Sunday, 21 August 2016

Post Opening and upcoming projects

Ok so art exhibit almost over - not been a effective use of my time or resources. Gallery painfully quiet. I have some nice photos, have boxes of bagged stickers, temp tatoos, art on card, cardboard figurines, sticker packs for merch. Range of prices from 2-2000. Works all pre made leftovers and stuff i collected from years of festivals and teaching so mostly arranging existing stuff.

Publicity and running show from another state pretty hard. Opening with the captive audience into a hipster food cart court was terrible, show looks ok for 4 hour tight hanging. Workshops all booked out and Im only being charged commission no fees so thats ok. Will get some nice pix.

Anyway will get back to some regular posts for Xor, Hell and my monster manual and spell lists. Thinking of my next house rule book version 3 First zine size with basics four classes and spell lists and quite possibly monsters could be ready three months - might make some generic treasure hoards too. To be a quick version and if new players joing my game for one off the book will have basics to quickly make a first to 20th level character in 5 minutes 

Advanced book will introduce 4 races and 4 more classes plus complete skill system a list of monster skills and abilities standardized is something to consider. Will include basic spell lists for bard and elf - i still like these classes being able to pick one of any spell list types but having own will be almost a bonus choice or can be used for newcomers. I want systems for beginners to streamline choices for speed and experienced players to go gonzo with skills and abilities. 

Also thinking that the idea of a magic assassin class is just a bard mod with possible a different powers is appealing. Considering other alternatives to bard including philosopher but im still nutting out abilities - I had ideas of a sneaky monk thief psionic type but now i could just do as a type of bard. So im open to using basic bard for all kinda mystical and skill using human weirdos

Fighter (Warrior)
Cleric (Priest)
Magic User (Wizard)
Theif (Rogue)

Abhuman (Beastmen)

Spirtfolk (Changelings)

Halfling (Small folk)
Giants (Ogres)

Gnome (Wee folk)
Tako (Octopi)


I has these spell lists

wanna do
finish robot list and good for cyborg too
mutation system ranked like spells


Ugh gallery even worse today and workshop cancelled. Best outcomes is my photos and catalog writing for show and all my cheap merch is bagged and packed and priced. I sorted lots of my stuff and found lots of salable things and just this exercise helped my storage be more efficient. Im gonna ditch most of my old stock and do bigger more expensive works for a while and swing away from the DIY crowd who have been flooded by less amusing people as a scene. I guess the OSR is kinda the DIY of gaming as lots of it is maker focused. Contrive more means to use all my art supply stocks then go more digital. I have former sponsers who owe me hundreds in art supplies I dont really have room for. I might just dontate lots to local aboriginal kids. I would love to sell my own dnd stuff a zine fair.

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  1. I've been considering a twelve class approach myself. Essentially three sub-types of each: fighter, mage, thief, cleric. (Unfortunately, this also resulted in me thinking about adding "entertainers" as a main class, and developing specific classes for each of the multi-class combinations.)


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