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d100 Fairground Attractions

When seasonal fairs come around many well off persons from the city go to the country to enjoy festival living and enjoy the romantic life of the rural fair. Actually many fairs in wretched poor places are terrible but some better towns are lovely. Then there are those isolated villages ypu dont hear much about....  

d100  Fairground Attractions

01 Best produce contest d4 1=wool 2=cheese 3=milk 4=honey 
02 Best fabric craft competition 1=spinning 2=weaving 3=needlepoint 4=dress making
03 Fattest animal d4 1=goose 2=pig 3=cow 4=pony
04 Largest vegetable contest d4 1=pumpkin 2=turnip 3=bean 4=onion
05 Best fruit contest d4 1=apple 2=grapes 3=pears 4=lemon
06 Best bread competition
07 Best pie competition
08 Best beer and wine contest
09 Best farm dog contest
 Mightiest cock competition, loudest cock breaks any tie
11 Strongest farm lad contest
 Prettiest farm maiden pagent
13 Best lumberjack contest
14 Best animal wrestling contest d4 1=sheep 2=pig 3=cow 4=untamed horse
15 Animal wagon contest d4 1=billygoat 2= cow 3=donkey 4=dog
16 Hunting contest d4 1=rabbit 2=bear 3=wolf 4=boar
17 Target shooting contest d4 1=thrown rock 2=bow 3=sling 4=crossbow
18 Ball contest village vs village, spend two days trying to keep pig bladder full of peas
19 Stickball, villagers spit into some traditional division and see who can get most runs 
20 Lynching a local criminals with abuse, beating, humiliation and possible death
21 Best metal work competition
22 Best carpentry competition
23 Best knot tying
24 Best sausage making
25 Best meat contest
26 Best hair competition
27 Best baby competition
28 Best whittling contest
29 Best found mushroom contest
30 Best knot and rope collection
31 Best runner
32 Best swimmer
33 Best climber34 Best rider 
35 Biggest eater
36 Biggest drinker
37 Fattest competition
38 Boxing contest
39 Fastest scything competition
40 Best thing dug up in a field contest
41 Best fish caught
42 Best preserved animal pelt
43 Cider tasting and drinking contest
44 Best scarecrow contest
45 Best story telling contest
46 Battle of the bards contest
47 Children's athletic contest with over competitive parents
48 Recruiter for mercenary company looking for strong youngsters
49 Villagers run around circles about village naked or dead will be offended
50 Trial by ordeal for petty criminal (branding, stocks, boiling water)
51 Maypole dancing
52 Dancing contest
53 Flagellants amp up the festivities
54 Old way druidic followers offer mushrooms and narcotics
55 Priest offering beer or wine 
56 Singing contest with various categories
57 Jumping skyclad over a bonfire
58 Sacrifice a animal (lamb or goat kid)
59 Building a wickerman effigy for bonfire night
60 Leave out a conacopia offering at festival heart
61 Prestidigitation artist with card and ball scams
62 Juggler with pick pocket partner 
63 Strongman challenges on comers with trick props
64 Ball toss win a turnip or a beer!
65 Carny healer selling miracle potions
66 Carny fortune teller with spooky tent
67 Freaks in cages possibly dungeon monsters and humanoids, pay per peek
68 Horseshoe toss game probably rigged
69 Arm wrestling contest
70 Chess contest of other board game
71 Wagon and farm tool merchants visiting with wagons
72 Spit roast stall with muscly oily hairy men working at meat
73 Stall local made snack food (pancakes, buns, pasties, pies)
74 local craters have benches and special wares on show
75 Traveling tinkerers with odd items and wares to trade
76 Exotic merchant with jewelry, perfume, narcotics and fancy scarves
77 Slave dealer buying and selling
78 Visiting prostitutes 
79 Livestock trader with farm animals and some odd pets
80 Non human merchants with exotic goods
81 Bear bating 
82 Horse fighting
83 Cock fighting
84 Horse or dog racing
85 Gladiatorial fight (backwards country copy of city event)
86 Donkey race
87 Knights Jousting organised by local lords
88 Grand melee with men at arms and even some poor knights
89 Tent of travelling strip show with pretensions of being love cult
90 Tent of known alchemist selling drugs and potions at high prices
91 Mystery play of religious event at climax
92 Religious procession chanting through village with priest
94 Religious healers visiting with magical healing for right price
95 Wise old person has come seeking heroes for a quest
96 Wandering hermit heals worthy for free
97 Celebrate and sacrifice to ancestors, priests commune with dead
98 Villagers dressed as monsters whacking people and expecting gifts
99 Dancers lead by hobby horse who looks more like a dragon (obbyos)
100 Fire works 1d6 lesser ones from the city from some rich show off

d100 Funny things that happen in fairgrounds
 Some people having a separate secret after party out on the moors later
02 Robed fisherman from coast or wetlands visit seeking mates 
03 Pick pockets in town working the crowd
04 Bailiffs beat up some drunks (how drunk are you?)
05 Villager sings song of horrible murders and events seem to be happening again to you
06 Drunk local youths cause trouble sticking up for locals
07 Old murder hobo drunk dies with map in hand
08 Local youth flirts but watched closely by whole village
09 Drunk found stabbed and robbed
10 Kids follow from afar speculating about party

