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d100 Chaos Goats

Chaos goats are roaming the country side, ruining fences, turning milk sour, bleating at night and leading demonic rites. Killing a chaos goat earns you fame and fortune. Why are you not already after them?

Typically a goat menaces one village or rural region often being named after it. Talmford Tentacled Chaos Goat or the Morris Scorpion Goat. Chaos goats in every village might be a good campagn hhook, the goats can get stronger and characters can boast about being the Slayers of the Owl-Goat of Samly Green.

Typical Goat AC17 HD1 Att 1 Butt d6
Large Billygoat AC6 HD2 Att 1 Butt 2d4
Giant Goat AC15 HD 4 Att butt 2D6 and 2x d6 hooves
Behemoth Goat AC14 HD 8 Att butt 3D6 and 2x d8 hooves
Titan Goat AC 20 HD 18 Att butt 4d6 and 2x 2d6 hooves

Magic goats generally can cast 1 zero level cantrip per level
Chaos goats like nasty ones for tricks

Really about making chaos goats a relative challenge for your party of any level

Named goats are on their way to becoming demons

You could mix goats to create improved chaos goats or roll extra powers on bigger ones

Chaos Billy Goats tend to be more into hunting victims and being terrotorial

A Chaos Doe or Nanny are more interested in reproducing from a lair

Chaos goats are usually part of a concentrated chaos insurgence and are the most obvious sign of something being wrong in area. If you leave it too long there will be bubbling chaos gates releasing demons and undead.

d12 What dastardly deed has the Goat most recently performed?
1 Eaten villager d4 1=elderly 2=child 3=farmer 4=militia man
2 Spawning evil, has several dangerous young
3 Marking horrible scents on territory
4 Chewing laundry and fences
5 Contaminating livestock with chaos
6 Dancing on rooftops of village houses by night
7 Drive away tinkers and traders
8 Raiding with d4 1=cultists 2=monsters 3=humanoids 4=evil offspring
9 Eating best vegetables and garden herbs
10 Kill dogs and cats and farm animals
11 Contaminating water supply
12 Shitting horrible magical dung everywhere

d12 Chaos Goat Missions
1 Contaminate area with chaos
2 Break down law and trade over a area
3 Torment common folk
3 Drive out religion and order
4 Rally a chaos mob to form
5 Make area a wasteland
6 Show the majesty of chaos
7 Damage food production of area
8 Aid a chaos cult
9 Assist in the erection of a chaos monolith
10 Find a worthy mount to serve chaos
11 Annoy and pester local folk but don't kill them
12 Locate a lair to breed chaos monsters

d12 Magical Dung
1 Heals a d4 per day per application
2 Slows poison if used as poultice or eaten
3 Burn like charcoal for 24 hours if used as fuel
4 Can be moulded, dries as hard as stone like modeling clay for stone tools
5 If eaten acts as a detect magic cantrip, magic stuff bathed in rainbows, tastes bad
6 Glows weirdly for a d6 hours, if put on a stick can use as a light source
7 Burns with 1pt acid damage anything touched for 24 hours
8 Dung smolders, burns and spits for 24 hours giving off burning sulfur burns
9 Dung produces nausea to anything failing save in 10' feet, smells foul within 3"
10 Dung leaves bubbling black ash that 1% of time calls a lesser demon after 1 hour
11 Shimmers like gold coins but if touched explodes for 2d6 damage 1" radius
12 If eaten inflicts eater with minor mutation, tastes horrible

d12 Common Extra Chaos Goat Powers
1 Serial Immortality - will be reborn if killed and soul not destroyed
2 Explodes on death 3d6 fireball damage to those in 2" radius 
3 Spider climb - can walk on walls and ceilings
4 Hybridise with anything even rocks
Extremely fertile has a litter of 2d4 each month
6 Can jump one mile once per HD per day
7 Can eat anything from poison to metal or fire
8 Can plane shift to chaos plane or back once per week at will
9 Constantly mutating roll every round a different mutation
10 Regenerate one HP per round unless fire or acid
11 Immune to non magic weapons, iron inflicts half damage
12 Rises in a new undead form next full moon

d12 Chaos Goat Followers
optional per goat but typically one roll per 2 HD
1 Bandit turned to chaos, loots for the goat's interests
2 Farmer turned cultist often with a pitchfork, acts as servant
3 Hunter turned into a chaos cultist, acts as a scout
4 Chaos priest following the goat as a saint
5 Chaos Templar come to aid the goat from a demonic castle
6 Chaos Sorcerer interested in goats magic power and effluent 
7 A d4 kobolds with little goat heads and horns
8 Goat man warrior and chaos goat bodyguards (possible mate)
9 Two goblins who worship the goat and forage for tasty treats
10 A Hobgoblin warrior in plate with halberd and crossbow bodyguard
11 A lesser chaos goat or a mutant possibly offspring or mate of goat
12 A lesser demon possibly a quasit with a miniature goat form

