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d100 Necro Mutations

So the first table is for mostly cosmetic mutations and the second for ones with functional enhancements. You may add a +1AC for HP or AC or Mv for a cosmetic mutation or perhaps do so on a 1in6. This is like my mutation tables for Xor but all tied to necromancy or necrobion nanites from aliens in more spacey settings. Made for DnD but also usable in my SF BRP settings with undead. Will do some more varient mutant types.

Necromutants are not dead they are just on their way to be dead. Once fully undead they will develop standard undead properties.

1" = 10 feet indoors 10 yards outdoors or use yards as meters in BRP

d10 basic types
1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
9 Organs
10 Brain

01 Nose rotted away
02 Ears rotted away
03 Hair loss
04 Eye missing
05 Blind but can smell blood or rotten meat
06 Eyes white see infra red like a snake
07 Skin on face missing
08 Eyes cannot tolerate direct sunlight or UV light
09 Eyelids rotted away
10 Eyes cry tears of blood

11 Turns transparent looks hideous
12 Skin and hair look white or pale with colour tint

13 Skin is green and rotting
14 Skin growing mold that might be mistaken for hair
15 Skin has worms and attracts flies
16 Skin slimy and slippery to touch
17 Skin is leathery and preserved like a mummy only flammable
18 Skin resembles being mummified only flammable
19 Carries petty illnesses and tastes disgusting
20 Skin shreds away as injured revealing horror or may be flayed and worn like a cape
21 A small gremlin like creature or several dwell in the torso twittering and munching
22 Huge fused swollen spine of vertebra
23 Bone and flesh covered spikes run in rows town ribs
24 A mouth opens in torso, can attack a held for and hang on with d3 bite
25 Huge barrel like muscular chest
26 Fused ribs harder to break
27 Small extra set of fine motor arms that fold along side torso
28 Breath almost unnoticeable even when exerting or stressed
29 Heart will start 24 hours later with 1HP if not destroyed
30 Hunchback stores a months food
31 Intestines squirm visibly under flesh
32 Horribly flatulent
33 Enlarged but nightmarish aroused genitalia
34 Gender characteristics rot away
35 Eat less than most people from slow metabolism
36 Can eat rotten meat
37 Can eat blood and uncooked meat
38 Constantly hungry 
39 Vomit if eat other than meat
40 Belching and grumbling stomach
41 Fingernails are clawed d3
42 Torn open fingers have sharp bones d3
43 Mitten like hands with fused fingers
44 Hands missing but can stab with bone spurs from stumps d4
45 Gliding membranes under arms
46 Elongated arms, hands and fingers
47 Webbed hands helps swim +d3 swim
48 Sucker fingers helps climb
49 Arms flexible and easily dislocate if needed
50 Different number of digits on hands d6+2
51 Short and stunted legs -1Mv
52 Legs good for running +d3 move
53 Legs good for jumping +d3 foot to base jump
54 Sucker feet aid climbing
55 Spurs d4
56 Clawed toes d3
57 Bird Feet d3 can grip branches
58 Elongated legs
59 Webbed toes +d3 swim 
60 Different number of digits on hands d6+2
61 Most teeth missing
62 Fangs d3 bite
63 Hinged like snake for swallowing whole live puppies or bunnies
64 Tongue rotted away
65 Elongated slobbering tongue
66 Dribbles stomach acid and slime
67 Lips rotted away exposing teeth
68 Overbite d3 bite
69 Prehensile 2 foot tongue tongue
70 Extra rows of teeth d4 bite
71 Transparent skull can see brain
72 Heavy studded skull d4 headbutt
73 Over sized skull
74 Shrunken emaciated head
75 Pair of horns d4 damage
76 Single horn d4 damage
77 Head burns with flame does not harm mutant
78 Cyclops
79 Reinforced skull with eye slits +1AC
80 Reinforced trachea and nasal filters
81 Circulatory system replaces blood, no heart beat
82 Respiratory system reduces air requirements
83 Intestine can exit either orifice and manipulate items
84 Able to hibernate if starving or thirsty for CON days
85 Natural disease resistant
86 Naturally poison resistant 
87 Can produce static shock with touch
88 Neutered
89 Vomit up bile from over production daily
90 Wounds bleeding self seal in d4 rounds
91 Charm or mental control resistant +2
92 Sleep cannot be induced artificially
93 Strong urge to anger and violence
94 Voices recommend awful conduct
95 Hallucinations daily, become used to them
96 Enter a torpor by day instead of normal sleep
97 Psychological aversion to religions symbols
98 Fearful of sunlight
99 Don't find any presence of gore or decay disturbing
100 Emotionless

01 Eyes can see lowlight and IR in dark 180 feet/60 yards or metres
02 Can hear hearts beating within 60 feet/20 yards or metres
03 Can smell CO2 breathe from creatures within 60 feet/20 yards or metres
04 Can track by smell particularly from odour of sweat and skin
05 Can smell fear from living within 60 feet/20 yards or metres
06 Can sense bio electricity within 60 feet/20 yards or metres
07 Can smell blood or wounds within 90 feet/30 yards or metres
08 Eyes glow in dark can see dimly in absolute dark
09 Can taste a person and determine age, health and diagnose some illnesses
10 Can detect necro contaminated, mutants or undead on sight

