares, rabbit traps, pits, etc
10 Holes around shack dug by creatures burrow system or lair

11 Mysterious occult carvings and art objects decorate surrounding area
12  Body parts woven among hut structure and surrounding area 

d10 Quick Strange Old Shack Types
01 Loner
02 Outcast
03 Criminal
04  killer
05 Freak
06  Mutant
07 Beast folk
08 Monster
09 Undead
10 Supernatural

d100 Inhabitants of Strange Old Wilderness Shacks 
01 Terrified old widow afraid of lynch mobs in hiding, expert healer
02 Old drunk here with brewing equipment to stay drunk and trade 
03 Old wise woman midwife and healer, now banished by new church
04 Old former veteran now drunk who saw something so terrible one night...
05 Old prospector looking for metal veins or dungeon entrances to claim
06 Wife on the run from horrible husband and village idea of justice
07 Old wise man driven away by mob for strange truthful theories
08 Homeless youth avoiding abusive home desperate for new opportunity
09 Old hunter trades furs and does best to avoid people
10 Young woman fled her village to practice martial arts

11 A hunter tainted by lycanthropy dwells here in hiding from the law
12 Former mayor caught being greedy coward and traitor, looking for new opportunity

13 Witch cast out of home and vindictive, always working on curses and 
14 Kinslayer having escaped village justice and hiding in wilderness to think
15 Former druid of the old ways in hiding from the modern church
16 Failed witch hunter made enemies everywhere before running here to hide
17 Failed apprentices from magic school expelled for reading evil books
18 Former priest student has learned evil priests ways and camps here to start evil task
19 Ex sheriff lynched elf diplomats and state has declared them traitors and enemies
20 Former knight of old faith escaped persecution and is now a wilderness bandit
21 Local thief has been robbing valuables and mounts (has a d4) 
22 Local mounted robber with several pistols, horse and sword, counting his stash
23 Former murderer has lived in hiding in fear of law for decades
24 Soldier from a former war has been hiding here since paranoid about visitors
25 Cultist exposed by adventurers and now in hiding, looking for opportunities
26 Cult here to perform ceremonies cannot allow any witnesses to live
27 Clan of backward cannibal here in hiding from civilized law
28 Bandit gang secret camp here used as storehouse, usually guarded
29 Band of chaotic agents use as secret messenger station for a dark power  
30 Traitor who aided orc band wanted criminal, seeks to get into a dungeon to hide
31 Escaped mad surgeon from city offers to treat wounds and feed strangers
32 Necromancer in need of corpses happy to help visitors 
33 Drug dealing gang stockpiling and refining narcotics, paranoid killers or layabouts
34 Cannibal clan having a private BBQ cant let outsiders see and live
35 Gang of serial killers taking break from city and chased by the law
36 Wanted gang of highway robbers and killers hated by the law
37 Robber knight a exiled lord and men hide here and murder witnesses
38 Former corrupt toll keeper now wanted criminal hiding here with evil henchmen
39 A witch and her daughters pretend to be innocent refugees from modern dogma
40 Cult killers come hear to make and wear their human skin leather body suits in secret 
41 Hunch backed freak lives here and is sick of humans abusing him
42 Old woman and her troll son live here away from public gaze
43 Escaped from mob fish boy hybrid confused about origin and craves murder
44 Colony of amputee war veterans living away from civilization
45 Colony of carnival freaks including fat person, rat person, lizard person, 
46 Horned hairy wildman with tail and hooves hated by locals as a demon, 
47 Emaciated one eyed plague carrier sent by disease demons
48 Siamese twin behemoth living in shame after escaping family basement
49 Swollen headed boy genius, shunned by normal folk, would make a awesome wizard 
50 Hair covered mutant boys driven from home by ignorant 
51 Tentacled farmboy warlock hides his mutation and pretends to be orphan
52 Slime blob creature formerly a man, his last days diary in the hut
53 Old mutant man with strange visions will tell you of your destiny for a bottle of brandy
54 Mutated multi horned goat thing with a snake with head for a tail, attacks lawful
55 Tentacled baby faced shoggoth thing lives in the well awaiting beings to eat 
56 Several teen girls are spider hybrid, revoltingly shape shift and use spider abilities
57 Three headed boy, each with seperate alignment, argues with self constantly
58 Evil youth has turned into a ogre through selfish thoughts and deeds, still thinks is human
59 Cannibal mutant clan live here and mostly make toxic booze when not killing
60 Formerly attractive woman punished by gods for hubris now a medusa
61 Goat boy cursed by a witch lives here alone desperate for friends
62 Gang of rabbit men warriors keen to cruelly murder any humans
63 Goat men chaos cultists breeding oozes in a pit and let loose in river
64 Boar men eating a peasant on a spit over a fire pit, keen to eat more
65 Big black cock man warlock leading chicken tribe in human sacrifice
66 Lizard men live here protecting their former boss a brain damaged serpent man
67 Badger men use hut as entry for their warren murder complex beneath
68 Raven men training kidnapped youths into theieves or warriors or wizards
69 Minotaur has used vines and old fences to make a crude maze he hunts victims in
70 Chaos squirrel men hiding in trees and keen for human meat, some carry plague
71 Owlbear family nesting in hut, adorable chicks want to eat adventurers 
72 Hungry rust monsters digging for old nails
73 Kobold clan with tunnels beneath hut, heavily trapped area, hundreds of babies
74 Orc outpost where orc troops camp while spying on regions trade routes
75 Carrion crawlers living inside with several grimacing human prisoners paralyzed
76 Doppelgangers live hear pretend to be friendly hunters and welcome strangers
77 Giant spiders inside hut full of silk bound bundles of bones
78 Troglodyte hunting party use as camp, area smell of rotten eggs
79 Bugbear clan living here peacefully but they long to scare intruders away
80 Goblin shroom farmers happy to trade with outsiders who are friendly
81 Shades dwell here, numbers have grown as more explorers killed, corpses inside
82 Zombies under surface arise if awoken by intruders
83 Skeletons in shack arise guarding long dead necromancers
84 Wight came here and killed trapper clan here long a ago,  hut built on grave mound
85 Yellow musk creeper and zombies here preparing to spread new plant colonies
86 Savage cultist with zombie helpers camps here plotting his next move
87 Ghoul clan camp here digging up old graves near house
88 Spectral minion hobo clan talk about miserable lives as vagrants 
89 Severed undead hands crawl around shack made by cultists long ago
90 Phantom spirits appears to drive intruders from prospectors treasure in the hut 
91 Succubi lives here enthralling hunters and explorers
92 Devil swine and charmed thugs live here planning conquest of region
93 Werewolf clan of evil hunters, keen to have new food and slaves 
94 Demon lurks here summoned and abandoned by cult long ago
95 Dryad lives here with animal friends and charmed slaves
96 Leprechauns live here and protect their stash of gold hidden in shack
97 Imp familiar abandoned here, will follow and torment invisibly
98 Local nature spirits live here in human form to meet in private, disappointed by intruders
99 Basement entrance to hell made by cultists, lesser devil commanding orc squad guards
100 Petty god with entourage staying here for a spell

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