Monday 22 August 2016

d100 Evil Commoner secrets

d100 Evil Commoners

01 Secretly poisons people to get what they want
02 Secretly cannibal serial killer
03 Provides information to bandits
04 Steals from the church in secret
05 Serves pies with human meat
06 Feeds mob corpses to pigs
07 Keeps orphans in cellar sweatshop
08 Keeps unwanted children in attic
09 Keeps idiot child locked in barn with chains
10 Likes to throw dogs or children into wells

11 Kidnaps children and sells to slavers
12 Robs children of their clothing, tempts them with food

13 Likes to drug pretty people and rent to friends
14 Sacrifices children in secret underground shrine
15 Has model of town filled with rats, listens to their advice
16 Has a pet monster/s and dumps babies in the sewer
17 Likes to dig secret tunnels and spy on everyone
18 Spies on locals through windows
19 Makes up outrageous gossip to see what will happen
20 Forces partner into prostitution
21 Beats up partner nightly and publicly abuses them
22 Sell unfit old food with questionable ingredients
23 Robs graves in spare time with friends
24 Mutilates animals for fun in secret
25 Gets drunk and urinates and vomits on peoples belongings
26 Likes to imprison and torment strangers in basement
27 Likes to garrote strangers by night
28 Likes to murder people on streets and remove skin for private collection
29 Likes to demonstrate boxing skills when drunk on unwilling strangers
30 Sits on porch and provokes fights with passers by "what are you lookin at?"
31 Likes to make fake artifacts and relics then sell them
32 Likes to steal animals, butcher them and make big deal public feast
33 Steals teeth from corpses to make dentures
34 Likes to cut coins and make counterfeit ones in shed
35 Bashes people in public to get nicer things
36 Makes false reports to sheriff to get rewards
37 Accuses anyone of being a witch if they don't do as told
38 Buys and sells stolen goods
39 Dealing in drugs to support own addiction
40 Likes to steal travellers luggage
41 Likes to rob and beat strangers with a club
42 Keeps vicious dogs and likes to set on people
43 Amateur arsonist, likes to watch people and houses burn 
44 Likes to shoot people from hiding place
45 Prefers exiting sex with strangers to lawful partner
46 Likes to expose self to youth and proposition them
47 Strangling small animal and hiding remains in odd places
48 Collects awful degenerate prints in secret
49 Plants contraband on strangers then sets law on them
50 Informs thieves if any good targets or strangers in area
51 Likes to let dangerous animals loose from farmers pens
52 Likes to set fire to animals tails for a laugh
53 Likes to tie cats tails to pole then watch them fight
54 Like to watch viscous pet dog maul other persons pets
55 Likes to follow attractive young people about for days
56 Likes to startle horses and cattle with firecrackers
57 Likes to stab strangers in crowds
58 Likes to rent children out as servants to murder hobos
59 Likes to murder homeless people
60 Likes to strangle or stab prostitutes instead of paying
61 Has unnatural relations with farm animals
62 Likes to read blasphemous lore in old books
63 Experiments with evil relic kept in basement
64 Likes to try to summon demons from old manual
65 Deals with monsters and offers them human victims
66 Likes to watch a monster eat people and lies to lure fresh victims
67 Likes to bury people and animals alive for kicks
68 Likes to drug people and tattoo them
69 Collects human ears and competes with other awful collectors
70 Likes to make artwork with murder corpses, wishes could show people
71 Likes to write mystery and horror fiction, researches by killing people
72 Kidnaps children to sell to cultists
73 Likes to use petty spells for practical jokes learned as failed apprentice
74 Sold soul to hell and must perform orders of devils
75 Worships demons and occasionally calls a lesser demon and sets it loose
76 Likes to spy on locals and learn their secrets and blackmail them
77 Likes to drown people and animals
78 Likes to leave false witch signs and make everyone hysterical
79 A demon visits them every night for unholy fornication
80 Adopts orphans so they can beat them, work them and starve them 
81 Provokes others to fight then bets on outcome
82 Likes to burn trees and fields and store houses
83 Likes to steel food from locals
84 Likes to beat up drunks in the name of goodness
85 Likes to run over animals and people in waggon
86 Convinces strangers that certain locals are witches and cultists with gold
87 Enjoys flogging servants, partner and animals publicly
88 Likes to hide mutilated corpses in other peoples property
89 Keeps a creature in basement and feeds it murdered people
90 Likes to embalm people while still alive in basement
91 Secretly a lycanthrope
92 Secretly a cult leader with local coven
93 Secretly a drug addicted sorcerer who kills for money with powers
94 Secretly member of assassins guild
95 Member or informant of the secret police
96 Carries a horrible contagious disease but they seem to be alright
97 Secretly has a evil familiar and feeds it blood for advice
98 Secretly a devil swine with various charmed local thralls
99 Secretly has sexual relations with a monster
100 Secretly a demon, devil or rakasha or a doppelganger

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