Wednesday 10 August 2016

d100 To The Court of the Overlord!

Rulers get wary when powerful adventurers turn up. They get queasy when nobody murder hobos turn up in town buying property and influencing guilds. Establishing strongholds in the wilderness and damaging economy with small change is dangerous. Suddenly your party has been noticed and the ruler wants to meet them. Even being a heavily armed traveller with mighty relics is enough to warrant the ruler investigates. The higher the level the more likely. This automatically happens at 9th level when most heroes get some kind of title.

d12 What is main agenda of the lord
1 Intimidate them with display of who is boss
2 Test their mettle what kind of men are they
3 To determine their alignments
4 To talk about taxes or try and take their money
5 Send to deal with some enemy perhaps fight kills both
6 Determine if they are appropriately patriotic and obey ruler
7 See if they can be used as weapons against something
8 Set them a impossible task and hope they don't return
9 Examining them to see if they deserve titles or official jobs
10 To see if any could pass as noble blood and marry them off to a relative
11 Have a special property or estate causing trouble and gift it to party
12 Be seen publicly befriending party in case they get murdered horribly later

d12 Following the meeting...
1 Sends spies and possibly a agent among followers
2 Has their bloodlines investigated
3 Pays a magician to scry with magic information on party
4 Investigators follow party money trails and prepare a secret tax audit
5 Former lovers and vice investigated for possible blackmail or scandal
6 Paid speakers and gossipers spread rumours about party
7 Has a magical bug or spy planted on party like a trained gremlin
8 Has assassins paid to avenge any 
harm to rulers on party
9 Plans to throw them a surprise party or invite them to dinner or a public feast
10 Wants to hear party stories and adventures so all the bards follow party
11 When the party accomplish a deed will build a monument to the heroes
12 Desperately makes allegiances and recruits powerful henchmen and items

d100 Summons to the Palace of the Ruler
01 Ruler wants to see displays of martial skill in a grand melee
02 Ruler invites to a joust with other local leaders
03 Ruler wants to take party hunting
04 Ruler invites to a meal to see their manners
05 Ruler invites to a ball
06 Ruler invites to see a musical or dance performance
07 Ruler wants to see if any noble or eligible for marriage 
08 Ruler has heard the bards now wants party to tell of deeds
09 Ruler treats one party member as special and rewards them
10 Ruler wants to spend time being pampered in bathhouse or harem with party

11 Ruler want to see if they can work out a strange puzzle box or riddle
12 Ruler informs them of a dungeon complex with something the want in it

13 Kindly give them looting rights for last adventure, now wants a favour
14 Ruler mentions a lair of a great beast that threatens the land
15 Ruler has robber knights supported be enemies in old ruins, gives ruin to party
16 See if any might enough to battle a rivals champion in battle
17 Requires magical advice which annoys the current adviser
18 Can they help defeat a terrible curse
19 Provided a warrant and 90% loot rights for a clan of bandits
20 Given titles of Sheriff or Bailiff or Taxman and sent to serve difficult minion
21 Wants party to guard a family member who is to be married
22 Wants party to guard a hostage about to be exchanged
23 Wants them to have tour of palace dungeon and invites them to leave enemies inside
24 Walk in guardian with courtiers and morning tea 
25 Ruler is amorous for exotic lovers, selects a party member for special privileged  
26 Ruler knows of a haunted property he would like them to investigate
27 Ruler mentions a cult have land in fear and a secret temple
28 Ruler has a quest in a far away land offers to reward on return greatly
29 Ruler looking for new chums who are not stuck up, eventually wants to see a dungeon
30 Lets them peek at treasury to impress them
31 Wants a exotic beast or monster trapped for a pet
32 Lost a object possibly in old catacombs or drain sends party
33 Invites them to stay makes it difficult to leave
34 Invites them to attend court
35 Invite them to petty royal household jobs like groom, chamber attendant, doorman
36 Has them rewarded with fancy outfits in rulers colours and presented in public
37 Has a artist make image of party to be displayed in palace or public
38 Suspects enemies close wants party to locate and eliminate
39 Suspects a with in court, probably a servant please investigate
40 Find special ingredients for a feast or it will be ruined
41 Old hole sealed under palace wants you to look at
42 A monster on the moors terrifying villagers
43 A forest beast interfering with foresters work
44 Fishermen wary of water monster by sea shore, lake or river
45 Suspects a conspiracy of spies or traitors at work in kingdom
46 A vile witch has pestered part of kingdom for hundreds of years
47 A giant has blocked a road and needs killing
48 Something has been eating the rulers farm beasts, they are the biggest and best in land
49 Visit former enemy with gift and letter from ruler 
50 Has a difficult to use magic item as a gift
51 Wants you to escort lover to some location and back
52 Wants you to murder occupants of a house murder hobo style
53 Wants you to assist secret police
54 Wants you to make a road safe for royal travellers
55 Wants you to find a demihuman or humanoid for menagerie of sentient beings
56 Wants you to teach wayward bastard the murder hobo life
57 Wants you to take a rich youth into a real dungeon for a thrill
58 Wants you to escort band of degenerate youths in vice district
59 Wants you to accompany gourmet relative travellers to eateries across kingdom
60 Has a family weapon or relic lost to monsters in some hole somewhere
61 Wants you to entertain dinner guests with your exploits
62 Wants you to tell his bard your adventures
63 Thinks party have relic gives 48 hours to hand over
64 Wants a creature hunted and killed and cooked for feast
65 A fugitive is hiding in villages in disguise pleas find them
66 Goats are spying on kingdom, find the goat leader, don't tell anyone
67 Kidnap attractive citizen and bring them to rear of palace midnight
68 Burn down a area of old growth monster filled forest
69 Given list of fugitives hiding in dungeon to find
70 Believes there is a gateway to other world in kingdom needs it found
71 Invites party to enter nobles horse or dog race
72 A roguish possibly noble youth broke kinsman's heart so go give them a beating
73 Someone living in palace sewers please find them
74 Someone travelling with important documents, kill them and burn papers
75 Member of household having a secret affair, find out who
76 Take this mutated baby far away and find some peasants or monastery to adopt it
77 Burn down this house and kill anyone inside
78 Take this bastard child and take them as your squire
79 Take this relic to a distant church
80 Take this royal body from palace mausoleum to far away family crypt by night
81 Someone in village is a were beast go catch or kill them
82 Local cultists have been sacrificing virgins causing a shortage, stop them
83 A creature in a pit has been fed for centuries now ruler wants it killed instead
84 Capture a child with certain signs and take them far away or kill them
85 A magic creature has been stalking the palace grounds by night murdering
86 Previous magical adviser has run away, can you fetch them please
87 Important child found magic mirror and now missing find them
88 A bastard child needs transporting to a rival kingdom where he can cause trouble
89 Offers a letter of marque authorising to kill bandits and loot them in kingdom
90 A privileged school producing traitors, infiltrate and find out what is going on
91 Goatmen in the woods are performing vile rituals and erecting black stones, stop them
92 A magic fish has been seen please catch it for my supper
93 A magical tree has grown rare fruit go fetch it and keep poor people away from it
94 A hidden people or demihumans has been reported in wilderness, go catch me one
95 Presents certificates declaring them friends of the kingdom and free passage of tolls
96 Grants them a village of the most cretinous slack jaws party ever seen
97 A certificate or looting rights to a local dungeon the ruler wants destroyed
98 Help locals dig out a old mine full of goblins and ghouls
99 Wants to be respected and liked by party, if disappointed sends hired killers
100 They have been replaced by a monster in disguise and want party imprisoned or killed

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