Thursday, 10 September 2015

d100 Whats in that goblins sack?

Everybody wants to know what a goblin has in his or her bulging sack. Here's where you find out! Dungeon secrets like totally exposed booyah!

d10 Quick whats in that goblins sack?
1 Grub - tasty things

2 Party stuff - fun things
3 Fight stuff - kill or be killed
4 Shroomy stuff - fungus garden tools 
5 Work stuff - trade tools
6 Me precious - personal item
7 Companion - pets
8 Witch fetishes - creepy cult things 
9 Pinched stuff - loot from victims
10 Weird stuff - what the heck?

d100 Whats in that goblins sack?

01 Turnips or or other roots
02 Onions or leeks
03 Worm eaten  apples
04 Sauerkraut in pot
05 Pickled wild bird eggs in pot
06 Pot with mom cooked favorite
07 Live frog in a clay jar
08 Jar of centipedes
09 Moldy cheese and bread
10 Goblin beer in clay pots fermented in tree stumps

11 Goblin grog ice distilled nasty drink
12 Pipe with dried goblin weed

13 Pipe with dried mushrooms
14 Leather bag with dried narcotic shrooms
15 Collection of funny rude shaped fruit and veg
16 Glove puppets or a marionette
17 Tatoo needle and ink
18 Torture tools like whips, chains, thumbscrews, manacles
19 Dice, goblins love funny shaped dice and steal them off each other
20 Filth parchments with pictures that goblins giggle at
21 Sling and 20 clay bullets
22 Club and good throwing rocks
23 Bundle of six darts
24 Shortsword and buckler
25 Handaxe
26 Leather armour and cap
27 Caltrops
28 Flammable oil and flints
29 Big knife
30 Studded cloak
31 Large dried trail ration shrooms
32 Fresh bracket fungi
33 Poisonous mushrooms
34 Sickle for shroom gathering, appearance based on owner status
35 Bag of dried mushroom power for soup and gravy
36 Bag of spores to plant favorite useful fungi where you go
37 Bag of toxic, killer and alarm fungus spores
38 Shroom that gives visions of the underworld
39 Fungi supplies for shroom based herbalist 
40 Bag of awesome manure too grow shrooms in
41 Bucket and trowel
42 Little watering can 
43 Bag of seeds to eat or grow
44 Small knife and basket
45 Handsaw and wooden mallet
46 Hammer and bag of copper nails
47 Bundle of wool and crochet needles
48 Sewing needles, thread, buttons and scraps of fabric 
49 Spindle, stolen wool, thread
50 Wire, cutters, pliers, rivets, small sections of mail
51 A scary plush doll owned since a baby
52 Crude terracotta idol of mumsy 
53 Relief carved wood image of Castle Clump home of the goblin gods 
54 Funny looking handball made of troll sinew
55 Collection of baby teeth, any baby will do
56 Copper shroom medallion on chain dedicated to shroom goddess
57 Bag of sweets
58 Silver coin from goblin king given to ancestor
59 Pretty thing d4 1=ribbon 2=broken glass 3=monster egg 4=small cracked gem
60 Enameled mushroom cloak pin commemorating adulthood
61 Sweet pet rat
62 Goblin baby
63 Adorable large toad
64 Dead fish
65 Palm size one eyed blob with tentacles in stone jar
66 Human baby (why do they grow so ugly?)
67 Friendly snake uses stinger on strangers
68 Ambulatory pet fungus, often very cute
69 Potted plant
70 Big black beetle
71 Dried heart stuffed with thorns
72 Human hand turned into candle
73 Diabolic medallion dedicated to birth demon
74 Idol of goblin ancestor
75 Carved antler with scenes of goblin gods
76 Shrunken human or elf or dwarf head
77 Scroll made from mushroom leather with goblin poetry about underworld
78 Shaman bag sewn shut with animal bits, herbs and amber beads inside
79 Collection of hair clippings and nail clippings used to curse rivals
80 Strange amateur potion making ingredients
81 Human purse with d20 modern copper coins
82 Human purse with d6 tarnished silver old coins
83 Old gold coin of the ancients possibly dwarf or elf
84 Head of a small brass or stone statue
85 Fancy doorknob
86 Dented silver cup or bowl
87 Boar tooth necklace
88 Bronze clad drinking horn with lid 
89 Stolen livestock d4 1=live chicken 2=duck 3=bat 4=pidgeon
90 Stolen fine food too good for goblin d4 1=fruit pie 2=sausage 3=wine 4=truffles
91 Frothing fungal potion in bottle, once cap opened must be used in an hour
92 Chaos shroom if eaten gain a low level mutation, eating more increases mutation rank
93 A terracotta jar that if dropped repairs itself and jumps back to safety
94 Mummified ancestral hand may be used to curse a foe once
95 Scroll describing diet to become a hobgoblin or bugbear
96 Explodestool d4 1=d6 1" diameter 2=2d4  1"radius" 3=3d4 2"diameter 3=3d6 2" radius 
97 Spoors to grow a monstrous dungeon mold, slime or jelly
98 Keys to part of home dungeon on ring 1d6
99 Crude map of friendly goblin tribes, goblin foes and special goblin sites
100 Fungal potion drunk before battle makes goblin explode on death (as 96)


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