11 Wizard drinking heavily says can take you to secret dungeon now
12 Barbarian out drinks and fights all comers

13 A visiting noble decides you look interesting
14 Secret police in disguise watch party
15 Priest in disguise looking for heresy or cults or witches
16 Agent of thieves guild examining village valuables
17 Satyr with stolen pants, boots and hat tries to seduce ladies
18 Faeries invisibly at festival leaving treats and pulling pranks
19 Horrible gremlins are planning to ruin festival and trap fest props
20 An evil invisible imp watches for promising souls to buy
21 A famous group of artists or writers from the city with court connections
22 A serial killer from the city has come on a murder holiday in this charming village
23 Goblins come to trade but if mistreated cause trouble
24 Drunken orcs turn up for party
25 Succubi selecting evil old men to finish off quickly
26 A shape shifting dragon joins celebrations and has sagely conversation topics
27 A uniformed inquisitor watching everyone silently
28 Drunken punch up breaks out
29 Coward likes to surprise sucker punch unsuspecting people then flees
30 Sneaky mystery groper among crowd 
31 Limbless drunken war veterans rolling in muddy street, people avoid them 
32 A bard has come spy on behalf of wild druids to find true believers
33 A disguised dark elf selling magical dungeon pies for a laugh
34 Notice some robed zombies in crowd
35 Angry drunk knight abuses you and wants a fight
36 Assassin from guild here to murder someone at right time
37 Several rangers here investigating someone from a distance
38 A drunk turns into a were beast after dark
39 See some farm animals talking
40 A man selling kobolds in a sack he found in his cellar
41 Halflings outraged over not being welcome in eating contest so start fights
42 Gnomes leave out gifts for guests
43 House trolls seen watching revelers then flee
44 Man with chained monster challenges all comers
45 Rakasha in human form explores village
46 Old murder hobo said he saw a shapeshifter replace someone
47 Doppelganger sneaks among revelers looking for opportunity for best murder
48 Peasant lost pet, wont say what it is, runs away if challenged
49 Plague carrier has a good sneeze on you
50 An old witch joins in punishing and blessing those she interacts with
51 Some of those beastman costumes seem pretty real!
52 Notorious drug smuggler seen among crowd
53 Loud mouth crime guild boss returned to home village for festival with gangsters
54 Some of the horn masked stick dancers getting carried away scaring crowd    
55 Devil swine in human form looking for interesting slaves to charm
56 Hell cat walking about in open looking for a master they can tempt to hell
57 Village idiot possessed by turnip god and in ritual clothes
58 Carnies looking for guys to rob, fight or take women from
59 Tatooed lady carny looking for someone to visit her caravan and check her shelves
60 Jolly fat friar dangerously drunk and lecherous
61 Witness grave robbers while everyone busy with festival
62 Witness house thieves trying to rob unoccupied house
63 Witness a hitman about to shank someone in festivities
64 A dwarf challengers all comers to drinking and smoking contest
65 A Halfling challenges all to a eating and drinking contest
66 A prostitute from love cult in city offers sex with all comers starts ten minutes
67 A wizard turning animals into people to sell to slavers
68 Overhear sentient forest creatures discussing how degenerate humans are
69 An elf comes to party but careful to not let any filthy human touch them
70 A seedy old man offers to rent you goblins with the quickest wrist action in the land
71 See a bugbear snatch someone near edge of woods
72 Drunken sheriff wants to deputize your party because he needs a lie down
73 Old farmers and murder hobos telling ghost and dungeon stories
74 Overhear women discuss who is the easiest sex manic in the village
75 Someone is revealed as a dark elf in disguise and vanishes
76 A drunk beserker chasing villagers in monster costumes
77 See bandits gathering on village fringes
78 Someone at party is a spirit come back for festival in human form for night
79 Drunken apprentice drops his spell book and several look interested
80 A sorcerer having a bad trip summons some monsters by accident
81 Rats trying to gnaw face off sleeping drunks
82 See stirges hiding and awaiting to feed off drunk people on way home
83 Men by creek fighting over woman or pony (kelpie)
84 A city rake trying to lead a kind local maiden astray (1in6 a disguised devil) 
85 Villagers want you to resolve a long inter clan feud and judge who is right
86 Shapeshifters or spirit folk looking for healthy mates
87 Find a lost unhappy child
88 Find a shapeshifter disguised as a lost child
89 See some people sneak away from village and into the woods
90 Decadent noble and friends with guards snootily looking down on everyone
91 Fox after villagers chickens and geese
92 Wolf after a sheep or pig, villagers ignore whines from sheepdog
93 Local merchant needs some adventurers to locate something in local ruins
94 Very attractive person interested but only will date dancers or musiicians
95 Juggler sets self alight and panics, needs help!
96 Someone has put sleeping herbs in the mulled wine
97 Druid angry this village abandoned old faith and uses magic to punish
98 Saw a old standing stone move a few feet
99 Saw movement and lights from graveyard

100 Angry undead mermaid breaks out of freak show and attacks

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