d100 Chaos Goats
01 The Sea Goat is fish from the waist down and likes to foul lines and nets
02 The Owl Goat has a goat horned owl head on a huge goat body, preys on night travellers
03 Two Headed Tentacled Goat can breath fire bolts and likes to burn haystacks and shacks
04 The Goat Bat has huge bat wings and flies by night breaking roofs and scaring people
05 The Displacer goat is black with 2 tentacles d6 attacks and displacement feild 
06 The Golden Chaos goat is beautiful beyond compare casts Charm Person 3/day
07 Siri the Dark Mother Goat births mutant goblin spawn who worship and defend her
08 The Acid Goat is a viscous she goat who shoots 2 acid arrows per round from her udder
09 The Burning Goat, a horrible fire goat, all in 10' radius takes d4, +d4 on all melee attacks
10 The Green Goat can birth vege pygmies and cannot be harmed by plants or wood 

11 The Iron Goat magnetically snatches metal weapons from hands and is immune to metal
12 The Smoking goat emits choking fumes, leaves sooty trails, immune to ranged weapons

13 The Stone Goat has AC20 and takes 2 off every dice of damage recieved
14 The Troll Goat is made from rubbery chaos troll flesh regenerating 3 HP/round
15 Spider Goat can shoot 2 web strands from her udders that entangle like web spell
16 Vapour Goat can assume gaseous form at will and can summon a bat swarm per day
17 Slime Goat has a green slime colony growing on it without harm
18 The Ice Goat radiates d6 cold damage per round within 1", freezes over ponds 
19 Ghost Goat is AC 20 and requires magic to hit, each butt attack drains d4 INT points
20 Lord of the Abyss Goat radiates fear within 1" from repulsive oozing raw flesh
21 The Swamp Goat breathes and moves in water as surface, and has a lamprey tail
22 The Night Goat is invisible in darkness and sees like a bat, she likes to scare people
23 The Ghoul Goat is a rotting flesh monster that paralyzes as a ghoul on touch
24 The Harpy Goat has crow wings and can shoot disease causing feces from above
25 The Brain Goat has paralyzing tentacles and can suck brains from helpless victims
26 The Worm Goat is a mass of goat shaped worms who can spit out a rot grub each round 
27 The Scorpion Goat has two pincers growing from sides and a stinger tail
28 The Kraken Goat has eight small d3 tentacles and two oar like d6 tentacles, also breathes water 
29 The Goat Turtle can breathe water and has a AC20 Plastron shell
30 Krono Goat can increase or decrease the age of any target butted a d6 years at a time
31 Screaming Goat causes d4 damage to life in 1" and once a day can wail like a banshee
32 The Invisible Goat likes to surprise butt victims especially ones using tools
33 The Flensed Goat has shredded skin that acts as six d4 tentacles and drips blood
34 The Wounded Goat inflicts wounds that cannot be healed unless remove curse cast
35 The Star Goat is a levitating pulsating mass of loose flesh with four extra d4 claw attaks
36 The Fishing Goat can extend tongue 40 feet and strangles victims through chimneys
37 The Dream Goat can attack a victim from their dreams killing them as they sleep
38 The Honeyed Goat is dripping with honey, attackers must save each round to hit goat, it can also summon a bee swarm
39 The Shaggy Goat, covered in green spines, can fire 6x d6 shots and breathe 2d6 fire 3" 
40 The Unkillable Goat is restored to life 1 round after death, 1HD less version until zero
41 The Blade Goat has mail hide and sword blades sticking from body +d6 melee damage
42 The Sky goat is a legless sack of gas with a goat head, its smoke trail is sleep gas
43 The Mind Goat can levitate at will and create 4 glowing d8 melee weapons to aid it
44 Astro Goat is a metallic chrome goat that soars through space AC0, immune to heat or cold, can fly and survive in space
45 The Ooze goat is made from grey ooze slime but more mobile 
46 The Chain goat is raw meat wrapped in chains, has a d4 extra d4 attacks each round 
47 The Plague Goat shoots two bolts of infected puss from her udders
48 The Steam Goat is semi vapour floating form +4AC and can breath 2d6 steam 3"
49 The Stirge Goat Can give birth to a Stirge per round in battle, has 2d6 with her at start
