Monday 15 August 2016

The Hellbog Part 2 - A living world of death

So I have repeated my basic format from previous hell posts but will do a third part set out more like my dungeon zones made for lower level adventurers in a horrible but more worldly swamp. Will also feature items and mysteries. The encounters here will include more planar creatures.

As said before devils are lawful tormentors in hell but this hell the landscape is the main tormentor. Devils here are reluctant either on a mission or themselves are banished here. Demons like it here as there are less devils to bother them with rules and many come here on a mission such as the demon bounty hunters. Demons that do too well bring forth a army of devils to destroy them.

Lots of my dungeons are intelligent and evil. This is my first detailed outdoor attempt. The swamp is hostile and malicious. It magically ruins any sense of direction. It keeps visitors wandering in circles in the outer zone, goading them with encounters, temptations and terrain hazards. Mapping it is pointless. The inner zone is a wasteland or treetrunks, thorns, black mud, plague carrying insects and then the final heart. Here the swamp souls can manifest as different beings. In the past it battled gods. Some say it was less horrible land spirit once but was corrupted during primordial wars with gods and monsters. Some say it's children were slain making it bitter. Other say it refused to let humankind tame it and evil planar beings aided it as a bullwark against human kind.

Remnants of pre human monster empires and early human settlements can be found in the swamp. Also the swamp protects degenerate rural inbred cannibals clans driven out of more wholesome areas. They live in shacks and survive in the swamp not noticing it's more hellish properties.

The earthly hellbog and the swamp lands of hell overlap and you might wander from one into the other. The earthly swamp god if fed up with adventurers might send them to hell. Hell is less likely to send anything to the worldly swamp but does send undead and monsters through. Demons and devils of hell have used the swamp to ascend to the mortal world and at least once a small army of devils came out to burn a adventurers stronghold. This possibly happened more in ancient times. The elves nearby still carry silver.

Several evil villagers and the whaling town of Bloodsand are said to have unseemly connection to the swamps. Cultists and bandits for miles around hide on the fringes of the swamp and it leaves them in peace. Some settle in swamp and it protects them unlike intruders.

Evil beavers build all kinds of hazards for intruders including traps, walls pits. They worship the bog god

Local Druids have battled the swamp for aeons with initiates visiting it for initiations and senior druids near final days retiring into the swamp to fight the unatural blight. Evil druid sects worshiping the swamp have thrived in the past but the jealous swamp has kept power for itself. The occasional cannibal clan elder might use druid spells.

Hazzards are things that impede travel but can be avoides. Encounters are harder to avoid and mostly hostile meetings with swamp denizens.

d100 Hazards
01 Falling rotten tree
02 Carnivorous walking trees migrating
03 Evil walking tree folk grove
04 Evil Dryad with charmed servants in grove
05 Insane swamp treant hate human looking critters
06 Giant venus flytrap patch
07 Giant pitcher plant
08 Rotting log over river looks secure
09 Huge log is lair of aggressive lizard
10 Strangling vines floating in water

