Sunday, 20 September 2015

Bezerka Con Mascots

Did these mascots for bezerkacon

It is a 2 day con which is doing some stuff ive never seen in a sydney con like focus on art, larp, boardgames, cardgames, wargames, stalls and more as opposed to rooms of just rpg guys

I will be doing some kids workshops, selling my new colouring book, and running probably road wars and marvel as they are visual looking - possibly do mars attacks and cthulhu wars.

A busy two months of 7 day weeks (including my game day sundays 12-1030 gaming here as a cheat). Then december to adelaide to hang with old crew and working on book production to finish the redbrick zone book (possibly name change needed as i found a similar company of that name).

I has day off monday then ten days over fortnight 9-5 when i thought i was on the way out....

So will buy more old gurps books and perhaps some more minis...

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