50 The Rotgut Goat, if wounded attacker takes d6 acid damage, can spit a acid arrow/round
51 Ooron the Foul is a slimy goat who can shoot stinking musk from his buttocks
52 Xoran the Magnificent has confusing gaze from flashing eyes and many sharp horns
53 Rarikah the Spur of Chaos has a additional d12 huge horn and can spit a arrow/round
54 Minmah the Glittering Goat has purple metalic skin AC20 and is immune to spells
55 Horiokorn the Wizard Goat can cast spell from a devoured wizard once, hold 1spell/HD
56 Belshabaroth the Horror, can swollow a human whole once in a fight 1HP/round
57 Kionastrom the Demon Goat, can blink in battle and fire burning hands spell every round 
58 Zorrannong the Scarlet Steed, mount of a demon lord who will restore it to life
59 Khaneroth the Deep Dark One can summon a demon 5% per round, immune to spells
60 Boralg Dunlips nanny to quasits always has a few around her, all quasits hate her slayer
61 Urulf Klegstran can call a lesser demon to ride him on his raids each night
62 Zorruz Zar can summon a fly swarm once a battle and can call a fly demon once a week
63 Shumwaarg a huge blubbering idiot goat regenerates 1HP/round and always hungry
64 Aliew Three Leg has a mechanical leg and can spit a crossbow bolt each round
65 Marizah the Witch Goat can cast Spells as a Druid, Level=HD 
66 Gorgar the Magic Eater absorbs spells which heal it d6 per Spell Level
67 Nanny Bloodgorger has a bite attack, if hits sucks a d6 blood per round
68 Nanyarg Druul, the goat of the Monolith drags sacrificial victims off to call his dark god
69 Siadadran the Foul Goat leaves trails of diseased phlegm from his bum
70 Goleg Grimgoat is a huge stone hide goat who praises chaos while attacking
71 Trumnarg the Terrible has huge tusks and keeps growing till mammoth size
72 Tsarmamgaron the Destroyer can shoot a 3d6 fireball per round and resistant to fire
73 Kornang the Defiler has crystal horns that shoot two magic missiles a round
74 Manungardgi the Eater, if it dines on a human heals all damage
75 Huranamanra the oozer is half goat and half giant slug, can spit a acid arrow every round
76 Annak the Barren sterilizes foes who fail CON save if butted, urine kills plants
77 Denran the Appalling has a d4 Quasit aids and can dimension door at will 
78 Farnenra the Jet Goat has shiny black skin AC20 and horns drip +d4 acid
79 Eelaran the Long Necked can extend neck up to 30' and can bend around corners
80 Hurnag the Silent is a AC 20 stone bat winged flying goat who pretends to be a statue
81 Oraznirjan the Obliterator is a cyclops goat who can fire a 2d6 ray from eye with 8" range
82 Zanthroz the Belligerent is a hairy goat with a shifting hue and a d6 illusionary duplicates
83 Canthorin a orange muscular beseker chaos goat with a huge bristling beard
84 Alaxiar the Putrescent a glowing blue phlegm coloured goat spits diseased mucous
85 Illgaxx the Glass Goat is a transparent goat that can fire a rainbow sleep ray per round
86 Orinthran the Night Beast has a squid face 4x d4 tentacles, slimy skin and batwings
87 Stallaran the Silent Feeder can turn invisible 3 times a day and can drink blood from sleeping or unconscious victims  
88 Barranbaribor the Appalling, scream causes fear with 3", gaseous form at will 
89 Voritac the Centipede Goat has 30 1HD segments, shrinks as segment killed  
90 Xoriad the Deplorable can curse once a round to change victims alignment
91 Zordanix the Iron Eater has a touch like a rust monster and eats remains
92 Caleoban the Elemental Goat can summon a 8HD elemental once a day
93 Norodar the Eternal is reborn every full moon with different mutations and colour
94 Voorandar the Snake Goat has scaly skin, a snake for a tail and a poison bite
95 Aleozax the Incomparable constantly changes colour and form and powers 
96 Zorga the Incomprehensible is a huge cloud of poison goat shaped neon gas 
97 Jerezan the Corpulent is a legless bloated oozing goat with an extra 10HD
98 Cherulon the Mad radiates fear 1" and can curse a victim with madness
99 Srilon the Gormless radiates confusion 3" and is a drooling idiot
100 Zedira the Great Chaos Goat breathes fire as a dragon of similar HD

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