11 Dozens of basking crocodiles or dimetradons
12 Huge log is actually a sleeping giant lizard

13 Swarm or mosquitoes carrying swamp fever
14 Huge spider webs through vegetation with giant spider colony
15 Giant trapdoor spiders hiding in hidden pits
16 Dinosaur fathers guarding nests
17 Giant termite mounds with swarming guardians
18 Shambling mounds lurking in huge mounds of rotting vegetation
19 Shallow muddy pool full of electric eels
20 Huge hollow tree now monster lair
21 Quicksand bog covered in vegetation 
22 Rapid waterways dangerous to cross
23 Waterfall blocks passage
24 Burbling tar pit hidden under mud
25 Sinkhole with water pouring into dephs
26 Slippery muddy slopes
27 Mudslides down hill onto path
28 Path collapses and slides down hill
29 Swarm of thousands of giant ants like a carpet
30 Fire burning in dry reeds
31 Swamp gas displaces oxygen
32 Flamable swamp gas ignited by any open flame
33 Ground bouncy and wobbly from underground gas
34 Pool of flammable oil
35 Pool of boiling mud
36 Jet of flame from underground gas
37 Clouds of thick fog that makes finding direction impossible
38 Clouds of stinking gas causes nausea and vomiting
39 Ground collapses into sinkhole
40 Poisonous gas cloud
41 Burning peat bog
42 Thick with impassable thorn trees and bushes
43 Ferry operated by goblins demand hefty toll
44 Hydrodaemons playing in shallow waters invite you in
45 Huge log jam covered in slippery mud
46 Thick with scrubs and stubby trees extremely difficult to cross
47 Shallow water thick with basking crocodiles could be hopped across
48 Muddy cliff over flowing river
49 Bridge of bone and sinew over sulfurous bog
50 Village of cannibal halfling voodoo cult
51 Treetop village with interconnecting walkways of humanoids or beastmen
52 Walkway alongside cliff with burial caves in wall
53 Flash flood
54 Rain pours down raising water levels by d6 feet
55 Millions of swarming frogs everywhere breeding
56 Miasma of foul swamp disease in air
57 Spike traps hidden over area
58 Pit traps with spikes in area
59 Snares in area
60 Abandoned mine shafts covered by reeds
61 Net traps in area
62 Log fall traps in area
63 Poison dart traps in area 
64 Wasp swarm from huge hidden nests
65 Sticky mud traps feet
66 Evil giant beavers have built log wall maze with traps
67 Cold snap covers surface in ice making surface trecherous
68 Water filled with diseased corpses
69 Under surface sleeping undead lie 
70 Fever carrying barley living person floating in water
71 Evil beaver built walls made from hundreds of bog corpses
72 Herd of aggressive swamp buffalo
73 Herds of swamp deer, males aggressive
74 Explosive melons growing on vines in area
75 Explosive toadstools
76 Giant patches of yellow mould
77 Patches of yellow musk plants with guard zombies
78 Giant stinging sundew plants thick in area
79 Horrible snapping turtles common here just under water
80 Rope bridge over waterfalls and rapids
81 Wooden walkway over marsh full of piranha 
82 Rusalka spirit rules over area controlling animals and water
83 Basking evil swamp mermaids invite you to join them, while pushing bones underwater
84 Brontotherium herd dislike two legs looking at their kids
85 Ogre clan meet cooking and abusing human slaves for party
86 Mutagenic slime bubbling up from planes of chaos
87 Floating coffins with sleeping undead thick in waters
88 Water thick with giant leeches
89 Undead evil druid lord demand you return the way you came
90 Thousands of swarming trilobites
91 Pools swarming with lampreys
92 Aggressive woolly swamp rhinos dislike anything in territory
93 Auroch herd systematically hunt and kill anything that could threaten calves
94 A gaggle of demons having a party with victims to eat and torment
95 Army of devils searching swamp ahead for criminals
96 Hell hounds guarding a ruin
97 Thousands of sharpened stakes in ground covered in septic slime
98 Frogmen tribal rituals sacrificing hundreds of victims on semi sunken step pyramid
99 Shambling fishmen hybrid village welcome visitors
100 Dozens of prisoners submerged up to necks guarded by devils in path

d100 Encounters
01 Giant snapping tortise
02 Pack of giant frogs hunting
03 Gigantic toad lurking under water
04 Giant tarantulas on prowl
05 Anaconda hiding in water
06 Giant cobras lurking in bushes
07 Savage swamp apes
08 Vegepygmie tribesmen in hunting group
09 Gang of needlemen lurking in bushes
10 Gigantic lobsters lurk in water

