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Weapons for Roadwar

So this is vehicle weapon notes for roadwar so my poor players can finally access in game. Shopping for more toys as new season matchbox and hotwheels about but i think other than the retro bodies i wanted for cthulhu not much. Finding models called 1/72 scale that cant be. Some more fighter planes that are possible to use in session of future space fighter game. Another brit ww1 tank. Tempted by two apc models. Got mars attacks rule compendium too.

Machine guns are the standard vehicle weapon. As each shot in a burst adds +5 with a max of double chance to hit make a very easy to hit with weapon that can hit multiple targets. Ammo comes in belts of 100 rounds that come in metal cassettes or drums factory loaded for some weapons. Can get disintegrating belts that leave no trace for x2 price. AP or DU Ammo common variants with tracer belts for night fighting popular (one in 10 shots a tracer).

Rockets are cheap and expendable. Rocket launchers and pods are simple and come in more secure clip config that launches one rocket at a time. The other config is a tube per rocket which can fire all rounds at once but is more vulnerable version to external fire and may be aimed at. Otherwise crude homemade external mount tubes are very vulnerable and only take half the space. These are the most vulnerable type easily hit in an attack. Various payloads are available and even types of smart ammo which leads to.....

Missiles are self-directed drone weapons with various targeting systems and fuses such as radar, laser, target recognition, thermal or satellite guided. Various payloads ground to ground and ground to air most standard types.

Grenade Launchers fire 40mm explosive round with a wide variety of types making it a versatile weapon system. Even buckshot rounds turning them into shotguns or solid slugs. Frag are popular but plastic flachettes are popular for anti-personnel rounds that don’t hurt vehicles. Smoke grenades are popular and often come in a sixpack config that can fire any or all rounds at once. Belt fed versions have settings that control explosion spreads.

Rotary Gatling Guns are like machine guns but they have higher fire rates and have rotating barrels and large ammo hoppers. Good to hose down multiple targets.

Archaic weapons are based on pre modern weapons used by bandits and wasteland freaks who cant get guns. Harpoon includes steel cable lines that can be attached to winches and are used by raiders to capture and slow target vehicles.

Flamethrowers are horrible but effective weapons. They get no range penalties due to 45 degree cone effect of fire. Once hit if a victim gets a luck roll and if they fail burn 1d10 rounds for 1d6 damage per round. Rolling in dirt or immersion or fire extinguisher will end faster. Success with luck roll results in one location 1d3 damage for 1d3 rounds and is easier to extinguish. A special luck roll takes no extra damage.

Laser weapons tap electric car batteries 5% a shot or can spend half again extra spaces to have a battery for ten shots that the vehicle can recharge while vehicle moves. Lasers are counted as armour piercing and damage armour in locations as they cut through.

Artillery are long range heave weapons used on military vehicles like tanks or field pieces that provide support or long range attacks. A variety of solid or canister rounds are available.

Dropped Weapons are deposited from under or from rear of vehicle. They can be fired often by a co pilot or passenger leaning over the driver easily. Some drop goods in a 2x2m square others leaves area 2m wide and 3m long. They can be dropped one at a time or left on auto dropping a unit per second till turned off. Caltrops are large spikes that slash tires of vehicles in a 2m square. Car trap is a unfolding metal spiked plate that destroys ordinary tires in a four meter line. Paint sprayer makes a cloud of paint that ruins visibility temporarily as a cloud and then from painting windscreens. Oil Sprayer makes road surface slippery. Flaming oil dropper leaves a slippery burning patch producing black clouds of smoke. Mine Droppers deposit clusters of micro anti vehicular mines. Alternative fuses and mine types available. Ice generator sprays water and freon gas to create an ice slick and sometimes a temporary fog cloud in right weather. Smoke generator is useful to block visibility and hide from enemy fire. Good to cover mines. Gas generators mostly use tear gas but other types available, some invisible and other opaque clouds. Bomb charges can be set with remote or motion or timers. Leaves craters in road and debris. Demolition packs can destroy a road or damage a bridge.

