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Murder Highway Sports for wasteland gladiators

So this is a quick list of major vehicle combat sports. Ten years of such events has made other sports obsolete. Cricket, soccer, rugby and football variants have experimented with more lethal combat have been developed. Rollerball has replaced netball as most played sport and most popular sport played by women. These are some ideas and prize guidelines to create races. My party after a year of play are at bottom of semi pro with a few career highlights promising they will make a-list.

Amatuer shows tend to have improvised plate armour and mostly a single machine gun on old cars.

Semi pro cars can survive machine gun bursts and hev multiple weapon systems on new cars. Older Gentech interceptors 4-9 years old often appear in semi pro class.

Pro team drive custom build heavily armed single passenger pursuit cars like gentech interceptor. Lasers, missiles and other expensive weapons systems and ammo used

Amatuer events are weekly
Semi pro monthly
Pro team quarterly

I plan a route on googl;e maps and draw a line to represent route on paper
I work out how many days and mark pitsop checkpoints
Each stage between pitstop checkpoints is a segment
For each segment I roll road conditions, terrain and weather
For each segment I roll a d3 encounters
I generate pitstops and roll and create encounters for each character in camp

DeathraceMulti stage legalized outside of City control zones. A popular telivised event reying on the lawless non urban zones world wide. Official race management select and prewarn people on route about the Deathrace. Spread world wide and imitated by local youths everywhere. Drivers race but more points are given for vehicular slaughter of pedestrians than anything else. Locals often prepare defences. Fans try to get killed by favorite drivers. Big prizes in three divisions (amatuer, semi pro and pro teams). Terrorist protesters leave traps for cars or sacrifice selves carrying placards. As the first such event it is pretty tame now as copies more violent and based on car vs car. Most have 3 day events with a pit stop zone to recover over night. This is part of the media spectacle also.
Racers may not open fire on each other or race officials
Racers may not open fire in start or finish zones on anyone
Racers may ram or bump each other
Racers obtain points for running over pedestrians
Score points for killing other car crews only if they are on foot
Score points for completing sections in place holder positions

Division Per Pit Stop Completion (amatuer, semi pro and pro teams)
1st Place $5000 - $10 000 - $20 000
2nd Place $2000 - $5000 - $10 000
3rd Place $1000 - $2000 - $5000

Division Final Finish (amatuer, semi pro and pro teams)
1st Place $1200 - $100 000 - $1000 000
2nd Place $8000 - $20 000  - $10 0000
3rd Place $5000 - $10 000  - $25 0000

Chicken Race
Racers compete for who is fastest and bravest. Mostly amatuer or criminal with short tracks.  Racers either race head on into a collision or race at a cliff and the first to chicken out loses. Most popular with teens or the desperate for cash. Bets pay for racers efforts and some bet their cars.

Cannonball Run
A non car vs car yearly illegal race challenges racers to cover multi state route and avoid law officials. Shabby and poorly run but popular. Despite conflicts with law a popular event and has many celebrity motor murder sport veterans. Showmanship contributes to fans and sponsorship. From Coober Pedy (South Australia - a underground opal mine town) to Alice Springs (Northern Territory near site of Ayers Rock). Fierce gang fights in wasteland, passes through 1960's A bomb sites on Emu Flats.

1st Place $250 000
2nd Place $100 000
3rd Place $25 000

Road War

Usually two gangs battle over a square battlefield. Originally unofficial and some took days or weeks. TV rights have ruined this event say old fans. Now teams have a budget and build a combat team and fight to the death. Some events battle over a strongpoint, a resource, a hostage, a moving battle truck or some other prize.

Division Team Winnings (amatuer, semi pro and pro teams)
1st Place $1200 - $100 000 - $1000 000
2nd Place $8000 - $20 000  - $10 0000
3rd Place $5000 - $10 000  - $25 0000

Kill Team Drag RaceTwo teams of four on a straight road charge each other and open fire. Teams have budgets to build vehicles and attempt different design strategies.  Variants include cat with bikes for poor copies and trucks with escort cars.