11 Giant catfish in shallow muddy water
12 Giant eels swimming

13 Piranha fish school 
14 Kappa lurking in flooded pits in reed beds
15 Lizard men hunters
16 Frog men warrors
17 Snake man wizard with lizard men guards
18 Dino men warlords out to rove might
19 Ratmen cultists carrying diseased spore pods
20 Lampreymen cultists looking for blood
21 Crabmen scavenging food
22 Giant crabs hungry for meat
23 Giant preying mantis
24 Catfishman priest and cultist guards
25 Giant centipedes
26 Giant rat pack
27 Neo Otyugh lurking in mud
28 Purple Worm
29 Carrion Crawlers
30 Rust monsters digging for bog iron
31 Axe beak pack hunting in reeds
32 Mutated ogres
33 Ettin bored lloking for victims
34 Trolls starving for food
35 Giant porcupine
36 Plesiosaur lurking in water
37 Pterodactyls out hunting
38 Giant vultures
39 Aerial jellyfish
40 Raptor pack hunting
41 Allasaurus pair hunting
42 Tyrannosaurus rex on patrol
43 Stegosaurus herd easily spooked
44 Triceratops herd, some males agressive
45 Ankylosaurus family
46 Giant swamp serpent
47 Giant beetle pack
48 Giant swamp octopus
49 Earth elemental
50 Water Elemental
51 Giant newts
52 Green hag invites you to dinner
53 Giant crocodile
54 Willow the wisp
55 Group of idiotic boggles
56 Young dumb black dragons hunting
57 Old intelligent black dragon lair
58 Giant scorpions
59 Banshee wailing
60 Black pudding
61 Ochre Jellies
62 Grey Ooze
63 Green Slime
64 Gelatinous cubes
65 Hydra
66 Zombies of the damned
67 Wights warriors of slain warriors
68 Wraiths of evil wizard lords
69 Bog mummies of sacrificed druid kings
70 Ghouls of damned abandoned here
71 Skeletons remains of dead soldiers
72 Gremlins
73 Irish Deer
74 Cave bear
75 Dire wolf pack
76 Troglodyte clan
77 Cultists exploring
78 Cannibal Clan hunting
79 Bandits lost
80 Phantoms of the damned
81 Ogre Magi
82 Bugbear warriors on patrol
83 Goblin tribe
84 Flock of stirges
85 Wyverns hunting
86 Gargoyles
87 Formarian giants
88 Mud golems
89 Grell lurking in bog
90 Harpies in flight
91 Larvae crawling in muck escaped from from devils pit
92 Lesser demons desperate for victims
93 Lesser devils marching in squad hunting a exile
94 Imps or quasits
95 Evil naga with servitor beast folk or humanoids
96 Nighthag interested in anyone lost 
97 Demon bounty hunters
98 Unique Devil exile living in squalid ruin 
99 Major devil or demon
100 Slaad invaders looking for trouble

Listening to sweet jpop while writing this
I aint into metal sorry

When ASE modules finished will be playing Xor or Hell.


  1. Which Jpop bands? I've been listening to a lot of Maximum the Hormone and Dazzle Vision lately, though I still make time for Dir en Grey. (Or I get real nostalgic and dig out the older stuff like Amuro Namie, Ayumi Hamasaki, Judy & Mary, and L'arc-en-Ciel.)

    1. i used to dj Shibuya-kei genre stuff - i has a utube channel konsumterra1 but not up to date on jpop (lots got shut down) - found a great mix of vanilla bean, capsule and others - mellow girl pop circa 2013, I loved fantastic plastic machine, qyptphonic, sushi 3003 and 4004 compilations and got albums but shocking prices even for perfume - i find lots of jpop too youthful - more korean stuff seems more mature and sophisticated (korean friend says they wish they were) - ive been only white person on jobs for years at a time working with mostly asian youth - parents like me getting kids into homelands music

  2. Cool, but no bog carpets threatening to give way and drown characters heavier than a halfling or gnome?

    1. there are a variety of sloppy wet pits between both posts some spiked for your pleasure


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