Friday, 12 December 2014

Exile log: Return to the Mushroom Kingdom

So Acula the archer was busy with his wife Olga in their orc love hotel so The Tako octopus and Nahme the angel decided to explore with some flunkies from the orc king. Tako recruited a one eyed eelman bounty hunter.

Returned to the great doors sealing the upper forgotten levels of the orc citadel to find friendly drunk guards laying about the open doors. Aparently orc adventurers spurned on by heroes success had almost cleared out the next level up of bandits and were killing the heretical demon worshipers of level after that. Party of heroes were four levels beyond that so went for stairs to mushroom levels.

Went upstairs and as rounded corner huge cave lobsters bigger than pones attacked chopping one orc's head and legs off. Party killed them and as they were fireballed several were well cooked. Sent for help from lower orc guards and hauled lobsters back and sent best ones to orc king.

Met some gnomes in fungi garden having a tea party. Decided to hunt the rooms they ha missed when they last fled wounded. Found a chest with shiny gold coins so sent orc ahead and a pit opened dropping him two levels below. some friendly orc adventurers found him and Nahme flew down to stabilise his wounds. She paid them to take wounded back to orc town level to a shaman healer.

Had a few minor fights searching about before they discovered a tribe of 59 dark faries who offered them a wish. Tako requested the return of his last follower squinty the crab man who was taken by bear sized rats to their nest. Nahme knowing they were evil was content. Fairies said to wait but party followed them using Nahme's sense chaotic evil power and saw them fly over rat nest raising the chewed corpse of poor squinty as a zombie. The angry Tako fireballed them, killing the zombie crab man and a third of the fairies and wounding the last three rats. Fairies fled past party grabbing several orc weapons and party followed.

Wandered about following fairies to upper level and eventually they found upstairs floor was a mirror of below. Saw fairies dump weapons in fungus garden room and were unable to find faries or weapons. Orcs improvised clubs. Had a few more fights and party was running low on spells but glad they had realized layout of two levels without too much fuss. Found a temple to Arioch and Xiombarg, two lords of chaos. Bugbears worshiping Xiombarg so party pulled back and the sneakiest ones hid in ambush. The others called out insults and the religious bugbear cultists charged. They were split in two groups by the Ambush and most of the orc hirelings fell but did not die. Was a tough challenging fight but party won and headed home. Expect to sweep the two levels and get though the next two into the unknown floors above next crawl.

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