Friday, 11 September 2015

d100 Petty Ghosts and Hauntings

So i did some goblin stuff before now here is the ghosts. Idea been kicking about since i worked on my gothic dungeon zone book but recently needed for my trench exploration games. Searching through haunted sappers trenches through petty phantoms is needed for con game next month. Have art fair this weekend paid gig which is nice. Got some nice APCs, more cars, planes and emhar brand ww1 brits and german supposed tank crews but do have lotsa heavy weapons.

While made for WW1 could be transposed to other times nd will revise a version if i ever do my gothic zone book for DnD.

d100 Quick Phenomena

01 Odours
02 Sounds
03 Tactile
04 Apparitions
05 Genus loci 

Phantom beasts
09 Demonic events
10 Strange spirits

d100 Petty Ghosts and Hauntings
01 Strange stench of corpses follows you for d6 days 
02 Smell of fear and death, fear makes hard to continue 
03 Smell of fresh bread and coffee lures towards a hazard
04 Smell of slaughter and burst intestines wafts over area
05 Smell gas and feel panic
06 Smell of fire and sulphur
07 A ghostly fart from nowhere
08 Nauseous odour makes you fight urge to vomit
09 Burning odour makes eyes red, sore and runny
10 Stench of sewerage 

11 Strange ghostly whispers while you are moving
12 Sobbing seemingly from wall or dead end

13 Laughter from behind you several times
14 Tweet of a gas detector bird tweeting then going silent
15 Sounds of phantom digging from walls
16 Scratching noises like rats or someone trapped in walls 
17 Horrible choking and gurgling sounds of life being snuffed
18 Sounds of limping person dragging leg in mud  
19 Tool scraping on wall behind you stops if you look
20 Scream from a dead end
21 Hair stands on end
22 Feel hand softly stroke your hair
23 Ghostly goose pinches someones bum
24 Terrible chill passes over area
25 Something you touch suddenly feels hot
26 Something seems to bite you or stabs flesh
27 Feelings of nausea and disturbed sense of balance
28 Odd sensation somebody walked through you
29 Feeling of icy hands chocking you
30 Heart feels icy cold as if spectral hand squeezing it
31 Figure just ahead lures into danger
32 Figure following you but stays mostly hidden
33 A fresh dripping corpse, oddly cold gone if eyes leave it
34 Severed head, eyes and mouth move, gasping and looking at you then gone
35 Waterlogged white clammy hand crawls along leaving wet trail
36 Phantom blood drips from above or wall or ground marking a death
37 Face looks at you from darkness then vanishes
38 Hand in darkness gestures you leading to finding human remains
39 Glimpse of child smiling looking back at you then running into darkness  
40 Sobbing soldier in ball, if spoken too reveals skull face and vanishes
41 Floorboards creak rhythmically as if being walked by
42 Noose hanging from beam sways as if in wind but there is none
43 Face forms in the mud on floor or wall makes screaming expression and vanishes
44 Rotten hand from under mud grasps ankle, turns limp and lifeless after fright
45 Walls shake, wood creaks and mud sloshes as if troops marching through
46 Wall surface crumbles revealing horrible rotten corpse drowned in mud
47 Something invisible blows out candles and lanterns but cant fathom flashlights
48 Air thick with invisible spirits, living beings feel claustrophobic and panicked 
49 Skulls push selves from the mud grinning frightfully
50 Face forms in air vapour threateningly passes trough explorers and is gone
51 Rattling bullet in tin cup
52 Creaking chair as if someone sat in it
53 Firearm discharges or grenaide armed by self 
54 Rattling empty bully beef tins
55 Clods of wet mud gets thrown at your back 
56 Nails and rivets pop out of support beams
57 Hoard of rats perused by spirit over run intruders
58 Clanking abandoned helmet
59 Garbage angrily hurled at intruders in area till they leave
60 Angry poltergeist punches and chokes intruders till leave area
61 Headless figure seen staggering and groping,  falls, no trace up close
62 Burning screaming man charges and runs through intruders then vanishes
63 Soldier approaches up close is smelly maggot ridden soldier, screams and vanishes 
64 Phantom soldiers marching in line through anyone in way
65 A lost enemy throws a granaide but a phantom ally soldier jumps on top and vanishes
66 Officer or sarge appears barking orders, starts bleeding a torrent then vanishes
67 Flood of phantom blood fills the tunnel or trench then disappears
68 Phantom soldiers in archaic uniforms march into a wall 
69 A nurse with a lantern calls out, when closer a phantom shell explodes and she is gone
70 A young bleeding runner stops to ask directions, then runs into a wall
71 A creepy long slinking black wolf seen, he looks at someone whose heart skips a beat 
72 Swarm of rats flood tunnel but only phantoms
73 A unit mascot follows party but fades when approaches safety
74 A ratting dog barks warning near one passage as warning then fades
75 A rotting burning horse with a gasmask screaming runs through party
76 A adorable feral kitten crying vanishes if touched
77 Black ape like beast with a german pointed helmet carrying a woman, fades promptly
78 Devilish hog devouring real soldier corpses, screams and fades if attacked
79 Fearsome evil dogs bar way growling, fade if attacked 
80 Phantom dog made of darkness with scarlet eyes and mouth bite someone then fades
81 A unclean spirit tries to possess weakest in group
82 A lost female civilian actually a spirit seeking to drag a dead mans soul to hell
83 A smooth officer offers to get you out of here if you sign this contract in blood
84 A nasty gremlin creeps up on party and tries to sabotage equipment
85 A black young goat with regimental mascot coat follows, actually a imp tries to finish off wounded
86 A jolly fat soldier drinking offers you beer or rum, turns to blood if drunk, he laughs and vanishes in puff of brimstone
87 Horribly giant insect demon fly thing sucking fluid from corpses with proboscis
88 Swarm of demonic flies cover everyone and crawl in throats and noses then vanish
89 Possessed soldier attacks screaming he cant stop
90 Cultist soldier burying fetishes to increase the cursed zone area
91 Glowing female with spear & shield in nationalist colours, visible for seconds
92 Lost soldier with older issue equipment joins you till end of next fight when he fades
93 Young lost talkative soldier joins, expects to be home by xmas 1914, fades if challenged on this or any dated news he discusses
94 Wounded soldier with bleeding eyes moaning, if first aid given he fades
95 Wounded soldier tries to give letter to mum, if taken he fades
96 Two wounded enemy soldiers first aiding each other, if approached turn into corpses
97 Drowning soldier in pool of mud, if helped out turns into water logged rotten corpse
98 Lost guard so relieved to see you, wants a cigarette, fades away after a good puff
99 Drunk guard singing about prostitutes, if reprimanded he looks sad and fades
100 A whole dugout of men welcome visitors with beer and share stories, offer a nice dry bed. Awake in muddy hole filled with exploded corpses.


  1. d100 greater ghosts and spirits encounters
    stuff that hurts more
    grim reaper leading off people....
    cannibal ghost
    possessed by ancient long dead soldiers
    demons leading off to late medieval underworld
    medieval demons

  2. Good stuff. A party that is revealed to be in a minefield or broken up by shelling would be pretty. grim. A marching band, maybe one recruiting volunteers for helll.


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