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d100 What is that Master of Magic up to?

Ok here is a final monster R&R table, I promise. Hmmm but perhaps one more for unintelligent bestial ones in lairs?....

So this covers what sorcerers, evil priests, shamans and wizards in a dungeon or lair might be up to.

d10 Quick what is spell user up to?
1 Dealing with students
2 Engaged in ritual
3 Researching magical secrets
4 Forbidden vice
5 Dealing with business
6 Receiving magical guests
7 Every day drudgery
8 Working on hobby
9 Making magical thing
10 Something ghastly

d100 What is that Master of Magic up to?

01 Beating apprentices
02 Teaching apprentices
03 Practising Tantric ritual with unhappy apprentice
04 Sleeping while apprentices uses cantrip petty spells to clean up
05 Reading while apprentices stir cauldron and make dinner
06 Drinking while apprentices made to perform humiliating show
07 Researching spell while apprentices stripping flesh from corpses
08 Having a nice smoke while apprentices copy documents
09 Testing applicants for new apprentices
10 Telling apprentices to stop crying over fellow student accidentally killed
11 Preying to other planar being
12 Practicing divination ritual
13 Deep in trance
14 Contacting the spirits of the dead
15 Chanting names of planar beings, spirits or ancestors
16 Talking to familiar
17 Sacrificing a victim to planar being in return for knowledge
18 Drawing magical symbols
19 Painting symbols on face, hands or whole body
20 Casting runes, bones or engraved sticks for divination
21 Dissecting a monster corpse
22 Dissecting a human corpse
23 Building a model
24 Drawing up plans for alchemical apparatus
25 Drawing up alchemical calculations
26 Studying astrological charts
27 Measuring skulls with callipers to determine intelligence of deceased
28 Setting up lab for experiment
29 Tormenting a restrained creature to learn about magical abilities
30 Reading blasphemous tablets or books or scrolls
31 Turning animal into attractive sex slave
32 Inhaling magical vapours and powders for otherworldly visions
33 Trying to summon a succubi or incubus just from curiosity
34 Entertaining self with lewd illusions
35 Tormenting sexy imp in bottle
36 Practicing appearance enhancing illusions on self in mirror
37 Scrying on distant bath house with magic
38 Charming a attractive prisoner for sexual favours
39 Enhancing appearance of ugly servant for sexual favours
40 Promising a youth they can magically restore virginity after and other claims
41 Dealing with grave robbers for fresh corpses
42 Counting money
43 Writing letter to fellow caster about magical matter
44 Dealing with merchant for exotic supplies
45 Dealing with criminal for illegal goods
46 Dealing with slaver or kidnapper to buy someone
47 Being visited by prostitutes
48 Boss monster (or a servant) visiting for advice or a spell
49 Negotiating with cultists for forbidden lore books
50 Talking to guards about need to be alert for nosey adventurers
51 Playing chess with visiting caster
52 Visited by lover really trying to steal secrets
53 Communicating with distant spell caster though magical means
54 A peer come to exchange magical secrets
55 Arguing with rival about territorial claims or some offence
56 Talking to planar creature about a pact
57 A charming visitor offering power actually a outer planar being
58 Selling soul to visiting outer planar being in disguise
59 Making a deal with stranger actually a shape shifting monster
60 Talking to cult leader about an alliance
61 Writing in journal
62 Writing shopping list
63 Eating dinner alone
64 Sitting on toilet
65 Reading fiction in front of fire in comfy chair
66 Grooming in front of mirror
67 Getting dressed in front of mirror
68 Having a nap
69 Cleaning up lab
70 Cooking a meal
71 Polishing and sorting bone collection
72 Assembling a skeleton for display
73 Stuffing a animal
74 Pinning insect into display case
75 Alphabetising collection of blasphemous books
76 Feeding pets and familiars
77 Making artwork
78 Looking at stars and making notes
79 Sorting out collection of fetishes
80 Examining collection of erotic art
81 Brewing a potion 
82 Creating a monster
83 Summoning something from beyond
84 Raising the dead
85 Making a minor magic item
86 Making a magic weapon or armour
87 Making a wand
88 Making a magic scroll
89 Making a magic tool
90 Making magical jewelery
91 Communicating with a horrible being from beyond
92 Sacrificing people in bizarre ritualistic manner
93 Crossbreeding a monster with a human
94 Performing horrid rite to activate a vile relic
95 Growing nightmare creation in a vat
96 Growing a beautiful person in a vat as d4 1=child 2=lover 3=slave 4=to torment
97 Turning victims into monsters and putting in caged pits
98 Watching monsters devour screaming victim
99 Mating with otherworldly horror so it's spawn may dwell on earth as a native
100 Releasing a planar being into world in return for a service or curiosity or just fun


  1. A few of youjr tables and any classic RPG and you could run a campaign for sometime without fearing brain drain.

  2. thats what they are for - really just lists for inspiration and to give players freedom which hole he choose to explore


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