Thursday 25 August 2016

d100 Boulders

Obviously I'm now scraping the bottom of the barrel and have used up all my ideas. This will be a terrible useless table you can use indoors or outdoors when you need to roll large rocks. You should roll on this table as many times as possible every game.

I would use for landmarks in hex crawls and caves or when landscape getting boring.
d100 Boulders01 Porphyry boulder of volcanic ash surprisingly light

02 Boulder has rune carvings covering a grave pinning down a wight 
03 Worn ancient boulder used in ancient times for humanoid king coronations
04 Squat toad shaped boulder, ancient altar of frog god
05 Boulder a fertility shrine attended by attractive youths
06 Boulder pins a spider demon trapped but unharmed by non magic rock
07 Boulder has crude dungeon map carved on it
08 Boulder has hearts and goblin names carved on it
09 Boulder covering a pit full of starved ghouls
Boulder covers a treasure pit with guardian skeletons
11 Boulder has long worn footprints of a devil on it
Boulder holds a trapdoor down, inside is a furious mummy
13 Boulder has rock faeries living inside who offer food and drink and sex
14 Boulder is a living monster which animates and attacks any who get close
15 Boulder is a xorn egg almost ready to hatch fully grown intelligent being
16 Boulder is actually a mimic, likes to look like has gold or gem seam inside as lure
17 Boulder is a favorite basking rock of a giant chameleon
18 Boulder has a hollow with fresh water inside
19 Boulder has a thin crack with gold ring wedged deep inside just visible
20 Boulder has sparkling fools gold deposit 
21 Boulder has fossilised dinosaur bones visible on surface
22 Boulder has arrow and initials A.S. carved on surface
23 Boulder has colony of thieving rock rats living underneath
24 Boulder has crude prehistoric carvings of dancing goat men
25 Boulder has bearded madman chained to it
26 Boulder has ferocious flesh eating ape chained to it
27 Boulder has several savage dogs chained to it
28 Boulder is warm to touch and has a heartbeat
29 Boulder is strangely cold with frost on surface
30 Boulder has carvings and text of ancient religion on surface
31 Boulder has crudely drawn dicks drawn all over it
32 Boulder has a huge nest on top
33 Boulder covered in piles of animal feces
34 Boulder has a mysterious torch like jet of flaming gas on top
35 Boulder has carving of ancients depicting grusome human sacrifice
36 Boulder carved into likeness of large earth goddess on throne
37 Boulder has gate sigils if read opens gate to tiny elf colony pocket universe
38 Boulder is fake and covers entrance to kobold hole
39 Boulder is lost favorite rock of a local giant who misses it
40 Boulder has crushed adventurer and kit sticking out from underneath
41 Boulder is actually a giant petrified monster turd full of animal remains
42 Boulder is a curled up hibernating rust monster will awake if metal nearby
43 Boulder is a fossilized giant brain 
44 Boulder is a titans dream and only a phantom
45 Boulder has semiprecious crystals on surface
46 Boulder spattered in blood from years of sacrifices
47 Boulder has a hole where a flock of stirges nest
48 Boulder is a giant lump of candy spat out by some primordial being
49 Boulder is a mass of fused skulls
50 Boulder is actually a huge tooth
51 Boulder is a mimic having a nap
52 Boulder covered in adventurer graffiti
53 A ship anchor is fused inside boulder
54 Anchor was a ancient anchor stone carved with antediluvian script about a ship
55 Boulder slightly levitates above ground and was in past visited by pilgrims
56 Boulder is carved with face of giant angry baby
57 Boulder is carved with serene nymphs reclining and vandalized
58 Boulder is carved with scene from mytholgy
59 Boulder is carved with ancient gigantic king smiting enemies with three languages
60 Boulder is a ancient borderstone with inscription from a lost city with patron god
61 Boulder has crudely carved holy symbols over prehistoric rock art
62 Boulder  has dinosaur footprint fossils
63 Boulder is naturally shaped like a giant skull
64 Boulder has remains of quarry marks from shaping in prehistoric times
65 Boulder of a type of rock from far away and signs of being dragged here long ago
66 Boulder is overgrown with tree roots
67 Boulder has a tint cottage where brownies live
68 Boulder carved with funeral memorial
69 Boulder is a trap which rolls towards anyone aproaching or passing
70 Boulder precariously balanced and easily rolled from position
71 Boulder is a petrified giants head worn from age
72 Boulder has a hole inside sealed with clay, a ancient mummy is inside
73 Boulder is a former holy place and carvings of pilgrims on surface
74 Boulder is a favorite spot for goatmen to frolic with young
75 Boulder coated in magical moss with potion like quality
76 Boulder is carved perfectly spherical by ancients
77 Boulder is carved perfectly spherical by ancients but broken open by treasure hunters
78 Boulder is actually a blinded burn scarred helpless beholder but can still bite
79 Boulder has a trickle of water from inside where a saint touched their staff aeons ago
80 Boulder home to cluster of rock worms
81 Boulder has a clean hole cut through somehow for some unknown reason
82 Boulder is actually a huge snail shell left in past
83 Boulder has a crude shack built into it where a crotchety old retired murder hobo lives
84 Boulder is worn carved tip of structure buried long ago
85 Boulder glows in the dark
86 Boulder has trail of destruction behind it from when it rolled here years ago
87 Boulder is sacred place where goblin women come to give birth
88 Boulder is haunted by phantom of person crushed by it
89 Boulder is haunted by shadows of evil men sacrificed here in prehistory
90 Boulder has a patch of yellow musk creepers and guardian zombies and treasure 
91 Boulder is a giant dice used by giants long ago
92 Boulder is a family of bowlers, living rocks that dislike adventurers who killed their mom
93 Boulder is a coiled giant rock serpent hibernating
94 Boulder is a giant ball of dried snot from a titanic formarian in the dawn age
95 Boulder is a imprisoned demon trapped by a druid long ago
96 Boulder is a evil elemental in stasis trapped by a wizard long ago
97 Boulder is remains of a petrified cave troll exposed to sunlight spell by cleric
98 Boulder is hollow and home to a family of harmless goblins
99 Boulder is a coiled up stone drake in disguise having a nap
100 Boulder is a giant petrified eyeball of a titan

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    dick graffiti is tag of the oldest graffiti crew in history of the world wide wall scrawl.

    I should do a post on doodle rules here and some pix. The Doodle Master screen would be good too.


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