Tuesday 9 August 2016

d100 Funtime for evil lords

Reading awesome Fantastic Four 84 where Dro Doom kind of Does the brit show The Prisoner with the four (including Crystal standing in for new mom sue). Very awesome.  So what kind of stuff does the local lord do for fun? Especially the crazy evil kind.

d100 Sadistic Evil Ruler Hobbies 
01 Catapulting prisoners d4 1=walls 2=monsters lair 3=from tower 4=into statue
02 Hurling prisoners d4 1=into wells 2=off towers 3=in volcano 4=into a arena
03 Watch victims be eaten by wild animal
04 Watch victims face trial by water for witchcraft
05 Watch daily torture sessions
06 Watch public and private and after dinner executions
07 Spends hours signing death certificates
08 Personally assisting his secret police
09 Watching bodies be torn apart, eviscerated, dissected
10 Operating court with outrageous harsh but fair justice

11 Running a secret start chamber to torture, rob and kill in secret
12 Secretly serves a foreign or other worldly master to weaken area

13 Likes to hunt peasants or anyone really dressed as animals 
14 Likes to make victim run gauntlet of he bodyguards blows till dead
15 Allows citizens to never leave and spies on all leaders
16 Directs agents to torment and ruin lives of people in secret for fun
17 Likes to have people framed by agents and let mod kill them
18 Has population searched for d4 1=weapons 2=cults 3=werewolves 4=witches
19 Attracts and employs a d4 psychopathic experts in various strange fields
20 Construct a mighty automaton with countries wealth
21 Construct a tomb killing and tormenting zealous fanatic serf workers
22 Construct a mighty monument with slave or penal labour
23 Support a state cult with statues, temples and parades and festivals
24 Agents among people spy on common folk seeking dissent and unhapiness
25 Breed a type of monster that eats humans for fun
26 Enjoys tormenting prisoners with satyr, dryad, succubi, kappa or other sexual monster
27 Practices public human sacrifice for state control possibly uses a monster
28 Hunting with minions, happy to substitute animals for people
29 Abusing sexual partners from unhappy common folk or lesser nobles
30 Loves horses and obsessed with them, annoying spoil sports deserve trampling or being torn apart by horses or dragged by horses or anything cruel but with horses
31 Studies hideous rites, depraved magic and sinister gods
32 Collects blasphemous erotic arts in all forms, statues, paintings, prints, taxidermy, etc
33 Blackmailing and bullying lesser nobles for land and money
34 Spoiling innocent young people with seductions
35 Manipulating sex lives of courtiers and servants for fun
36 Collecting human body parts for d4 1=mummification 2=sacrifice 3=food 4=display
37 Encourages d4 wicked wizards or sorcerers in area with tolerant atitude
38 Running peasants down from horse or chariot or carriage at any chance can get
39 Having slaves whipped while does business or during meal
40 Has huge feast of ridiculous rich food most which goes to servants and dogs
41 Invite guests to dinner then horribly humiliate them for fun in front of other guests
42 Insists on sleeping with every person before wedding night they please
43 Likes leaving prisoners locked in cages, gibbets, in ponds, in caves and inspects often
44 Likes to keep harem of filthy brazen lovers of the common sort
45 Likes to have affairs with married nobles for fun and to test loyalty
46 Wants to prove is the strongest, cruelest and evil ruler in the land
47 Has wild parties with secret society or cult and flaunts law with status
48 Likes to visit prisoners for conversations and possible to torment or lie to
49 Likes to experiment on victims in secret lab with experts on hand to work on project
50 Fortifications, weapons and war put ahead of food starving the people and keeping poor
51 Control the resistance for fun may even use a alias and control from within
52 A famous scrooge coin counter and miser, allows own kin to die of hunger and cold
53 Famous patron of the arts commissioning wild follies and supporting horrid state arts
54 Literacy and books are outlawed and confiscated in name of security and for elites
55 Allows disasters and accidents to take peoples lives just to see what will happen
56 Has children taken away to pick best for self and slavery
57 Enjoys watching things burn, people, animals, plants, and evokes evil fire elementals 
58 Has a secret pool of chaos which they watch when used to mutate and make monsters
59 Has a trove of lawful anachronistic relics d4 1=guns 2=armour 3=scanner 4=cyberlimb
60 Has a evil relic or artifact that advises and empowers and even resurrects them
61 Obsessed with history and builds d4 1=museum 2=library 3=theater 4=stadium
62 Loves sports and games, holds contests and always wins and kills competitors
63 Seeks dark relics of bygone age for power at any cost
64 Has a imprisoned being to study 1=dragon 2=demon 3=sage 4=spell caster
65 Obsessed with parents and relatives and flies into murderous rages when dissapointed
66 Likes to release monsters into the are just to see what will happen
67 Likes to spy on courtiers and house staff via secret spyholes, passages and trapdoors
68 Likes to devise horrible death traps and test them on thieves
69 Likes to feed butchered victims to pet monster their one true friend
70 Yearns to develop improved powers of flight or a flying vehicle or war machine
71 Has all money spent on home improvements and decor, kills old decorators or critics
72 Has private armoury and likes to test new weapons on prisoners
73 Likes to let prisoners escape with ordeals then stop then at last moment and kill them
74 likes to observe victims get killed in private dungeon by monsters from secret spyholes
75 Watches enemies burn the steak but might take pity on some and strangle them first
76 Watches enemies be beheaded and have heads put on poles, has many enemies
77 Watches hangings or strangling as often as possible fitting in several sessions a day
78 Likes to sacrifice youths to treasure hoard to be undead guardians forever
79 Likes to cruely shoot people or animals and servants organised strange new targets
80 Thinks they are a excellent and fair judge and likes to meddle in court cases and trials
81 Likes to hoard wealth wallowing in it and sucking the kingdoms capital and growth dry
82 Has aspirations on other lands controlling spies and missions to undermine other rulers
84 Likes watching murder and takes time out to stab some people or have servants do it
85 Is a amateur artist and funds wasteful spectacles of gimmick filled schmaltz
86 Collecting gold to free a loved one from a greater enemy, willing to use anyone
87 Uses a relic to peer into hells and get new ideas for practicing cruelty and red tape
88 Trying to advance the apocalypse start time
89 Spends time with adviser from hell 
90 Enjoys training secret order of assassins or cult
91 Likes to use prisoners or subjects as furniture, stepping on bodies wherever they walk
92 Have prisoners locked up with mad and watch them get crazier from secret
93 Has a demonic servitor which it personally controls on missions
94 Training monsters as mounts or guards or hounds
95 Likes to hear horrible stories at dinner from old rakes and prostitutes
96 Likes to test gods will by performing vile acts to see if gods will stop
97 Enjoy watching prisoners being impaled and walking through forests of the dead
98 Personally kills prisoners for fun, possible increasingly weird to keep up the thrill
99 Likes to abuse and fornicate with prisoners
100 Is convinced they are chosen of a vile god and that they are the greatest villain

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