More on ammo later after I do personal weapons and gun mods - this is rough for now

Solid Ammo
Covers traditional 21stC pistol, rifle, machine guns
Heavier ammo and shotguns can use slugs
New military using Caseless ammo and it’s access to civilians is restricted and terrorism

Slug – standard metal slug lead or steel or jacketed x1
Plastic Bullets – half damage for riots cheaper than normal slugs bulk x1/4
Rubber Bullets – half damage and blunt damage x2
Blanks – noisy rounds for training but can still kill at point blank x1/2
Felt Round – minimum damage as blunt instead of impaling riot rounds but pricey x5
Tracer – flare or illumination rounds to illuminate targets or light a battlefield or ignite open fuel x1
Softgel Rounds – deliver blunt attack and don’t pierce pressurised hulls or walls x8
AP – armour piercing halves armour and damage that gets through is halved made from tungsten x4
DUAP - depleted uranium sabboted armour piercing, cheaper and can ignite metal surfaces x2
Shredder – if pierces armour even one point damage, most armour loses a point per bullet x12
Flechette – a single hypervelocity metal dart with discarding sabot reduces recoil and wear x4
Incendiary – used to ignite fuel of light vehichles and gas tanks x3 also can be made armour piercing x7
Shock – each is a micro electric battery either a safe taser x10 or lethal sting x12 round available. Also a smart gun version x15 which a cyber-controlled gun can select with each shot if lethal or not. Great for burst fire with enemy threat software and a criminal database. Cyborgs and machines may not like these rounds either.
Las – each round has a nanolaser that fires on impact x40
Fusion – a hydrogen fuel cell is fired which becomes molten by 3m and melts armour x100 Weapons require modifications. Eventually they lick the magnetic bottle thing and develop plasma weapons

Canister Shells
Covers grenades, shotgun canisters, mortars, mines, bombs, artillery, 20mm and bigger shells

HEX – high explosive mostly blast and shockwave low shrapnel standard x1
FRAG – fragmentation to damage good for air bursts to kill hiding infantry x1.5
Sting – rubber pellets that inflict minimal blunt damage on targets x2
HEAT – halves armour and kills with explosive force or shockwave through armour x3
Smoke – reduces visibility providing cover or acts as a signal, chokes rioters x1
Buckshot – ball shot to scatter for close anti-personnel like a shotgun for artillery or grenade launchers x1
Incendiary – explosive with napalm to burn enemies x2
Thermobaric – Fuel air bomb implosion x2
Concussion – knocks out or stuns or deafens targets x2
Oil - produces a slick friction-less surface
Chaff – anti radar and radio effect cloud of microchips floating on foil x3
WEB – a sticky foam that entraps rioters requiring a solvent to be released x3
Taser – scatters many packs of batteries delivering stunning effects x5
Flechettes – pack of flechettes less spread but improved vs armour for shotguns x2
Plastic Flechettes – anti personnel fragments that shred flesh and don’t hurt vehicles x2
Thermite – Burning metal to ignite fires and damage armour x3
Phosphorous – burning and toxic smoke cloud, technically not anti-personnel x3
Biological – contains viral or germ or chemical agents very illegal but can be tailor made x20+1d100
Fusion – burning hydrogen fuel cell explodes and disintegrates armour x100

Tear Gas - blinding choking smoke x1
Knock Out – renders victims unconscious x2
Vomit Gas – makes victims feel nausea and vomiting and chocking x2
Laughing Gas – makes victims laugh hilariously with some victims helpless x3
Fear Gas – makes victims trigger fear response, many will x3
Pacification Gas – makes victims tranquil, hippies and ravers steal it x5
Psychochem – psychedelic warfare induces hallucinations x4
Chem – toxic lung searing, skin burning eye blinding horror x10

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