1st Place $1200 - $100 000 - $1000 000
2nd Place $8000 - $20 000  - $10 0000
3rd Place $5000 - $10 000  - $25 0000

Salt Flat Races

Mostly for speed with million dollar jet and rocket cars but a cheaper version of event uses rocket boosted cars which fire rockets at each other Experimental league running test games.

Sydney Murder Motorsport Stadium War League
One on one and team games in a marked battlefield including stadiums and sports fields. Space is relatively small and slow acceleration not such a problem. Event hosts may vary conditions with minefields, machine gun bunkers, mus, tank traps and other novelties. Battlefields are getting more exotic in big events.

1st Place $900 - $50 000 - $100 000
2nd Place $6000 - $10 000  - $25 0000
3rd Place $3000 - $5 000  - $10 0000/

Adelaide to Darwin 500
Cross country through off road often difficult condition routes. Less flashy with more amatuer contenders. Many racers disappear forever en route and numbers of racers limit TV drone feed. Discourages racer on racer violence but years of off camera violence, racers have stopped bothering to hide it. Bikes compete in this with cars.

1st Place $50 000
2nd Place $15 000
3rd Place $6 000

Broken Hill to Ballarat 
Two day event with one night pitstop. Has every year had major racers vs roadgang battle which has become the highlight. Victorian state side of course is sleepy but has winding roads. Broken hill is a former mining town increasingly with many artists while Ballarat is a tourist gold town with a large oth population. End of race party attracts international celebrities.

1st Place $40 000
2nd Place $10 000
3rd Place $2 000

Bathurst Raceway
Holy site of murder motorsports which quickly adapted multiple race events into car combat shows. Famous for full day circuit races with various prize divisions and weapon classes. The local township is one of the best custom car centres of the country. Daily there is some kind of race. Circuit increasingly introducing machine pillboxes, jumps and water crossings.

Philip Island Raceway
Island race course with many races including motorcycle only race. As unarmed races have declined, management have tried to save events and sponsors will poorly organised circuit events.

1st Place $40 000
2nd Place $10 000
3rd Place $2 000

Kids Charity Combat Bash
This yearly charity sponsors pay racers and racers donate cash to charity. Highly televised and a good profile raising event. Held in a different state each year but corporate management in Western Australia, Surviving competitors do sa victory lap in stadium with dying children passengers. Celebrity teams, charity teams, novelty teams, amateurs all join in for this race. At least one of the three days is cross road and country tracks. Some get sponsors to reward per kill others pay for the drivers death. At the end is a huge bachelors and spinsters ball which is a drunken vomit spraying rocknroll dance. Usually leaves a muddy field covered in tinnies and beer bottles.

d6 Day long race - if one day
d3 segments per day

d20 Race Oddity
1 Fanatic penal racers entered in event to earn pardons instead of cash
2 Targeted by anti death race terrorists who claim gladiators are a corruptive force
3 Media circus with global media and celebrities flocking to event
4 Organised crime everywhere and corruption in race admin
5 Ganglord of wasteland declared death to all racers
6 Cultists plan to use race fatalities in ritual climaxing in cult blood bath
7 Undead outbreak on route or around pit stop
8 Law have reasons to stop race as a message to race scene
9 Mutant hordes or species arises to avenge selves against past races that killed their kind
10 Christian sect gang cult opposed to race strike with force, singing to their deaths
11 Weapons cant be used till tokens captured or markers driven over
12 Ammo available at certain race locations often different systems
13 A heavy vehicle like bus or semi trailer truck operated by gang attacks race
14 Strange paranormal phenomena like ufo, psychic or supernatural power
15 Heavily fortified and armed locals well prepared dug in to stop racers
16 Shortages, hijacked supplies make food, fuel, water and ammo scarce
17 Race rife with pit stop sabotage, poisoning and hobbling drivers
18 Bonus Cash in bunkers with  armed defenders
19 Remote controlled traps, jumps, drones and other gimmicks set up for race
20 Fans on the track in cars or on foot get in way, swarm drivers and get in way

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