11 Skin tougher and thicker +1 AC
12 Skin absorbs light making it easier to hide in the dark

13 Skin seals up if losing blood stabilizing wounds
14 Feel no pain -1hp loss per dice from damage
15 Worms in skin try to infect enemies if held close 1hp per round till treated
16 Ablative skin +2d6 HP sloughs off if damaged
17 Skin burns spectacularly, goes out in d4 rounds, -1 hp fire damage per dice 
18 Skin feels no cold and rubbery so does not freeze, -1 hp cold damage per dice
19 Regenerates 1hp per round except from heat, fire or acid
20 Skin carries horrible diseases infected by touch
21 A small gremlin like creature or several dwell in the torso and act as scouts
22 Fused ribs and bones +2AC
23 Stronger skeleton +1 STR
24 Heart harder to stop +`10 HP
25 Extra face and mouth in torso d6 bite to grappled foes
26 Fire bone projectile d6 with range as shortbow
27 Stronger metabolism +1 CON
28 Swarm of necrobugs use torso as hive attack as a swarm once per day
29 Two smaller limbs with bone saws d6 two extra attacks
30 A rotating bone saw in chest d8 damage to anything grappled
31 Extra toothed mouth on enlarged genitalia
32 Create a nauseating stinking cloud once per day, most living flee
33 Intestines burst from gut and make a grapple attack
34 Intestines burst from gut and squirt d6 of acid 1" (10 metres)
35 Explodes on death d6/HD from violent chemical explosion
36 Vomit acid three times a day 2d6 damage 1" (10 metres)
37 Vomit chemical flame three times a day 2d6 damage 1" (10 metres)
38 Vomit up a fog cloud three times a day 3" radius (30 metres)
39 Weapons attacking damaged by acidic blood
40 Attacker takes 1pt damage from acid blood every hit
41 Paralysis venom claws d3 damage
42 Large bone claws or pincers instead of hands d6
43 Bone claws painfully retract and pop from arms at will d6 can use hands
44 Arms can elongate to ten feet long (3 meters)
45 Claws infected with vile disease d3
46 Claws implant parasite eggs in victims skin
47 Claws make victim latent undead, turn to zombie on death
48 Additional set of functional arms
49 If both arms hit victim is grappled
50 If both arms hit get extra attack
51 Clawed feet can rake for extra d6 attack
52 Unholy leap extra d3" (d3x3 metres)
53 Unholy speed can run extra d6" speed
54 March of dead -d6 slower bur never tire while marching
55 Extra 2d6" move if fleeing holy symbols or fire
56 Clawed feet can grip and walk up walls
57 Ignores terrain with bounding gait
58 Prehensile feet can hold tools, weapons, grapple or swing
59 Extra set of legs or fused into a single leg
60 Fangs d3 can drink blood of victim and hold on once bitten
61 Huge jaws d6 extra attack
62 Scream three per day causes morale test to all who hear
63 Prehensile toungue with teeth on end a yard (mete) long d6 extra attack
64 Paralysis poison extra bite attack d3
65 Mouth inside mouth can reach foes in melee range for extra attack d6
66 Head splits open revealing huge maw d8 extra close attack
67 Foul spittle can blind foe with hit as missile, -2 victime to hit (-10) per spittle
68 Bite inflicts target with horrible necrotic disease extra d8 if fail save
69 Venomous bite target begins to die 1hp per round if fail save
70 Bite makes victim latent undead, turn to zombie on death
71 Huge armoured helmet like skull +2AC
72 Burning skull d4 extra to any bite or headbutt, provides light
73 Huge Horn extra attach d6
74 Horns extra two attacks d4 each
75 Flickering blue light aurora around head visible for miles when angry
76 Peeling skin stretched over skull is malleable and can change appearance
77 Head can survive decapitation and be reattached
78 Crystalline skull +1 INT
79 Obsidian skull, Immune to life draining or negative energy attacks
80 Skull stores trapped personalities of people eaten
81 Needs no air
82 Needs no food
83 Heal 1hp per HD of creature drained of blood
84 Reanimates over time, even hacked up parts reassemble over time
85 Hibernate for hundreds of years
86 Half damage from electricity
87 Immune to cold
88 Immune to disease
89 Immune to all poison
90 Radiates cold, cover items with frost on touch 
91 Telepathy with undead 9" 
92 Gain knowledge of languages and trivia from brains eaten
93 Can extract useful information from eating brains
94 Psionic fear aurora 3" radius vs 4HD or less
95 Hypnosis vs 1HD or less beings within 1"
96 Resistant to fear
97 Needs no sleep
98 Life leech drain 1hp per day per person within 1" till healed
99 Detect undead 12"
100 Immune to aging

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