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d100 Stuff hidden in a monsters nest

One of the biggest differences between this monster nest and last humanoid bed table is nests are used for breeding. Monsters might collect shiny stuff to attract mates or tasty adventurers. Most monsters don't value treasure for human reasons.

Sensible monsters dont poop in own nests but have a heap on fringe of territory. Parents carry baby poop away so smell does not lure predators to nest. Many monsters collect grass, straw or vegetation for bedding or weaving into a nest. Dungeon bosses know providing straw helps monster breed and stay stronger. Still shovelling monster poop is one of the worst dungeon jobs (after fighting adventurers of course). Veteran adventurers can recognise nests and excrement of classic monsters.

d10 Quick Stuff hidden in a 
monsters nest
01 Vermin
02 Scraps
03 Larder
04 Junk
05 Treasure
06 Grooming remains
07 Display
08 Breeding
09 Companions
10 Peculiar thing

d100 Stuff hidden in a monsters nest
01 Overrun with swarm of fleas and ticks
02 Huge weevils eating nest
03 Large dung beetle stealing a ball of dung
04 Mold colony causes respiratory infection if disturbed
05 Slime mold contaminates intruder making them carrier of gelatinous horror
06 Insect nest d4 1=wasps 2=ants 3=termites 4=bees
07 Nest of critters disturbed and flee d4 1=mice 2=rats 3=rabbits 4=weasels
08 Giant rats startled and attack
09 Moles burrow away into ground
10 Giant maggots writhe about snapping aggressively  

11 Shreds of skin over a foot long
12 Cracked human or animal bones

13 Torn bloody clothing
14 Chunk of bloody scalp
15 Rusty torn chainmail or other armour
16 Severed fingers
17 Battered old adventurers pack of gear
18 Boots with rotten feet still in them
19 Human or humanoid mixed teeth
20 Chewed severed head
21 Buried body left to rot for extra flavour
22 Critically injured prisoner in need of first aid
23 Prisoner with broken bones unconscious
24 Mound of meat slurry vomited up to eat later or share with kin
25 Collection of human limbs
26 Collection of dead rats, lizards and frogs
27 Dead collection of giant rats
28 Pile of big fish
29 Dead farm animals
30 Unconscious d4 1=human child 2=kobold 3=goblin 4=cultist
31 Broken spade and bucket from former cleaners
32 Broken chain once used on monster
33 Carved wall stones dragged into nest
34 Shredded old battle banner
35 Bones or remains of former nest monsters
36 Round pebbles used to aid monster digestion
37 Rancid animal corpse monster likes to roll in
38 Broken furnature used in nest structure
39 Childs dolly
40 Shreds of old papers d4 1=accounts 2=spell book 3=letters 4=orders
41 Coin purse with 5d6 copper coins
42 Coin purse with 3d6 silver pieces
43 Coin purse with 1d6 gold coins
44 Loose change d100 copper coins
45 Semiprecious stones 1d6 the monster decorates nest with 
46 Low value gem 100 gold piece value
47 Gold leaf covered broken ornament
48 Broken sword hilt with silver and semiprecious stones
49 Silver tarnished key
50 Bone scroll tube with intact document inside
51 Feathers fur or scales mounds
52 Coughed up castings with remains of bugs and rats inside
53 Scratch marks on wall or log 
54 Bits of old claws
55 Broken old teeth or egg tooth off baby beaked monster
56 Deposits of musk used to attract mates and declare territory
57 Collection of feces pushed out of nest 
58 Something monster sicked up that didn't agree with it
59 Flattened mummified older dead monster under nest
60 Crystallized urea pellets possibly mistaken for semiprecious stone 
61 Monster has stretched and impaled corpse on thorny log to impress mates
62 Collected large collection of trinkets of one colour on display by nest
63 Collection of human and humanoid skulls
64 Has built a dome structure from bones and straw
65 Has bundled corpses tied in sinew or secretions hanging from roof
66 Has live prisoner bound who screams attract help, pleases monster
67 Stretched skin of victims over straw dummies to scare away nest robbers
68 Monster has huge pile of gore and muck for wallowing in 
69 Built a structure from humanoid rib cages and sinew
70 Impaled humanoids on steaks to lure edible victims to lair
71 Eggs or newborn babies
72 Young offspring will hide or flee
73 Stores of food for future children
74 Mate sitting in nest with eggs or babies
75 Monsters mate returns to find you in nest
76 Older offspring viscous and hungry
77 Dead offspring or rotten eggs from failed parent
78 Remains of monsters dead half eaten mate
79 Piles of broken eggshells or dried placenta from birthing 
80 Large friendly toad lives in nest eating vermin
81 Screamer shrooms set off alarm if non owner looks in nest
82 Creepy dungeon possum eats ticks and fleas from nest
83 Kobold stolen as baby serves monster and keeps nest clean for scraps
84 Large spider hanging above nest eats intruders
85 Termite nest helps regulate nest temperature
86 Bats nest around and above nest screaming at intruders
87 Giant skunk visits the nest to eat tasty grubs and bugs in nest 
88 Phantom of victim in nest scares away intruders but monster does not care
89 Putrescent zombies in nest arise if intruders come near
90 Giant lizard sleep sunder nest to keep warm, hostile if woken by strangers in nest
91 Fragment of sculpture from ancient times 
92 Blasphemous fragments of clay tablets from elder age
93 Engraved symbols in skull fragments of a cult warlock
94 Severed goblin hand with tightly gripped flask holding a d4 healing potion 
95 Broken terracotta figurine of the ancient bat goddess
96 Holy symbol, high quality with family crest, wealthy family will reward finders
97 Broken horn actually from a demon
98 Piece of famous lost sword shattered in bast battle with great foe
99 Remains of pet collar with gold rivets with name embossed in leather
100 One way crystal viewing ball used by lost evil lords to observe minions

So thanks for patience as i accidentally published about 1pm then did a bit more at twopm b4 work and finished 9:40pm

Looking at last few entries - thinking im watching too  much Time Team on youtube so I could probably write d100 slightly interesting but mostly crap magical fragments - historically useful or collectible but could provide magical clues for spell research or location of a lost dungeon.


  1. Good stuff so far, as per your usual wonderful d100 table standards.

    Can't wait to see the last eight results.


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